Ok, Bartcop, a friend recently turned me on to this site and a few others (DU, Buzzflash, Hammerdown, Greg Palast).
 I'm having a hard time believing all the sh*t going on in America and abroad, and NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!
 ( I apologize for the all caps, but this is really starting to stress me). How is it possible that the American public can be so much like
 stupid sheep and continue grazing while the wolves cull the fringes of the herd? As long as they are not directly affected my the
 wolves circling, they continue their mindless munching.

 The stories are reported and forgotten:

 1. 16 Words : WTF? 2 days and its gone (except for the 'net)
 2. BushCo   : How can our President profit from war?
 3. Bush Sr   : Saudi Arabia is immune to all things....why? Pappa is on the payroll.
 4. Church and State: The Right Reverend and Future King is starting to fund religious institutions with MY tax dollars?
 5. Uday and Qusay(sp?) : 3 men and a teenager can hold off the 101st ? They needed TOW missles to subdue 4 people
     barricaded in an apartment with AK-47's? I thought having these guys alive was going to be a KEY to locating the ever elusive WMD's?
 6. Press : Continues to show "Killed in Iraq" figures showing ONLY combat related deaths to the public? (Bartcop is on top if it,
     showing ALL deaths, as it should be)
 7. LIES : Everyone from Bush down is doing it, and getting caught (Powell seems to be the only one covering his ass) yes nothing is
     being done about it. Clinton got vilified and just short of crucified for his blowjob and subsequent lying...........but as has been stated
     here and other sites, nobody died from clinton's blowjob.

 These are just a few that stick out in my mind, and are not being followed up on in the "mainstream" press. I've been non-political
 my entire life and would laugh at the 2 party antics of our country. Now its not so funny; the Republicans have turned us into the
 next Nazi's to the worlds eyes, the Democrats just sit there and take it, and America  continues to graze.

 This is what is confusing me, its almost like living a dream/nightmare.
 I see these things going on in the press, but nobody seems concerned.

 I'm seriously considering applying for Canadian citizenship...being American is becoming a bad thing.

 Thanks for alllowing me to vent,

 Subject: tax refund irony

 yo bart,

 writing to verify, for my own sanity, that i'm not alone what i feel.
 news reports are saying we'll all be getting another tax refund/credit/payoff/bribe from our buddies in washington...

 i hope i'm not the only one who sees the disgusting irony in all this?!
 my wife lost her job as a teacher this year due to budget cuts, and we get a paltry check in return?!
 i'm very interested in your opinion of an organized demonstration involving these checks...
 i'm picturing either a massive, peaceful check-burning protest, or a large scale contribution to a charity
 (one thouroughly detested by the GOP).

 what'd'ya think?
 landon in akron

 Landon, as I said in BCR Show9B, I think Bush refunded all taxes paid
 by the biggest corporations going back to 1985.

 That's what broke the Treasury and soured the stock market and our futures.

Dear Editors:

In the final paragraph of "Before and After Sept. 11" (7/25/03), you
stress the importance of "unfettered access" to "relevant information."
 This is a given.  The world awaits the Times' genuine investigation of
the many unanswered questions about 9/11 that both Congress and the
Kean Commission will only pretend to get at.  Citing communication
failures between the FBI and CIA is the classic limited hangout
technique used during Watergate to feign accountability and distract
from the real issue.  Now that it is again patriotic to question the
words of Mr. Bush, I suggest you start with the following two
transcripts from the White House website:


In each, Mr. Bush claims he saw the first 9/11 plane crash on a TV
prior to his elementary school photo op.  No footage of this crash was
shown on TV until much later in the day.  What was he watching?

Dave Berman


July 25, 2003

Before and After Sept. 11

The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks might have been disrupted if America's
foreign and domestic intelligence agencies had done a better job
sharing information they already possessed about the activities of Al
Qaeda members. That is the most chilling finding of an unflinching
Congressional inquiry into the performance of the country's spy
agencies in the years leading up to the attacks. It would be nice to
believe that all the problems had been fixed. Unfortunately, much work
remains to be done, and it is not at all clear in some important areas,
like reform of the F.B.I., that change is coming fast enough to prevent
another terror strike.

The first step toward reform is understanding the failures that
preceded Sept. 11. The Congressional inquiry has produced a detailed
chronicle of inept work by a multitude of federal agencies. A good deal
of fragmentary information about Al Qaeda's diabolic plan was picked
up, but the pieces were never assembled in a coherent way to see
whether a pattern or plot could be discerned.

Changes already initiated by the Bush administration look promising on
paper, but it remains to be seen whether they can be carried out
effectively. Robert Mueller III, the F.B.I. director, has declared
counterterrorism the bureau's main priority and doubled the number of
agents and analysts assigned to it. A joint counterterrorism center has
been set up so F.B.I. and C.I.A. specialists can work under one roof.
But transforming the bureau from a law enforcement agency into a
terrorism-fighting organization just may not be possible.

The C.I.A. and the National Security Agency, which does electronic
eavesdropping, will also have to devote more of their efforts to
analyzing international terrorist threats inside the United States,
promptly sharing their findings with the F.B.I. and other domestic
agencies. The panel concludes that not enough has yet been done to
address problems in all of these areas.

The report recommends the creation of a cabinet-level intelligence czar
responsible for coordinating the activities of the entire intelligence community.
That may help, but only if the position does not turn into a rival power center
competing with the office of the director of central intelligence.

The next examination of the government's conduct prior to Sept. 11 will
come from the commission headed by Thomas Kean, the former governor of
New Jersey. The administration must give the commission the information
it has requested on relevant White House and National Security Council
discussions. The White House's refusal to give Congress unfettered
access to information about Saudi Arabia's links to terrorism was a
mistake that should not be repeated with the Kean panel.

Subject: The White House, Joseph Wilson, the FBI & the media

Hi all -

Yesterday, Senator Charles Schumer called for an FBI investigation into who illegally leaked information
to columnist Bob Novak that former Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife was a CIA agent.  Newsday and
the Palm Beach Post ran their own stories on the matter, the Washington Post buried it in a piece on the
former CIA director, and a few small newspapers carried the AP story.

If Novak's reporting is correct, this is a blatant attempt to smear a Gerald Ford appointed, career diplomat
and his wife.  It's also a federal crime.  Joseph Wilson spoke truth to power in his New York Times op-ed
which rekindled interest in the Niger/uranium lies, and now he is being punished by the White House in an
act to intimidate other people from speaking up.

Please do not let this abuse of power go under-reported.

For background.....

David Corn's original report which pointed out the illegal activity:

Corn's follow-up:

Schumer's press release calling for an investigation:

Wilson's New York Times op-ed:

Mike Webb
Nation Publicity & Syndication Director

Subject: response

Since I am cooled down since that missive I wrote you bart.
Dan Abrams just HACKED me off on that particular program on that day.
(See I could have used the P word and I will not back off that Dan Abrams IS a oily used car salesman
and I always felt that way about him, even when he was on Court TV)). I put that story of the white guy
in just to show that EVEN some white people ARE skeptical of her claims.

Now in my rant, if the person that had the nerve to criticize me, that in that rant was that if whoever that
WAS had taken the time to read it,a sentence of 'if Kobe DID indeed rape the girl-he should go to jail
or something like that'. See?  Even I do reserve the possibility that Kobe DID in fact rape the woman.

Yes I give it to you that you seen it as I meant it. Even Clarence Thomas knows what lynching is like for
Black people in this country's history (eventhough, he really don't believe it). Also on that day you brought up
what happened in Tulsa in the 1920's-well done. Same thing in Rosewood FL, Atlanta, East St Louis,
and other places and cities in history. Race riots and in some or most cases were started based on
allegations of a Black man raping or attempting to rape a white woman. Now, not to malign or impugn
the critic's intentions-but their criticism in some cases do mirror one of my points, that Black people in
this country is SUPPOSED to forget their history by whites and others(including some Black people).

PS, Forgot to include and I am assuming that my critic was a woman and if not, I apologize and if the
person is not white, I apologize. Don't really know. Anyhow on an athlete's size of his anatomy, she said
she was with one that was small-she doesn't say he was a pro athlete or not or was Black or not. But her
personal experience just prove that men, not matter what persuasion or occupation, size of the anatomy
go the spectrum of very small and large and in between-even Masters and Johnson have said that and
any sex researcher. As far as Kobe's size however, the victim herself confirmed what a lot of people
speculated, based on the 5 witnesses at the party that heard her statements but differed on her demeanor.
That is, if all 5 can be believed, if the victim actually said it. See bart?

Mike H


You got it right about the BFEE spin. Clinton correctly targets Bin Laden's camps in Afghanistan
and they use it against him. Bush misses Bin Laden entirely and the GOPress praises him for
defeating a country armed with slingshots.

Clinton said most of the weapons were destroyed by inspectors and that now seems true,
though the GOPress would never admit it. Shouldn't it be obvious by now that the tax cuts
aren't magically creating jobs?

How come Bush doesn't have a reputation as a slick liar?
Does stupidity make people inherently honest?


My take on the apparent Clinton defense of Pres. W on the intel deal. If I wasn't into conspiracies or
Machiavellian designs-I say Clinton's defense is manifold and he (Clinton) is setting a trap like Dune's
Baron Harkonnen(sic) style-Sci-Fi Channel version.

On the surface, he is defending 'W', but deep down, he is reminding the Republicans that was the same
type intel and the same CIA that he used in Sudan when he bombed the 'aspirin' factory. Any conservative
that uses his defense in their 'talking points' and enough of them hang themselves using it, BOOM! he springs the trap
on the same CIA and intel used in Sudan on the 'aspirin' factory and how much of 'hypocrites' that they are for using
the words  of a 'prevaricator' anyway in defending 'W'.


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