Excerpts from Bartcop Radio Show 9-3
  all praise to Fresh Laundry for the transcription

Always love these stories,

‘New York man sentenced for keeping sex slaves.
A retired handyman who admitted keeping 5 women,’

5 human beings, ‘5 women as sex slaves in his underground bunker was sentenced in Syracuse to 18 years to life in prison.
John  Jamalsky, 68, …’ The guy is 68, he’s got, [laugh], sorry, that’s not funny, but 4 sex slaves couldn’t keep up, he had to
go get the 5th. He’s 68! [laugh] Oh boy, I guess he’s going to have trouble in prison. ‘..68, pleaded guilty last month to
kidnapping 5 women and girls and holding them for up to 3 years each from 1988-2003.’

That’s 15 years worth of sex slaves. ‘Jamalsky said he sought out women after his wife became bedridden.
She died in 1999.’ Well, no, you’re wife was alive for 11 years while you had sex slaves, idiot, you don’t think we can add?
We’re not all Catholic. So, he got 18 years to life. Now why do I bring this up? No, not for the thrill of talking about sex slaves,
but do you know, if he had had an ounce of marijuana, he could’ve gotten life?


Raping 5 women for 15 years, is nowhere near as bad as possessing an ounce of pot. This.. is.. stupid!

Where did I see this, now I don’t have the details, but I read 2 stories about Oklahoma people. Story #1, this guy was,
...long, long, long record of arrests. Police raided his, whatever, apartment he was in, I don’t know if he was at someone
else’s place or whatever, but they found the very definition of trace amounts of marijuana on him. And because he had a
previous record, he got life in prison. And when I’m talking about trace, I’m talking about .05 of a gram, which means,
even if you were desperate to get high, you wouldn’t, if you saw that amount, you wouldn’t even bother to put it in a
bong or something, because there would be no smoke. It would be useless. But this guy got caught with miniscule,
teeny-tiny amount of pot and he got life, because he had a previous record.

All in all, maybe he belongs in prison, a guy with that many convictions, I forget, I don’t know if they were all violent,
or if it was, the guy’s got 3 burglaries, and then you catch him with some pot and he gets life in prison. Doesn’t sound like America.

The 2nd example is so much worse. Some guy, don’t know why, but he was in a wheel chair, and he had leg pains.
And I can understand that. They said something like his legs were numb, or they tingled, or they hurt, or something.
So, they caught this guy with 2 ounces, rounded up some more pot, but they caught him with 2 ounces of pot in his
wheelchair and he got life in prison for 2 ounces of pot. [sigh] How is this possible?

Nobody needs 2 ounces of pot. The only reason he had 2 ounces of pot is because if some good pot comes along,
you have to buy it while its there, because it’s illegal. You understand? If pot was legal, if he could go to the damn 7-11,
and give em a $5 bill, and get 5 joints, or whatever, nobody would ever, ever, possess two ounces of pot.

Say I drank beer. Say I drank, whatever, a case a week (Is that a lot? Probably not.) Am I going to go buy 104 cases of beer
to tide me over the next 2 years? No! Cause I can go to the liquor store, tomorrow, or Monday or whatever, and get my liquor.
So you don’t need to buy - because it was illegal, he had to buy the quantity when it came along. This is logic. It’s supply and
demand. It’s all the things the Republicans say they stand for. It’s the businessman, entrepreneurial risk-taking. When I, smoked
my first doobie, it was probably ’72, but pot back then was $10 an ounce, and it was $50 a pound, wholesale, it was $100 a
pound retail. So, if you wanna buy a pound of pot, a hundred bucks. And what you would do back then, a pound of pot, $100,
ounce of pot, $10, so what you do you buy a pound, you sell 10 ounces, and you keep 6 ounces. Which, really, will last you
a whole lot longer, than it takes you to sell the 10.

Not that I would ever admit to selling drugs [laugh] and post it on the internet. But if one did that, one might have 10 friends,
and this is like, you wanna talk about a ::drug dealer:: Say I didn’t have a car. And, uh, my good friend Bob was gonna come over,
and Bob said he was going to stop at the liquor store and buy him a 6-pack of beer. And I say, ‘Dude! Since I don’t have a car,
and you’re going to the liquor store, would you buy me a 6-pack too?’ Now, see, that does not make him a distributor of alcohol.
He’s my friend that went to the store. The people that bought a pound of pot, they know 10 people that smoke pot. They say,
‘Dude! Need an ounce?’ ‘Sure, how much?’ ‘$10, I’m your bud. I’m down, I’m your dawg.’ Fine, so $10, you could get rid of
a pound in an afternoon, now you got 6 ounces sitting there.

Now here’s, here’s where we tie it all up. As the years went by, they say today’s pot is, those sons-of-bitches, they say today’s
pot is, like, 100 times more powerful than pot used to be. They are lying. You can buy, you can get - Vegas has it, Northern..
North of California has it, Portland has it, Seattle has it - I hear rumors of Austin, but I don’t, we won’t go there - I hear that you
can buy really, really good pot, but it’s very expensive. Which makes sense. Why drink Cuervo if you can spend 4 times the
amount and drink Chinaco? Please, don’t jack with me; I know what I’m talking about.

So, pot has not gotten 100 times more powerful than it was 30 years ago. They are lying. That’s bullshit to scare people.
They want parents to think, that if their kid gets hold of some dope, he’s gonna smoke one hit and he’s gonna lose his mind!
It’s fucking ‘Reefer Madness’ here, what, 70 years after.. It was a joke in the 30’s, ‘Reefer Madness’, and here we are 70
years later it’s still a joke. But because we got these monkey types in the White House and in congress, we are still lying to
ourselves about drugs. Today’s pot is much more expensive. That analogy I used about, you spend $100 you get a pound,
you sell 10 ounces, now you got 6 ounces of pot.  If you do the same thing today; I don’t know, lets say, I don’t know, let's
say it costs $1500, you get the same 16 ounces. You sell the ounces for $150 a piece, and you got 6 left, but now, the 6 ounces
that used to be worth $60, now those 6 ounces are worth $900. Now do you see what the difference is there? Because it is illegal,
it is 15 times more worth your while to sell pot now than it was 30 years ago. Cause 30 years ago you made $60 profit, which you
smoked, well you end up with 6 ounces, no, 900, yeah, you end up with 6 ounces at $150 each. So you got $900 worth.

It just seems crazy, that the illegality of the pot, is what keeps the Crips and the Bloods; that’s why they drive a brand new Lexus.
Because cocaine is illegal, and they choose to dabble in it. If cocaine was legal, none of those guys would have a Lexus.
They would have to get jobs if cocaine was legal. We don’t all need free or cheap cocaine - I’m just making a point.
It’s the illegality that causes the trouble.

So tying this segment up, getting back to the man with the sex slaves. He got 18 years for raping 5 women for 15 years,
but if he had had a joint, they could’a given him life. There are two guys in Oklahoma that got life for possessing pot.
So the rule is: Pot is so much worse than raping 5 women for 15 years. I can’t be wrong on this.  You remember,
who was that idiot? Was it Daryl Gates, was that his name? Former LA police chief. He said, ‘A man selling marijuana
does more damage than a man with a loaded machine gun, at high noon, on a weekday, in Times Square.’
Swear to God, he said that. And that’s the mentality that we’re fighting here. It’s religious insanity.

For some reason, Joe Kennedy could make millions, I don’t know if he ever got to billions, but he made millions selling scotch.
But if some guy tries to sell a bag of pot, he belongs in prison. Joe Kennedy, and you know, the Seagrams, and all the other
people, and he got there from selling drugs - a drug called alcohol. But if you get near a drug called marijuana, you’re a bad
person, you belong in prison, this is the society we live in and it’s stupid. It makes me want to move to Canada.

On Wednesday’s USA Today, there’s a really, really sad picture - it shows a marine, says his name is Todd Bock, B-O-C-K,
he looks a little like, uh, whats-his-name? Uh, karate boy, uh, with the temper - Van Damme  - looks quite a bit like Jean Claude
Van Damme, and he’s - he doesn’t appear to be openly sobbing, but he’s, he’s got his face in his hands and he’s got a grimace
on his face. He’s just been told that he’s not going home. And I hate to see, our brave soldiers, get jacked around like that.

It’s later on in the story, the idea that, ‘Sorry! We told you you were going home, but you’re not.’ Well, somebody fucked up,
somebody has bad planning. Somebody doesn’t understand that in war, things happen. Somebody chose not to send enough
men over there to do the job. Somebody decided to go to war, when he didn’t have enough men to do the job. This poor bastard
is being punished because bush is a fuck-up and Rumsfeld is an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing.


If I was President, or if I was Secretary of Defense, and my joint chiefs came to me and said, ‘It’s not going to work.’
I would believe them! I’m not going to tell these 30 and 40-year generals they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.
You get a guy like David Hackworth, who seems to know all there is to know about the army, when he tells me, ‘Mr. President,
this is not going to work, you’re fuckin’ up, you’re going to get hundreds of boys killed and it’s going to turn into a big nightmare
and you’ll probably lose the next election over this - Don’t do it!’ I would ::listen:: to those people.

But no, he had to have that oil. That hard-on for that oil was so intense, it was so strong, it guides everything that Bush does.
‘God told him to fuck Iraq’, oh please! That is religious insanity; we are the victims of religious insanity again and again.
We got a monkey in the White House that is listening, to a thing that - the invisible cloud being that doesn’t exist - giving him
orders to MURDER PEOPLE. Why doesn’t that scare people?! What if God tells Saddam to murder Al Gore? He’s gonna do that.


So God told monkey-boy to murder Al Queda, which, fine, I’ll buy that one. I don’t like him going into countries and bombing cities.
Those CIA drones that they have flying around in Afghanistan and Iraq, bombing cars they - with *suspected* Al Queda people in em.
Well that’s not a good idea. You don’t murder a guy that you suspect might be guilty. When you get a guy like Osama, you get a guy
with this magnitude of a crime, you get thousands dead. Yup. You’re going. I’m sorry.

So I didn’t like the way they jacked our boys around. I still don’t. We ought to have that monkey jerked out of the White House.

‘Deficit Soars to 455 Billion.’

My last radio show, I was reading you some 300 billion, I knew that was wrong, and here it soars to 455 billion and that’s
the projection, I th.. - no, I think that’s the actual - they say, well it says projected to be 475 billion next year. That’s a hand job.
It is not gonna.. anybody want to gamble? I love to gamble. If Bush says the deficit will be 475 billion next year, I will bet real
money - and when I talk about real money, lets say $100; I’m not gonna go bet $10,000 cause I don’t have it - But when I say
I’ll bet real money lets talk about $100. I got a $100 that’s says that the deficit next year will be at least, say, 10% higher than that.
So, call it, uhh, 525 billion. Anybody want to gamble with me? Any of you Republicans out there want to gamble? I got $100
saying it’s a hand job, we’re being lied to.

You know why we’re being lied to? Listen to this, listen to how they back em up.
Listen to how this is from - well, the USA Today again, I thought they might be quoting somebody, but..

[Exhale] Blood pressure 240 over 190.

‘The White House cited slower than expected economic growth.’ Bull shit! Bull shit; we’re being lied to. Slower than *who* expected?
We know we’re in a recession. We know Bush has ruined the economy. Bush says, ‘Oh. It’s gonna turn around and be rosy tomorrow!’
and when it’s not he says, ‘Well, things didn’t work out as expected.’ No liar! You’re lying! You got this rosy scenario in your head
where every time you give Bill Gates another 7 billion, he’s gonna go hire 10,000 people. He’s not gonna do it. It’s not gonna happen.
Everybody knows this.

Anyone who’s read Bartcop.com has seen those graphs. Reagan and Bush, you’re in the gutter! Clinton got in, you zoom to Rodeo Drive,
everything’s rosy, money coming out the wazoo, then Bush gets back in: Bam! We’re back in the gutter.

People say the Republicans know what they’re doing. How the hell can you say that when you see those graphs? Your only chance
is to say the graphs are wrong. I say the graphs are right - I got real money, $100, says the graphs are right. But no, won’t nobody
bet with me. I hate that. It’s just like a debate. If I got money says Bush is lyin, and nobody will take the bet, that means they agree
- they know Bush is lying. That’s why in poker when I say, ‘I’ll raise ya. I’m all in.’ If you fold your cards that means you *believe*
I hold the better hand. If you thought you had the better hand, you’d stay and fight - you’d push your chips into the pot. Well that’s
the whole deal. Nobody listening to this, and I should transcribe it, but who has time to put it on the page?
[“Uhhh..” -FreshLaundry]
The Whitehouse is just simply lying! They’re pretending this big rosy thing is around the corner.

Part 2 of this, ‘White House cited slower than expected economic growth.’ Here’s part 2, ‘and the cost thus far of the Iraq war
for the rising deficits.’ Well, monkey, you didn’t need to start that war! “Oh, the reason we’re in trouble is, we had to go and
invade Iraq, but as it turns out we didn’t have to invade Iraq cause I had bad intelligence.” Well, no ya didn’t. You took the
intelligence you had - you took A and you turned it into B. And you tried to sell it; the media bought it, the Republicans bought it,
hell, the Democrats bought it too, the idiots. I didn’t buy it! I didn’t see any reason to go in Iraq. Saddam didn’t have anything
to do with 9-11.

You decided to avenge your stupid-ass dad and his mistakes, and to steal a bunch of oil, and all it was gonna cost is 244 men, so far.
This is the kind of President we got. I don’t like that.

So the White House is going to continue to lie. Anybody out there wanna bet on this: every budget they submit is full of lies.
Clinton did the opposite. Clinton would say, ‘We expect 300 billion dollars surplus’ and it would come back at 350, and the
surplus was always bigger than expected. See, that’s the genius. He says, I’m gonna give you 10, and actually he gives ya 12.
That’s the genius. Bush is the other way around. Bush is like some contractor doing work on your house. It’s going to cost $1000,
and then when he’s done he says, ‘I need $1500 for it.’ No, you bastard! You give me $1000 bid, you stick with that.
See, we don’t have that in government.

Bart’s Law #2. Everytime Bush tells a lie, he’s getting more political capital out of it. He says, “Oh. The deficit’s only gonna be
this big next year,” and the Republicans and the press say, “Oh, see how good he’s handling the economy,” and then it explodes!
And they say, “Oh. Well. The economy is worse than we figured. Who knew?” Well *I* knew! If tequila-boy in Oklahoma knows,
why doesn’t the government know? And I got $100 that says I’m right. Where is the person with the $100 that says I’m wrong,
cause I’d like to make 100 bucks. I promise, I don’t make bets I can lose.

[Exhale] Blood pressure 270 over 210.

All right, now we got gay rights.
This whole radio thing. is getting good to me.

‘Democratic Candidates Endorse Rights for Gay Couples. 3 of the 9 back legal marriages.’ Now, this is where I’m going
to offend my gay friends, but we don’t need - the problem is the word ‘Marriage.’ I have not heard a good argument for
why the word marriage must be used for a gay union, a gay partnership. The battle should be over the rights, not the word.
Screw the word. It’s a word like ‘Shoe’, that’s one of the best things John Lennon ever said, he said, why’d you call
yourselves the Beatles, he said, ‘It’s a word. It’s a word like Shoe,’ but that’s what ‘Marriage’ is - a word.

If gays are not going to get their rights because people can’t stand the idea of gay marriage, well, then screw the word marriage.
Why don’t you fight for the right to be on each other’s insurance policies, if one of you is in the hospital the other gets to visit,
you know, power of attorney, that kind of thing. Whatever powers, legal powers, that man and wife have. Why don’t you guys
settle for that? At least take that now. Cause what’s going to happen, and I know America, and I’ve said this on the page many
times - this will be my first utterance: When the whole gay marriage issue comes up, what they’re going to do is get two
(What’s that guy, with the bear? Grizzly Adams.) They’re gonna get two big ol’ giant, beefy lumberjacks, and they’re gonna
show them kissin. And they’re gonna say, ‘This is John Kerry’s vision for America.’ And all the middle class people are gonna
get scared to death, and gonna say, ‘Oh my god. Kerry wants to kiss my boy.’ That’s whats gonna happen.

Don’t allow the Republicans, those lying sons-of-bitches, to hijack this and win an election over it. This is crazy.
Do you want the word, or do you want the rights? You remember, there was a Cheers; Woody walked into Rebecca’s
office one day and said ‘Miss Howe, I’d like to talk to you about a raise’ and she said, ‘Sure, name your price. You can
have whatever you want,’ but she said, ‘Don’t ask for a title. You can have the raise, no problem. Pick your, pick your
dollar amount, but don’t ask for the title.’

And you know Woody, ...he thinks like a Democrat, he’s going, ‘What, what, what, tell me, what, I don’t understand.’
And she says, ‘Well I can give you the raise, that’s no problem, but if you want to be, like, whatever, 2nd assistant manager,
now I can *not* go there, so don’t ask, it’s just not going to happen. Take your money and go.’ So Woody got to thinking
about it, and he got to thinking about what he wanted, and couldn’t have and he said, ‘Now hold on a minute, wait. You’re not
getting off that easy. Tell you what, keep that money - I don’t need a raise - I want the assistant, 2nd assistant manager’s title.’

She said, ‘Woody I don’t think I can do it.’ He says, ‘Well you make it happen or I’m walking!’ And then she says,
‘Well, OK, for you I’ll do it.’ So Woody walks out the room a winner. Now what he got is a title, which is a whole lot like
the word ‘Marriage’, but he didn’t get his raise. Now wouldn’t the gay people rather have all the rights that they want and
let the Republicans keep the damn word ‘Marriage’. It don’t make a  F***.   That would be my advice to my gay brothers
and sisters: keep your eye on the prize.

Just take the gold! The gold is the rights, that’s what you want. The word marriage you don’t have to have. Maybe down
the line, America will grow up a little bit, but you know - take the half a loaf, the Reagan strategy - well, this is all the loaf
in my opinion, but you would much rather be recognized as a partner, couple, whatever, than - if this turns into a big thing
- and there comes some anti-gay backlash, and the only way you can get elected is to agree that gays are bad, no, you
don’t want to set that scenario up. We’re sort of halfway there now. You don’t want to make that situation worse.
That’s my opinion. I could be wrong. Cause what I don’t know about gay issues wouldn’t fit on the internet.

Here’s another story I haven’t read, but I see a headline:
‘Internet donors can clean up national campaign financing.’ I don’t believe it. It’s a story about Howard Dean and how he
raised money on the internet. But does the name, The Wiley Brothers ring a bell? It should. Bush said in the 2000 campaign,
there was no reason to reform the campaign finance laws because, with the internet, you always would know who put up
the money. You would always, there’s always a trail, just make a law that anyone who gives, whatever, over $250 dollars,
whatever the figure is, (probably be more than that, probably make it $1000) but whoever gives more than X amount,
has to be listed on your website.

When Bush went into New York, McCain was still a problem for him. And they were - I don’t know if they were low on money,
or, I’m not sure what the problem was but Bush needed a couple of million dollars to buy ad time in New York so he could crush
McCain. Make up a bunch of stories about what a backstabber he was, to his fellow POWs in Viet Nam, and I’m sorry, but if
I was McCain I would just launch, I would just go for his throat and kick his ass and say, ‘Don’t you ever say that shit about me,
you lying bastard.’ But McCain’s a good soldier, he wanted Bush to win, he wanted a Republican in the White House, so he
chose to let that go. Not me, I wouldn’t have let it go. My god, I’ve never spent - I spent a couple of hours in a Mexican jail
- but to have spent 5 Christmas’ at the Hanoi Hilton and then when you get out, some MONKEY who drank and snorted his
way through his service to his country instead of honoring the contract he signed, to let that little rich son-of-a-bitch, never
worked a day in his life, prick call me a traitor to the other people that were, GOD that makes me mad. I can’t think of words..


So, the Wiley brothers, they put on Bush’s website - or whoever, Bush’s webmaster put on his website that the Wiley brothers
gave $2 million, well, what was gained by that? The Wiley brothers own an oil company in Texas, so, what benefit was gained
by identifying which oil company supported the illegal usurper (to be)? I just don’t see a point. I mean, you’re not just going to
write down Chinese Government, $2 million.  I mean, Republicans, they can come up with some money. They can come up
with $2 million like I can come up with a shot of Chinaco, it’s not a problem for them. I fail to see what identifying the donor
on the Internet will solve. If he can snap his fingers and get $2 million, that’s what, ahh, 2 thousand, thousand dollar bills.
So, why, have a tracking system for $1000 donors if the Wiley brothers can come in with 2000 times that amount and say,
‘Hey! We’re the Wiley brothers, put our name on the report. Thanks. We’re outta here!’ I see no point.

Here’s a cartoon in the Wednesday USA Today, it shows uh, the Iraqi governing council and the head guy says, ‘As our first
order of business, tax cuts for the wealthy!’ Good point, excellent point. Rich people are rich, you understand? They already
have money, they’re rich. They have everything they want. They don’t need more money. And if this is a fairness issue, say,
‘This is a fairness issue,’ don’t say, ‘We have to give Bill Gates another $7 billion so he can hire people.’ Bill Gates ain’t hiring!
Understand? He’s not hiring! If he hired anybody it’s gonna be as a temp. Because Bill Gates is too cheap to pay medical
insurance for his employees. Bill Gates could give free medical to every employee he’s got until the end of time, with a
reverse deductible. You go to the doctor, he gives you $100! That’s how much money he’s got, but no, he hires people on
a temp basis because he needs more money. What’s he got? I don’t even know. Last time, uh, shit, I haven’t even heard.
Last time, was it 60 billion he had last time, 60, 70 billion, or has he got more than that now? Oh, that’s right. We all had to buy XP.

‘Wanted, remedy for red ink.’

Don’t get me started, just get a Democrat in there, we’ve seen the charts,
we’ve already been there today. [Newspaper rustling]

Here’s a good one, you’ll like this one:
Headline, this is Wednesday’s USA Today, page 5A, Headline:

‘EU, Willing to contribute money under UN Aegis,’ I think that’s how you say that - A-E-G-I-S -
I think, we got a weapon’s system called that, but I don’t know what ‘Aegis’ is. I think it means one of the *auspices*.

 The European Union will help rebuild postwar Iraq if it’s donations are under the control of the World Bank and the UN,’
 which means, ‘Fine, we’ll help. But we don’t want the crooked murderer to have the money. Cause he’s gonna  steal it!
 Listen to what Europe is saying. Your president is a crook! ‘We’re not gonna give him money, cause he’s gonna break
 off half and give it to Haliburton.’ Europe knows what kinda guy he is, they have a free press in Europe. They want to
 contribute, but as long as Bush can’t get his bloody, dirty hands on the money, they’ll contribute. They’ll contribute if
 it’s a - and hell -  the UN might be as crooked as Bush - but they’re saying, ‘Fine. We got the money. Just tell your
 monkey murderer to keep his hands off it. And we’ll contribute.’ These are the facts, it’s on page - well, if you can
 trust USA Today - page 5A.

OK. Oh, and here’s a sidebar, I told you that the marine who looked like Van Damme that was not quite openly sobbing, but..
Can you imagine that? It’s 115 and you’re going to get shot, you’re going to get a bullet in the head any second, and all you
wanted to do was be in your nice, comfy air conditioned house in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a little bit of Chinaco in your hand
and a wife who loves you - that’s all you want, you know, but, Nooooooo!   Here you are in Iraq, it’s 115 and they got flies
the size of cats, and you can’t sleep cause you know some Iraqi is going to come up and slit your throat. What a nightmare!
And it’s ongoing. You know, you can get through pretty much anything if you know when the end is, you know, if they’re
going to throw you in jail and say, ‘We’ll let you out Wednesday.’ Hey, I can make it. But if they throw you in jail and say,
‘Bye!’ and leave and lock the door. Hey, that might be your last human contact, you know. You can get through anything
if you know when it’s going to be over.

Quote: ‘It pretty much makes me lose faith in the Army,’ said Private First Class, Jason Puneyhatra, of the third infantry,
that’s what he told ABC news in Felusia, Iraq. ‘I don’t really believe anything they tell me,’ he said. ‘If they told me we
were leaving next week, I wouldn’t believe em.’

Think how dangerous it is - I don’t know how, representative, PFC Jason Puneyhatra is, but for argument’s sake lets say
a lot of soldiers think that way. Think how dangerous that is. ‘I don’t believe a fucking word my commanders tell me.’
Think how dangerous that is. Thousands of these guys over there, risking their lives, wishing anything that they could be
home, and they don’t trust their commanders. That’s dangerous. Mark my words, I’ve never been in the Marines,
that sounds dangerous to me.

‘The government’s official explanation comes from Major General Buford Blount,’

[Editor’s Note:
http://www.jimpivonka.com/unpublished/GeneralBlount030411.html - FL]

‘Third Infantry Commander,’ said this in an email to soldier’s spouses. I don’t know if I’d want the army talking to Mrs. Bart,
that just don’t sound right. ‘Said to the solder’s spouses that the return of the division’s troops was being delayed [quote]
due to the uncertainty of the situation in Iraq and the recent increase in attacks on the coalition forces.’ Well, idiot, it’s a war!
We chose to invade another country. Another country who didn’t want to be saved - maybe some of them did, but the
country as a whole is not being real nice to us. For fake reasons that the idiot murderer fabricated, we invaded this country.
Like Ann Coulter said, invade the country, try to kill their leaders and now I guess we’re going to try and convert them to
Christianity. Remember, they’re not allowed to have a Shiite or Sunni, I don’t know - don’t care, whatever their religion
over there - they’re not allowed to have that. We’re going to set them up with a good religion. One with a god that’s not
from a gutter religion. Just like Ann Coulter said, ‘Invade other countries, kill their leaders, and force them into Christianity.’

Q: What’s the difference between Ann Coulter and Bush?
A: Bush’s vagina is smaller.

I just don’t see the need.. you know as crazy as Coulter is, ...Coulter is to Bush what Weinerboy is to Rush.
She’s just that - shave [laugh] (That was a weird thought.) Ann Coulter’s just a little bit worse than Bush, like Weiner’s
just a little bit worse than Rush. So when Ann Coulter says something crazy, you know Bush agrees with it 98% of the time.

So Buford says, the problem is ‘the uncertainty of the situation in Iraq.’ The situation that we created, with our 400 billion
dollar military - created a situation that we can’t handle. What the hell? I could run this war better. Well, I wouldn’t have
started the war, but if I was in charge of it I could run it better. Wasn’t it Powell’s? Wasn’t the Powell doctrine going with
overwhelming force. Remember that? From the Gulf War? So why the fuck don’t they listen to Colin Powell. Apparently
Rummy has better ideas. Rummy knows what he’s doing - don’t listen to the soldiers, Rummy, you know what you’re doing.

So we’re in Iraq till further notice, but that’s ok. They know what they’re doing - they’re Republicans.

Oh boy. This segment’s only an hour long - we’re just smoking. Here we go:

‘Court Denies Clinton’s 3.9 Million for Legal Fees’
I’m not even going to read the story, because it’s just going to piss me off.

[Sigh] For some reason. You know the rule is, if you’re not indicted, you get your money - you get your legal fees.
But they voted in this case, they weren’t gonna do it. This is America. We take the fellow that saved America from bankruptcy
and gave us eight years of peace and prosperity, and we fuck him! We’re gonna put him on the cross and crucify him.

This goes back to what I said earlier, they wanted Clinton to plead guilty to every charge they could fabricate and when
he didn’t they set out to punish him and this is part of that punishment. Fortunately, God saw fit to make both Clinton’s
multi-millionaires after their ordeal. Now God in his wisdom made a good choice this time. They say Clinton is making a
whole lot of money. He gives free speeches, but he also gets, I think, $300 thousand a speech? I forget. He gets a lot of
money per speech and that’s a good thing. Clinton can talk for hours and make sense on any subject you want. You ask
Clinton to compare the economic situation in Cameroon with that of North Yemen and he can go 2, 3 hours on that.
You ask the monkey where Africa is and he’ll say, ‘Do you have a map?’ God, that’s an idiot.

So they denied Clinton their legal fees, even though they were innocent. Clinton was guilty of sex, how dare he.
We can’t forgive that - the 244 deaths so far, that we can forgive - but we can not forgive about lying about sex
because that has never been done in history.

Wake up call!

‘Gephardt fundraising comes in light.’

Guess what Dick? You’re not going to be it. We’re going to choose anybody *but* you. Well - anybody but you and Lieberman,
I’m sorry - well, I’m sorry - anybody but Gephardt, Lieberman, and Al Sharpton. Al, you’re not going to make it, buddy.
You might be next year’s Nader - you might get that 2, 3% that costs us the election, but you ain’t gonna be President, Al.

Do you know - I heard one of the Nazi’s say this, but in this case I’ll bet it’s true. They said Al Sharpton hasn’t paid taxes
in the last 4 years. How you gonna run for President with the IRS on your back? He didn’t even file any taxes, the last 4 years.
Now I’m for having some contempt for the government, but you know every one of those ‘you don’t have to pay taxes’ guys,
they’re all in prison, every one of em - if the IRS wants to put you in prison, you’re going. They may wait till Sharpton gets up
a little steam and then put the big ‘F’ on him, but, Al, you’re not going anywhere buddy. You know you’re in trouble when the
two favorite candidates for the Nazi right, are Sharpton and Lieberman. They like Lieberman because he’s one of them and
they like Sharpton because, for good or for bad, he’s a buffoon. Poor Al; he’s got that Tawana Brawley hanging over his head
- never going away, you’re gonna hear that name 10,000 times between now and the day Al gets out of the race.

So Dick, you’re not gonna make it, Al, you’re not going to make it, Joe, resign today. Remember that debate Joe Lieberman
had with Dick Cheney? Dick Cheney said, ‘I made all my millions and I never got any help from the government.’ [Nooooo!]
That whole thing about you being defense secretary, and being in the oil business and invading Kuwait, that was all coincidence, Dick!
And Lieberman smiled, oh, he thought that was the funniest line. ‘Ha Ha! Me and Dick are on TV! Me and Dick are on TV and
I’m gonna’ let him get away with any god damned lie he wants to tell. Go to hell, Joe! Can’t use you this year, can’t use you next year.


Uh, this was one of those disjointed deals, so we’ll just kill it here and we’ll go back and fix all the mistakes.

Thanks for listening to Bartcop radio.

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