August 5 Update below

From: Julie Hiatt Steele

Subject: Time To Play "Catch-up"

Best Memory: JULIEFEST 2002, DC
Best Event anticipated, imagined, or even dreamed possible: JULIEFEST 2002, DC
Best Personal moment: JULIEFEST 2002, DC
Best friend without whom it would not have been possible: BARTCOP

Because it was all of that, and more...It was that one bright, brief, and shinning moment that will be
part of me, and will be held in my heart, for the rest of my life. BartCop, Christian and all of you
made that happen. I will forever be grateful to each of you for the gift that was JULIEFEST2002, DC.

James, Joe, David, and Buzzflash each added his own special touch. James and Joe spoke eloquently
while David delighted us with his presence and the contribution of his books. Kent captured it on film
that makes me cry every single time I look at my tape. I wish I could send one to each of you as a
small token of my appreciation and affection. Buzzflash tirelessly presided over a long stream of
tee shirt sales and book raffle tickets. He contributed the books and helped me connect winners to
their tickets. I have no doubt that he would agree with me when I say that you are all winners...

Those of you who were able to attend, and those who wanted to be there and were there in
our thoughts instead, you are all winners. You are my heroes and let me tell you why...
Together with BartCop, you gave me something that has no equal. You gave my child an
opportunity to witness his Mother in a situation that was not abusive, a rare opportunity
in his soon to be twelve years on this planet. I don't really know if I can make you aware
of how important that week-end was for me, or how important you, and many others,
have been to me for a very long time. Perhaps my attorney, Nancy Luque, said it best
that evening. With tears sliding down her cheeks, hugging me tightly, she said,
"Oh Julie, this is what you needed, this is what you have needed and deserved all along!"

I thank you today as my own tears mingle with the smile you have provided.
Thank you, thank you. And while I can't speak to "deserved," I can certainly tell you that you
have sustained me, supported me (often quite literally), and reminded me that our country
may have serious problems, may have corrupt individuals too often in leadership roles, but it
also has you and me. We are the ordinary citizens who care about this great country, and care
about each other. We are what the United States of America is all about.

The Ken Starrs, the George Ws, the John Ashcrofts will always be with us. When these individuals
have moved on, there will be others to take their places. They serve a purpose, they keep us
vigilant, they remind us to pay attention to all of our elected (and appointed) representatives
and leaders. they remind us that it is still our country, and they remind us not to take democracy
for granted. Washington serves at our pleasure, or at least that was the theory before the Supreme Court got involved, we need to take it back.

With that in mind, I will be in Michigan for the week-end of September 21, 2002.
I will be there speaking in behalf of Michael Estes who is a an extremely well qualified Democratic candidate for state Senate. I would dearly love to see any of you there for whom the trip is possible. Tickets for Saturday night are in the $10.00 range and there is to be a reception in my honor
following the actual event. Adam and I will be there all week-end and the Estes Campaign joins me
in extending you an invitation to join us there. We can certainly put together a lunch, or brunch,
or find a hotel lobby that will allow us an opportunity to get together. If you are interested, please contact me and I will pass the information along to the Estes campaign. They can provide the
schedule of events as well as lodging information if it is needed. Many of you have written to say
that you would like to see regional "fests," perhaps this is a start. I also want to remind you that
if there is a Democratic candidate in your area who would like my support, I will do everything
possible to make that happen. Washington needs to hear our united voices, we have had enough!

At JULIEFEST 2002, DC, BartCop quietly came forward but refused to take a bow.
As my special hero he was content to watch the week-end unfold from the side-line.
BartCop made it happen, with Christian's help they accomplished an incredible feat!
From concept to reality, in record time, they brought all of us together and provided
a bouquet of memories that will be forever ours. Let's hear it for BartCop!!!!
Let's hear it for Christian, as well !!!! Thank you...

guess what we are about to do. If you groaned and muttered as you guessed, you are
probably right! For the third time in less than a year, the Hiatt Steeles are MOVING AGAIN!

And, I don't care what it looks like, I am NOT trying to rise to the moving challenge and get
good at it or die trying!  I did not like it  25 years ago when I moved to Arsenal Drive and I
have not reconsidered my opinion! The reality is, however, that we have had a marvelous
summer and it is now time to get back to business. I have a book to write and Adam has to
get ready for sixth grade. (Please don't write and tell me that his teen years are upon me,
I KNOW, I KNOW!!! HELP!!!!!!)

The Bagley/Paris family was kind enough to offer us a respite and we have loved every
minute of it. They will be returning next week and we will be returning their great lake house
to them then. Our departure is scheduled for July 31, our destination is a wonderful old
farmhouse in North Carolina. It was the childhood home of BartCop reader and fan, Bill Herring.
The house comes with one simple directive: FINISH YOUR BOOK AND PROVIDE ME WITH AN

ONE MORE REQUEST, if possible: If you can, if it is convenient, if you want to and promise
not to send money or a gift (YOU HAVE DONE SO MUCH ALREADY!), could you mail Adam
a birthday card for Tuesday, July 30.  He will be 12 on that day and obviously we will not
have much opportunity to celebrate and we don't have anybody here to invite for birthday
cake anyway. I thought maybe a pile of cards to open would be a fun, and certainly different,
way to mark the occasion. If this is something you have time and energy for, the address is:

Adam Hiatt Steele
PO Box 157
Gasburg, VA  23857

Once again, I thank you...for everything,

PS- When next you hear from us we will be North Carolinians,
(unfortunately it is still home to the FOURTH CIRCUIT!)

--- Julie Hiatt Steele

 Julie Hiatt Steele Update
   August 5, 2002

 Good news and bad news about Julie.
 The bad news is she has a broken arm that happened during a moving accident.

 The good news is - The Carolina Cavalry has come to her rescue!
 Wallace, Julia, Brooke, Bob, Bill and Michele got Julie moved to her new home in Carolina.

 Shots of Chinaco all around.

 Here's the latest picture:

      You might recognize Wallace (peace sign) from the JulieFest tape.

 Thanks to The Carolina Cavalry, Julie is in her new home.

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