I am your worst nightmare,
 I am a GOOD American
Did you ever get that piece of right wing crap posing as an email forwarded by a friend or relative?
You might know the one I mean. I decided it was time to construct a reply:

I have to admit it, I may be a GOOD American.
My car gets 35 miles per gallon, my domestic partner just finished their PHd, I earn a big pay check,
donít cheat on my tax and we have no plans to get married even though we have kids.

I believe the money borrowed by our government needs to be paid back and not stolen from my parent's
social security funds. I donít trust some board room billionaire with a bad comb-over not to bribe his
congressman into handing out both a corporate pocket liner and a personal tax break for him to buy his third Lexus.

I believe that if you speak more than one language, you should be proud of this ability and should flaunt our nationís diversity.
I believe that honesty is the best personal morality regardless of which God, if any, our nation happens to be under.
I believe that a village can raise a child best when that child is not the product of rape or incest.
I believe that if drivers must show they are competent before being given a license, at least the same rules
should apply to owning a gun.

I want to know who is paying Rush Limbaugh two hundred and fifty million dollars and which parts of his script
they get to change for such an investment. Why canít he keep his story straight from day to day?
And why is he so stuck on Clintonís penis?

I believe if you were too drunk and drugged to turn up for your national guard service, it is called being AWOL.
This even applies when you have been appointed President of the United States.

I think that education is the best investment for the future of this nation, the best way to reduce drug abuse
and the only way to maintain our global leadership.

In fact, if we spent one tenth of our defense budget on schooling, we would have the finest education system
in the world and the lowest teen pregnancy rate at the same time. Knowledge is freedom, so why are so-called
conservatives trying to replace it with superstition?

I believe everyone has a right to privacy, just stay out of our bedrooms and our doctorís offices.
This also applies to our political meetings. I believe it's called the bill of rights for a reason.

Everyone is a minority, so we should all have exactly the same rights.
I don't use the excuse "it's the free market" as a shield for screwing the weak or disadvantaged.

I think the confederate flag has been hi-jacked as a symbol of prejudice and not of heritage.
My heroes are JFK, Monty Python, and whoever canceled Dr.Laura, fake medicine Woman.

I don't believe the rich need the governmentís help to become obscenely wealthy.
I don't believe a safety net for citizens who fall on hard times is the cause of our trillions of dollars in debt.

I know Fox news is fake and I don't waste my time arguing about it.
I know global warming is real and our oil addiction is not going to be cured by selling more SUVs.
How come we are letting the Europeans get a jump on us in developing wind and solar power?

I recognize that we all have a skin color and different shades should have no bearing on our access
to the voting booth. No Christian has ever been persecuted in America, so shut up already.

I think cops should apply the law without being above the law. I also think they should stop
drunk drivers and strip them of their license even if their father is the President.

I think if you are too stupid to vote on the issues instead of by who you would like to get smashed with in a bar,
I don't want you deciding who should be running the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years.
I think if you are selling energy, you should not be allowed to cause fake shortages of gas or electricity in order
to line your own pockets with vast profits.

I believe drugs sold as food supplements should be tested for safety and drinking water should not be filled
with Arsenic and mining waste.

I think private schools and golf club memberships are fine if you want them, but please don't pretend they are
business costs that you should be allowed to deduct on your taxes.

I think refusing to investigate the circumstances leading up to the murder of 3,000 Americans should be considered treason.
I'm neither a communist nor an anarchist, no matter how desperately the corporate owned mainstream media would like
the public to believe otherwise. If that makes me a GOOD American, then yes, I'm a GOOD American.
If you too are a GOOD American please forward this to everyone you know.
We need our country back


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