View from the Northland
                         by Richard L. Fricker

                              I've been here about a week. It is refreshing to say the least, the weather
                      is in the mid-70's to low 80's, nothing like the 100+ of the home. Most of
                      all, it's the sanity I enjoy.
                              Canadians know Bush is nuts. And, they feel the smite of his retaliation
                      everyday, in various ways. Just as journalist and nay sayers take hits from
                      George's hit men, so do other democracies that have the courage to say no,
                      the emperor IS naked.
                              It should be remembered, for the sake of those who are devoid of any
                      historical base: Canada has sent troops to virtually every UN peace keeping
                      mission since the organization was formed, allowed America blacks in their
                      armed forces during WWII with full rank and privileges long before the
                      notion ever occurred to the US and, back in the days of yore when I was
                      freelancing for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in the late 70's early
                      80's the U.S. dollar was worth only sixty to seventy cents Canadian, Canada
                      had troops in Afghanistan even after our pilots bombed and killed their
                      troops and then took a slap on the wrist.
                              I could go on but, it would just bore the informed, the uninformed have
                      most likely stopped reading by now.
                              Looking South across the St. Lawrence seaway I can't help but think
                      how my friends here must view the large 800 pound gorilla they have for a
                      neighbor.  I am reminded of Mexico, "So far from God, so close to the United
                      States,  que lastema!"
                              Think about these things. I read from up here that the "Seniors Coalition"
                      is fighting a bill that would allow U.S. citizens to fill prescriptions in Canada
                      because they "might not be safe."
                              Again, the pig of American corporate commerce has squealed. "Might be
                      unsafe", let's think about that just for moment.
                              I take a prescription, I am a type II diabetic. Using my $600 per month
                      insurance it costs me $20 per month to get a refill. I checked with a pharmacist
                      up here; that same prescription, from THE SAME U.S. OWNED COMPANY,
                      would cost only $17.50 Canadian dollars a month. If I convert that to U.S. dollars
                      is about $12.25 per month.
                              In short, I'm losing about a hundred bucks a year even with my outrageous
                      insurance rates. "Might not be safe?" hell my wallet isn't safe from these
                      U.S. based robber barons.
                              Drugs cost a lot because the insurance companies are willing to boost the
                      cost on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps the insurance
                      companies make their profit off floating the money for a few days then
                      stepping on it once and paying the drug boys their share. At any rate,
                      ripoff is ripoff.
                              IF the drugs are "unsafe" they why aren't the streets littered with dead
                      Canadians? Or perhaps the drugs are only unsafe to Americans? In that case,
                      how does each individual dose know who is American and who is Canadian?
                              This is only yet another example of  Bushie people lying to the public just
                      as they supported lies about the war, they lie about drugs and then pour the
                      profits into their pockets. It is a  lie after lie administration and they keep lying
                      to the people.
                              Canada is nearing a cattle crisis because of a U.S. embargo. This is
                      supposed to be because of Mad Cow. Did the U.S. media ever ask the country
                      of origin if the Mad Cow in question, yes boys and girls there's only one mad cow
                      in Canada, and it came from the U.S.
                              The embargo is killing the cattle industry. And,  people here can't help
                      but think it has something to do with telling George W. Bush no when he lied
                      to his own people and invaded Iraq. Who would profit if Canada's largest
                      beef buyer suddenly had to buy domestic? Let's think about that, could this
                      be part of a cattleman's welfare program, you know that kind that keeps
                      guberrment outta business?
                              Canadians can't help but think that the threats to start giving full
                      inspections to truck transports and back traffic up for miles at the border
                      has something to do with telling George and Ayatollah Ashcroft Canada
                      is a sovereign country that will  make their own marijuana laws based on
                      their own research.
                              Looking South its easy to see why people here view the U.S. as having
                      something akin to a temper tantrum at the expense of the rest of the sane world..
                              Oh well, maybe a Cuban cigar will settle me down, they're legal here.

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