Changing the tune in Washington/California
   by John H


 What was that Randall McMurphy said about Nurse Ratched in the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?
 "She ain't honest; she likes a rigged game."

 This is apparently the Bush Administration's modus operandi: change the rules during the middle of the game
 and then claim that those were the rules all along.

 Bush said again and again during the 2000 campaign that he was going to "change the tone in Washington."
 Perhaps it was simply one of his verbal flubs. Maybe he meant to say he'd change the TUNE in Washington,
 again and again and again and again. We weren't going to engage in nation-building in a Bush presidency.
 Now we're just crazy about nation-building. We were going to get Bin Laden dead or alive. Now he's not
 all that important. We were going to march on Iraq to disarm it. Now we're there to liberate the Iraqi people.

 Weapons, what weapons? We never said they definitely had weapons But we have found weapons.
 Well, not really weapons. We found trucks which mighta, coulda been used to make weapons. It's ridiculous,
 and these people use the deaths of over 3,000 human beings on September 11 (on THEIR watch, not Clinton's)
 as the justification.

 On an unrelated topic, it looks like there will be a recall vote on Gray Davis before the year is out. If he is recalled,
 I have just one thing to say to California Democrats: Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger (or whoever might take Davis' place).
 Last time I checked, Davis got more votes than the other guy, which is more than I can say for some Republican officeholders.
 Turn the tables on these bastards who only seem to care about the will of the people when they're on the winning end.

 Am I the only one who thinks Schwarzenegger would be an awful governor? Probably the most successful
 actor-who-can't-act in Hollywood since John Wayne, he plays a robot in the Terminator movies for a reason.
 This is the California GOP's great white hope? God help us all. Two years of Governor Schwarzenegger,
 and the State of California will be up for sale on eBay.

 That's it.
 John H.

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