"Mr. President, I rise today to express my very deep regret that the Bush Administration
  has decided not to release the $34 million allocated for the United Nations Fund for
  Population Activities. I would ask the White House to reconsider its decision.
    At stake here is vital assistance for needy individuals throughout the developing world,
  living under the threat of HIV infection and deteriorating health conditions. Indeed, it is a
  shame that such assistance -- assistance that can save lives -- is being held hostage by
  domestic politics, and the misconceptions of the anti-choice wing of the Republican party.
     -- Senator Feinstein, July 24, 2002

 Subject:The "Nazis were Socialists" Myth

 Dear Bart:

 I notice that you get a lot of Monkey Mail from persons who apparently
 snoozed through their high school history classes.  Therefore, they are
 open to the tricks of clever GOP Limbaugh propagandists who like to
 claim that Hitler and his Nazis were really Socialists.

 As I said, anyone who stayed awake during History of Western Civilization 101
 knows full well that the Nazis called themselves Socialist for the very same reason
 that the Unelected One calls himself a "compassionate conservative":  a cheap attempt
 to be, not only all things to all people, but two contradictory things at the same time!

 Here's a good link that will tell anyone who reads it that, contrary to the intricate planned
 philosophies of Socialism, Nazism was nothing more or less than an appeal to the worst,
 most fear-driven, hate-filled instincts of the people.  Just like conservatism today!

 Here you go!



 Tamara, I'm afraid that may not work.  Rush has convinced his sheep that dictionaries,
 encyclopedia and history books are nothing more than disinformation tools, written by liberals
 whose only goal is to destroy America, so they snub their noses at people with an education.
 That's why Rush is always snarling at "pointy-headed Harvard graduates."


Subject: Dennis Miller

It's indeed disappointing to see Dennis Miller sell his soul to the dittoes.
I am reminded of Mort Sahl, who was the Kennedy family's favorite comic during the '50's,
as he railed against the uptight Eisenhower/Nixon years. Then came the JFK election of 1960,
and liberals expected Sahl to become bigger and better than ever.

Except that Mort Sahl was not a champion of the Kennedys; he was a journalist in a comic's body.
And when the Kennedys took office, Sahl revised his act and went right back to work skewering
the liberals, because they were now the IN party, and he was there to hold their feet to the fire.

Contrast that with Miller, who wants to kowtow to the IN party, rub shoulders with the Bushies,
the money guys, the top athletes. Mort Sahl never became huge, never made the big bucks,
but he remained true to his calling. Dennis Miller hears only the calling of the next corporate bigwig.


Subject: The Rio!! Vegas BartFest...

Hola Bart,

During my twice-yearly visits to Vegas, I always, always, always stay at The Rio.

I converted to the Rio from the Las Vegas Hilton (another great hotel, and you should suggest it as an
alternative to your readers as they usually have some amazingly cheap rates) about three years ago now.

I can answer any and all questions re: Rio for your readers and yourself.  Since I'm a gambling addict,
I never have to pay for my rooms or much of anything else at the Rio, but even at $200 a night these
rooms would be a bargain.  Floor-to-ceiling windows, mini-bar (only a handful of Vegas hotels offer
these in-room; they want you downstairs gambling, you know) best views of the strip anywhere in town.

... oh, I could go on and on... but best of all, the Rio offers the most fantastic bar in all of Vegas,
The Voodoo Lounge.  I'm a professional bartender, as you know, and The Voodoo simply has
the best bartenders in the world.  You have to friggin' AUDITION to get a job there, and you
have to work as a bar back for years before being promoted to bartender.  Voodoo bartenders
consistently win show bartending competitions around the world, and the Rio hosts "The Legends
of Bartending" competition every year.  All I gotta say is, ride that magic glass elevator up the
Masquerade Tower, grab a seat at the bar, order up a Witch Doctor (serves two, it's huge,
smokes because of dry ice) and prepare to be dazzled.

Much love,
Jennifer in Cincinnati :-)

Jenn, thanks for that.
People might wonder why we put such a premium on the Rio's views. In 90-95 percent of most
hotel rooms, there's not much to see. Even in Vegas, our last trip out, we stayed one night in the
terribly, obscenely ostentatious Venetian, and what was our view?

We could see the side of the fabulous Venetian, some of Treasure Island,

and the Tam O' Shanter, where we stayed when we were flat broke.
Go figure - the Tam O'Shanter is right next door to the greatest hotel in the world.

My Close Encounter with a Rush fan

I spent an evening at a friends house the other night.
I live in a very conservative area, many of my 'friends' are hard-core Republicans,
some of them are Rush fans, so I asked the biggest Bush fan in the group..

'What do you think of how the Bushies are handling our economy?'

As you might expect I got the usual blah blah, its Clintons fault, blah blah, its Clintons fault, blah blah blaaaah.

Trying my best not to get too mad, I finally just said.. Well, everything bad in the world may be Clintons fault,
but George Bush has been president for almost two years now.. What is he doing about it??!

She said he is 'addressing' the problem and doing everything he can to fix it.

I told her.. Yeah, he 'addressed' it two weeks ago and if you look at the stock market
it started crashing right when he talked and hasnt stopped crashing since then.

She said again it was Clintons fault, and I asked her if Clinton made Dick
Cheney file fake profit reports at Halliburton?

Well well well

Another Republican friend pipes up and he starts talking about Cheney and how he is in trouble and
before I know it, the Rush fan is in a big argument with the other Republican guy.
(From the way he was talking, I gathered that the guy had lost his ass on his 401k, and he was NOT happy.)

They went at it for about 10 minutes.

He went on to tell her something to the effect.. "I voted for Bush mostly because of Cheney and now if
he's hamstrung or gone, what are we left with? Do you really think Bush knows what he is doing?"

And then another Republican chimed in.. if something isnt done we are all in a lot of trouble.

I have to admit, I just sat there stunned.

Once things settled down, the Rush girl turned to me and said.. I should have known if you came over
something like this would happen.

I told her maybe Bill Clinton made her friend say that stuff.. and the whole room laughed.

Folks, I have been a political junkie for a long long time and have never seen anything
that even closely compares to that, and thats why I'm posting this.
I am now damn near convinced the Bushies are in a lot of trouble.
Has anyone else had any experiences with Bush supporters lately?


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