From the Heartland
                        by Richard L. Fricker

                              I had planned a piece about Congressman John Sullivan (R-Tulsa/QuickTrip).
                      But, here in the heartland there is never a shortage of right-wing-bootlicking-bozo-lackeys.
                      I’ll take up Sullivan’s tobacco and alcohol contributions while courting the Southern Baptist
                      Convention at a later date.
                              Instead, how about Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Looney tune), republican extraordinaire and one
                      of the great buffoons of this administration. You may remember SenJim upon observing the
                      Apocalyptic Horseman galloping across Bosnia declared that there was no real problem.
                      He deduced that the Muslims being slaughtered weren’t in that bad of shape because many
                      wore Adidas tennis shoes and therefore weren’t really downtrodden farmers. Of course they
                      weren't, idiot, they were urban dwellers being flushed from their homes by Serbian inflicted genocide.
                              While the heartland is accustomed to SenJim’s wild-eyed ramblings the rest of the republic
                      only rarely gets feted to his palaver. However, his latest Bush like statement on the environment
                      needs some examination.
                              Disbelieving or disregarding all reason SenJim, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the
                      Environment and Public Works, has announced that 1) There is no such thing as global warming
                      2) Even if there were global warming it would be good for you and 3) It’s all Hans Blix’s fault for
                      not supporting President Junior (all respects to Gene Lyons).  Using terms such as “environmental
                      extremists”, he called “Global Warming” just a buzzword used by the EPA to issued “Gestapolike”
                      letters to businesses not complying with national standards, many of which fall short of international
                      standards observed by other nations.
                              Making use of his time on the Senate floor SenJim praised Bush saying he would carry the
                      administration’s program forward. Good for Jimmy, he has now exemplified  the Bush position that
                      “two plus two really is four point one, if I want it to be….if only because, I want it that way.”
                              What got missed by SenJim and his cadre that believes business the one true god is that while
                      he was speaking the head of Britain’s Meteorological Office and former co-chair of the respected
                      United Nations Intergovernmental panel on climate change was saying global warming was a larger
                      issue and would kill more people that terrorism.
                              Writing in the Guardian Sir John Houghton said, “…Our long-term security is threatened by a
                      problem at least as dangerous as chemical, nuclear or biological weapons, or indeed international
                      terrorism: human induced climate change…the impacts of global warming are such that I have no
                      hesitation in describing it as a weapon of mass destruction.”
                              Sir John went on, “The World Meteorological Organization warned this month that extreme
                      weather events already seem to be becoming more frequent as a result.”        Then he said, SenJim
                      should have known this but obviously didn’t because he resides in Bushie land, “The US mainland
                      was struck by 562 tornados in May (which incidentally saw the highest land temperatures globally
                      since records began in 1880) killing 41 people.”  Oklahoma---Tornados, ring a bell Jimmy,
                      wake up now, Tornados-Oklahoma!!!!
                              “Nowadays,” he continued,” everyone knows that the US is the world’s biggest polluter, and
                      that with only 1/20th of the world’s population it produces a quarter of its greenhouse emissions.”
                      Well, not everyone knows this; SenJim et al seem to have, without any confirmable data, missed
                      the point completely.
                              Sir John paints a rather grim picture of what’s in store for the planet. Of course SenJim and
                      his industrial masters don’t have to worry, they’ll have all died off when the full impact hits.
                              These “Family Values” guys apparently do not include their grandchildren and great-grandchildren
                      in the term “family.” Perhaps they figure the little buggers will just mutate and all will be well.
                              SenJim is in the mold of the President, not bright and willing to believe anything an oil company
                      tells him and he really really isn’t concerned if it’s a lie, after all the President  lies all the time and
                      he gets away with it. If the dead don’t bother the President, why should the future dead bother a
                      Republican Senator from Oklahoma. After all, he’s got his…..too bad about yours.

                      Richard L. Fricker can be reached at

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