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Leaks and rumors
 Arab News Editorial

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 In the wake of Sept. 11, Bush has enjoyed record ratings. But the popularity is beginning to slip,
 particularly now that attention is on corporate fraud and its disastrous effect on the stock market.
 With the Republicans now under the microscope, the president and the vice president on the
 defensive over allegations of suspicious deals, the White House will be desperate to refocus
 public attention on an area where the administration can be seen to be doing all its John Wayne
 best for the country. Saddam Hussein fits the bill.

 Will the good puppy American press call this "Wagging the dog?"

 Of course not.
 President Swipe has never been held accountable for anything he's ever done.
 The worldwide press calls it like it is, but then, many countries enjoy a free press.

 Wish we did.

Subject: Bartcop IS (still) The Press

Howdy, Bart,

Thanks for running the thing I wrote to you, and for your thoughtful rebuttal.

In disagreeing with part of it, though, you really made my point.
For example, why did the submarine story sink?
Because so few people beat the drum.

The story was reported everywhere, it didn't get the proverbial "legs"
because there wasn't any organized uproar there, too few people
connecting the dots, and (no surprise) it disappeared.

Why do YOU and ME and YOUR OTHER READERS remember it?
Because you properly beat the drum about it, then and now, and we
might have slightly better memories than the average bear.
(Not saying we're smarter, necessarily, but... OK, we're smarter.)

Complaining that it disappeared is a waste of energy, since it clearly
didn't for you and me and the good people with whom we associate.

You mention the "Clinton didn't inhale" story running for ten years as another example.
WHERE did we hear that for a decade -- from news stories? Certainly not.
We heard it from right-wing morons who beat their drums. They may have been
beating with, um, slightly limp sticks, but at least they showed up.

So I still say it's not up to the bogeyman of The Press to fight our battles,
make the stinks, beat the drums, or cast the votes.
That's OUR responsibility, and here's hoping we're up for it.

The (soon-to-exist) Bean Magazine

Subject: Cooking the books

Didn't the Bush administration "cook the books" in order
to get their obscene tax cuts pushed through??

Certainly such fraud bears investigation by Ken Starr...Dan Burton...
Bob Barr...Henry Hyde and the rest of the high morals group......

James J

James, of course they did.
Each time Bush issues an economic forecast, he's cooking the books.
He'll never tell the truth, and the press refuses to hold him to it.

Because thatís no way to treat a lady!

Attorney with
Large, sharp, blood-caked teeth to rend and mutilate (in civil court)
one over-inflated Pundit by the name of
John Fund

"The cops arrested me!
I'm a woman-beating scumbag!"

The opportunity of a lifetime has opened up.
This is why you spent all of that time and money going to Law School.

It is like this.  John Fund, Right to Life Pundit, and pontificating oaf, beat up his live-in lover
of three and a half years.  He has also threatened her, blackmailed her and stolen from her.
Now he is facing criminal charges although he is wiggling and squirming
like the worm he is to evade even that justice.

We want to demonstrate that abuse does not pay
by making sure that this really, really hurts him.
We propose to hit him in the most sensitive part of his anatomy, his pocketbook.
So we need you, a civically minded and moral high-ground attorney practicing
in NY to demonstrate your trade by dancing on his over large ego in court.
Pro bono but much appreciated and publicized.
 Call us.
This is going to be a lot of fun.

German Intelligence: Bin Laden Alive

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 Bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorist network are held responsible for the Sept.11 attacks.
 Shortly after the attacks, Bush said he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive."

 Since then, Bush and other U.S. officials have played down the search for bin Laden,
 saying the more important goal is disrupting al-Qaida and preventing future attacks.

 Well, that makes sense.
 We held Clinton's feet to the fire when he said, "I didn't inhale," because we don't like
 to be misled by our leaders on such an important matter.

 We held Clinton's feet to the fire when he said, "I didn't have sexual relations," with Monica,
 we impeached him for misleading us on such an important matter.

 But Bush goes up forty approval points promising us a Reagan-cowboy "Dead or alive,"
 we let it go ...because the lives of those New Yorkers weren't such an important matters

 Will Bush ever held accountable for anything in his entire presidency?

NOT the smartest kid in his class

 If the diet doesn't kill you the food will!
     (Part 2)


Vegas Trip Report

Stayed at Treasure Island, got promotional rates for 2 nights and stayed 2 nights compliments of WagerWorks.
At check-in, they did not have a standard room available so the clerk upgraded me to a "Tower Deluxe" room.
This is just their standard room on a higher floor and questionable as to whether the extra $40-$50 a night is worth it.

In Las Vegas, a room with a great view is f-ing priceless.
Understand,  Las Vegas isn't Seattle, it's not Detriot or Atlanta.
Las Vegas is the Neon Capital of planet Earth.
There ain't nothing like Las Vegas.
When you see Las Vages at night for the first time, if you're Catholic, you will commit a vocal sin.

As for food, just pigged out at the buffets at Bellagio, Mirage, and Treasure Island.
I did gamble some but my wins did not cover my losses - what's new.

So I pick up my mail and I have an offer for a couple of free nights at TI during the summer,
this is the second time this has happened to me in the past 2 years after just returning from Las Vegas
I think the marketing guys must check the hotel registration and send these out guessing most people
will not return so quickly, I just might take up the offer.

Good Luck to all!

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