Subject: Your Clinton worship


 You know one of the two things I dont like about your site is your slavish fidelity to Bill Clifton.
 I disagree with this position for two reasons.

 First, he is the original pink tu tu Democrat.    His whole strategy was to "triangulate," by, essentially,
 agreeing half the time with Gingerich and half the time with his own party.

 Andy, I like your rhetorical brevity. Mark Twain said that shows brains.

 I disagree with your pink tutu characterization.  I think I coined the phrase "pink tutu Democrat," so I should get
 first dibs on what it means, and I say it means someone who's not afraid to fight when fighting is called for.
 Clinton was and is the best fighter I've ever seen. Like all the greats, he makes it appear effortless. Clinton's biggest
 problem during impeachment (besides his idiocy with Monica) was that since he's the best guy on our team,
 which  meant our best home run hitter was ineligible to play. But he showed the Democrats how to whip GOP ass,
 again and again, but of course, they forgot everything and went back into Dukakis/Mondale mode in 2000 and lost.

 Clinton understood the value of the middle - that's where the undecided voters are.
 Nor surprisingly, my politics are similar to Clinton's, at least the parts I understand.
 I catch hell every few days for being to the right of some readers on some subjects.
 (guns, military, drug law sanity)  To some degree, that makes me a Gingrich sympathizer, too?
 Jeepers, I hope not.

 After he lost the health care fight,  I defy you to find one example of him taking a courageous stand
 in favor of Democratic party principles.

 Andy, I choose not to play that "Name one thing," game.
 You made the charge - so it would be best if you listed the Democratic ideals he refused to defend.

 If I were you, I'd go with reforming Welfare and NAFTA and GATT, because I don't know Bush about either.
 I'd have to concede both points if you were to make them, and you never know when you might needs some points :)

 Second, he did lie and he was wrong to do this.

 I agree 100 percent. You are completely correct, what he did was very wrong. I've said things like,
"His sex life is none of our business," and "It's not an impeachable crime, because it's not even a crime,"
 things like that, but I don't believe I ever said what he did was "OK," even tho almost all men cheat.
 That was another gripe I had - most women (who've never cheated) forgave Clinton, but the men,
 most of whom have cheated, wanted to string him up for having the audacity to cheat on his wife.

 In fact, he was an inveterate liar.

Assumes "facts" not in evidence
Compared to which, recent, honest presidents?
Do you know anyone who's never told a lie?
What does 'inveterate' mean?

 Lying is wrong whether Bush does it or Clinton does it.

 So far, that's the only first really crazy thing you've said.
 I'm sure if you had a chance to re-word that, you would, because it seems to suggest that saying,
"Yes Honey, I'd love to go knick-knack tenting with you in the July, Oklahoma sun,"

   is just as bad as saying...

"We must risk young lives in Iraq NOW because the threat is too iminent to wait for the UN..."

 Also, fooling around on your wife is also wrong no matter who does it.

 I still agree with that.
 There has been no recent changes in my position.

 And spare me that "he's the best President in my lifetime" stuff.
 Who is he competing against. .  .LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush I and Bush II.

 ...yes, that's why I used those words.

 How for back to we have to go to find a better president?
 Some say JFK, but he cheated on his wife, despite the back braces.
 Some say FDR, but he cheated on his wife, despite the polio wheelchair.

 Saying that he is the best of this bunch is like saying that Dennis Hastert is the best Republican
 in the leadership of the House: true but irrelevant considering the competition.

 Well, ...I can't compare Clinton to the president's who will follow Bush,
 so backwards was really the best direction for me to go.

 Dont get me wrong, I like your site and agree with you much of the time.
 But it kills me when you rail against "pink tu tu" Democrats and then worship Clinton.


 Andy, I can tell you're a good guy because you didn't attack me, you attacked a position I took.
 I wish I got more mail like yours.  Playing offense is hard, ...on defense I get to rest a little :)

 And "you worship Clinton" might be an overstatement.  Like every DC observer, I'm totally
 in awe of Bill Clinton's incredible political skills. He gave Gore the key to 2000, but Al said,
"I want to be my own man."  Clinton can fly - like Michael Jordan flew.
 Clinton's so good, you might call him "the white Tiger Woods." (cough-choke-gag)

 Write again, we'll spar some more...

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