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 Subject: The "Rush is so proud of Tiger" article

 Dear Bartcop,

 Being a black man in America, I have to admit that his weak-kneed reply on the Augusta National
 Club policy stance didn't sit too well with me. I really don't like the idea of Rush praising him in public,
 while I'll bet he says otherwise when the microphone is off.  The question I have is: Since this has been
 going on well before the days of Tiger Woods, why weren't Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, etc.
 put on the spot YEARS ago for the same question, or am I wrong?

 I think you are wrong.
 Nicklaus, Player and Palmer all grew up with segregation. Their parents taught them that blacks were
 different and needed to be excluded from "normal society." I was brought up that way, too. Fortunately,
 I have overcome and rejected what my parents told me about race, sex, religion etc.
 The Clash said it best: "You must not act the way you were brought up."

 Sure, it would've been nice of Nicklaus, Player & Palmer stood up for what's right, but the big changes
 came during their lifetime, and they know good friends who are still violently anti-black. I don't like it
 when TV western families like the Cartrights or the Barkley's were depicted as visionaries who wanted
 to give slaves civil rights in the 1870s. It's just been during our lifetime that blacks were :"forgiven" for
 the color of their skin. Nicklaus, Player & Palmer all psychologically have one foot in the past.
 Looks like Augusta still has both feet in the past, but they've "accepted" blacks to maintain viability.

 It's an unfortunate double standard in our unfair society that most every successful minority is expected
 to become a social activist, while successful members of the majority get to live quietly with a status quo
 that they have no reason to change, or even help change. Only the few true liberal non-minority activitists
 will step out front. Those are the people needed to change all of this.

 I say the people with the power need to implement the changes.

 Should Tiger catch flak for his remarks?--Yes.
 Should changing bad policies rest solely with him?--No, he's just a golfer.
 He's gonna need a lot of help from people who look like the majority.

 Tiger is just a golfer?
 That's not only wrong, that's crazy wrong.
 Tiger IS golf.
 Every word of golf is centered around Mr. Perfect Tiger Woods.
 The cameras cut away from a tying putt to catch Tiger lacing his damn shoes.
 Tiger is more golf than Nicklaus, Player & Palmer combined.

 If Tiger wanted to, he could issue this demand:  "I refuse to play another round
 until every golf course and golf club in America accepts blacks and women."

 That would cause a media sensation and the golf world would change overnight, because they
 can't afford to lose their money machine.  He's already got his hundred million squirreled away.
 It wouldn't even be a gamble for him, but he'd rather have $200 million than do the right thing.

 I know that you aren't a fan of Tiger Woods, but, having to live as a minority is worse than,
 and will outlast, any hex for the near future. We've a long way to the Federation.
 Thanks for your attention. Keep swinging the hammer!

 Cyril Jackson

 Bush clan full of black sheep

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 President Bush is one tough cookie. He doesn't take any crap. Listen to his words:
"We aim for a simple, uncompromising position: Throw the crooks in jail! We will not
 rest until the cheats and the chiselers and the charlatans spend a large part of their lives
 behind the bars of a federal prison."

 Yep, on June 22, 1990, that was our man, President George H. W. Bush,
 41st president of the United States and father of our current president.

 As luck would have it, none of the cheats and chiselers and charlatans of the 1990s
 federal savings and loan rip-offs spent a large part of their lives behind bars -- not even
 the president's son, Neil, who was one of those cheats, chiselers and charlatans.

 For this, we must blame the Democrats.
 Every time the B.F.E.E nominated a crook who needed a pardon in 1992,
 Leahy and the rest of those pink tutus screamed "Yes! Anyone felon you want, Sir!"

 I am soooo ashamed to be in the Democratic party.

 The George W Bush Success Story
 A heartwarming tale about baseball, $1.7 billion, and a lot of swell friends
            by Joe Conason

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 As George W. Bush's wealthy admirers continue to pack cash into the largest presidential
 war chest in American history (at last count a staggering $58 million). perhaps the time is ripe to
 examine how the would-be president became rich himself--quite rich, in fact, if not by the standards
 of H. Ross Perot or Steve Forbes, at least by the measure of most Americans.  Bush, who received
 $15 million for his share of the Texas Rangers franchise, would be the richest Democratic or Republican
 nominee since Lyndon Johnson. On the June 1998 day that the baseball team was sold, Bush told reporters,
 "When it is all said and done, I will have made more money than I ever dreamed ..."

"We’re talking about Poppy and Dubya here, not Abraham and Isaac, but it’s an ancient dilemma
 for a faithful son, shadowed by the vagaries of love, obligation and independence: How to follow
 in your father’s footsteps while walking your own road? How to avoid repeating family history,
 when that history is in your bones? Among American presidents, only John Adams and his son
 John Quincy Adams (the Adams clan refrained from wearing caps emblazoned with “2” and “6”)
 have faced a similar quandary. John Quincy came to office in a disputed election in 1824 and lost his
 re-election bid four years later, just as his father had in 1800. Family patterns can be hard to break."

 More on this

 The spy next door

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 "The last thing we want," explained Tom Ridge, "is Americans spying on Americans."
 Who are you going to believe -- Tom Ridge or your own lying eyes?"

Subject: Augusta is for MEN

Bart. I STRONGLY disagree with your opin that Agusta Golf Course be open to women.
When did yo loose your testicles??

I still have mine, maybe that's why I'm not afraid of women.

Men have been getting the shaft from women for ages. Look at a divorce case recently??

I have no personal experience with divorce.
Maybe that's why we disagree on how dangerous women are.

Augusta is a private club and last I looked private clubs are LEGAL in this country.

So, how do you feel about private restaurants and private hotels?
How about private cabs, and private busses?
How about private states, where only the "real Americans" can live?

If women wish to have their own club, they would NOT receive ANY negative publicity in the media at all...
If the NAACP and NOW can exist then an ALL male County CLiub can exist...

Robert Dier

The NAACP and NOW are needed because white men own and control everything on Earth.
Do you realize you're giving the Rush Limbaugh point of view on this, right?

another of Bush's cronies, pre-bin Laden

 Last night's Law & Order on TNT

 A group of "fag-hating, nigger-hating, kike-hating" Republicans were arrested for murder.
 When confronted with the evidence, they didn't deny it.  They were proud of themselves.

"Yeah, I stomped a faggot's face on the curb," the young Bush voter said with big smile.
 He was 16, and GOP all the way. You see, he'd been taught by his daddy.

 Random Thought:

 I wonder if Dennis Miller understands that his career went into the toilet
 when he turned into Bush's biggest, bestest and loudest cheerleader?

 Too bad, he was once the funniest white man in America,
 but then a blow job outraged him and he turned ditto-monkey.

 I tried to warn him, but did he listen?

 He exchanged his credibility for that all-important ditto-dollar, and you can't be
 an edgy stand-up and a whore at the same time, just ask Rosie.
 So, now he's left with nothing but his dick in his hands.

 Goodbye, Dennis.

 Don't blame Bubba
    by Gloria Borger

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"Blaming Clinton is absolutely ridiculous," ex-Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin told me.
"We all have our faults, and Bill Clinton has his faults. But money and greed are not among them."
 Not only that, he adds, the notion that the crooked culture of business stemmed from Clinton's
 personal moral lapses is silly. "I never heard anybody in business extrapolate from Bill Clinton's problems."
 And if they had, what exactly would they have said? "Gee, since President Clinton lied about Monica,
 I guess I can cash in on these options??  Please.

 Leave my Pledge of Allegiance Alone
   by the Angry Liberal

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 Mail Bag

 When President Bush said he would run America like a CEO, little did we know he meant
 like a CEO of Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia Communications, Arthur Andersen, Bristol-Myers,
 Computer Associates, Dynegy, Global Crossing, Halliburton, ImClone Systems, Merrill Lynch,
 Qwest Communications, Tyco International, and Xerox (list incomplete pending further revelations).

 Anyone who is invested in the Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Common Stock Index (C) Fund is
 invested in these companies because the C Fund is invested in the Barclays Equity Index and holds
 common stocks of all the companies represented in the S&P 500 Index.   These companies are, in part,
 responsible for why the TSP Stock Fund currently sits at a minus 18% and falling for the last 12 months,
 turning my 401k into a 201k.


 Take your 'we' and shove it
    by Molly Ivins

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 A few days after the 1992 election, Enron and several other companies began petitioning
 the Commodities Futures Trading Commission for an exemption from regulatory oversight
 on energy derivatives contracts. A few weeks later, lame-duck chairman Wendy Gramm
 and one other commissioner (the commission was short two of its five members) exempted
 the energy companies from CFTC's authority. And Bryce reports in his book that the
 companies were exempted even if the contracts they sold were designed to defraud or
 mislead buyers! The then-chairman of the subcommittee with jurisdiction over the CFTC,
 Rep. Glen English, said, "In 18 years in Congress, this is the most irresponsible decision
 I have come across." Give that man the Cassandra Award.

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