BartCop Bonus Section

Subject: JulieFest Video

It is absolutely necessary for me to write to tell you how much I enjoyed the video of JulieFest.
Thank you so much for all of your work, et al.

It made me feel happy inside just to see all of you gathered together and the graciousness of Julie and her son.

Ah, and then there was bartcop himself; trying to hide, but failing to do so in a room of so many ardent fans.
That made my day to finally have a face to go with your rhetoric.

I also had the good fortune to be able to purchase the "coin" of gw's illegitimacy and to get the t-shirt
of "wdbk" through your website.  Fun, fun, fun...  Although it would be nice if the substance were less true
and thus create actual joy instead of that smarmy feeling of laughter created by surprise.

Anyway, like I said, everyone out there should get a copy of the video.
There is nothing like it.

Thank you again.


One thing about that tape... there seems to be two Barts.
I'll admit to being the talking Bart in the red shirt,
but I'm not sure who that silent guy in the black suit was.

The suit was Saturday, the red shirt was Sunday.
Seems I lost about a hundred and fifty pounds Saturday as I slept.

Thanks for ordering the tape and supporting Julie.

 Bush to World: "Kick Me"

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"Most of us have laughed at our President's attempts to construct a sentence in ordinary
 American English. Can there be much doubt that at a young age little Georgie ran around
 the playground with a "Kick-me" sign taped to his back? If he did suffer this or similar
 humiliations, he is likely to have learned that the quickest way to fix things was to fight back,
 to punch some other kid in the nose.  If Georgie couldn't solve the problem by fighting back,
 or if doing so landed him in deeper trouble, no doubt he learned that the way to fix things
 once and for all was to call his daddy."

Subject: Bush has no business lecturing college students

Bush giving a commencement speech is an insult to all college students.
The man didn't give two rips for his education and never worked for anything in his life.
All he has was given to him, including his current job. Further, he's the head of a party
who has exhibited nothing but contempt for those who value a college education.
One more thing--any reporter out there want to ask GW what he thinks
of Aristotle's "The Nicomachean Ethics"? Just to see the look on his face?

ha ha
Just the idea of the look on his face... eh... what's that?

Sheriff Ashcroft here!
Hmmm, another wise guy shooting his mouth off over at
That website is harboring the enemies of God's America.
Well helping terrorists is a crime, you punk!
I think what you need is some sexual torture.
Yeah, ...I'll bet some genital mutilation would teach you some manners

This is Field Marshall Ashcroft!
I need the torture choppers over here at
Let's take this punk to Gitmo and hook him up to the Taliban telephone.
We're going to get all you Al Qaeda enablers, you just watch.

While we're at it, grab Marc Perkel, too.
That smart bastard ran against me in Missouri.
He thinks I've forgotten about him.
His ass is mine - all your asses are mine, so help me God.


"A White House aide is claiming that President Bush's Ohio State commencement address
 was influenced by, get this, Alexis de Tocqueville, Adam Smith, the world's major religions,
 Aristotle, George Elliot, Emily Dickinson, William Wadsworth, Pope John Paul II, Cicero,
 Abraham Lincoln and the founding fathers, Benjamin Rush, Thomas Jefferson and George
 Washington. The aide, John Bridgeland, is the director of USA Freedom Corps. And he went
 on to tell reporters that he had discussed Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics" with W. just that day.
 In other news, several of Bush's former professors at Yale and Harvard have been hospitalized
 after they fell into fits of paralyzing, hysterical laughter."
    --Paul Begala, making fun of the absurd lie that Dim Son can think.

 Dirty-Bomb Politics

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 If the mugging of Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia is a fair indicator of what is to come,
 the fall elections will be ugly. Cleland, a decorated veteran and triple amputee, was
 attacked by his Republican opponent, Rep. Saxby Chambliss, "for breaking his oath
 to protect and defend the Constitution."

 Shades of Lee Atwater, the fabled Republican cutthroat politico who helped pilot the
 first President Bush to victory. But even Atwater might have hesitated before going
 after a man who lost both legs and an arm in the service of his country. Chambliss
 did not participate in Vietnam. He had a bad knee...

 Boy, this kind of shit really pisses me off.
 Veterans deserve our respect.
 War veterans deserve more respect.
 Triple amputee war veterans deserve our respect and a life of wealth.

 This Saxby Chambliss guy?
 He's another ditto-monkey, fight-dirty GOP scumbag.
 You don't smear a man who gave an arm and both legs for his country.

 What's next, Saxby, you challenge Cleland to a fistfight?
 I'd like to you hunting, you prick...

Subject:  I got the tape!


to say the tape was great, would be an understatement.
It was amazing to hear the words I have only been able to read on a webpage so far.
I had to keep reminding myself, that this is only a tape, not evening news.

Thumbs up to Kent Bye on an excellent job editing the video.
It was great quality, and easy to follow for someone who wasn't there.

Julie was everything you said she is, and more.
She is a gifted speaker, with a great sense of humor.

To anyone who didn't get a chance to be there in person, GET THE TAPE!


 Unka Dick, I forgot what you told me last time.
 Why do the Palastinians cause such a ruckus?
 And I have another question, too.
 You said this problem is two thousand years old,
 but Greg Palast can't be more than 45 or 50,
 so who was their leader before him?

 Why, ...why you crying, Unka Dick?

 Did I say something sad?

 What About Bob?

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"Indeed, the CIA scoop is just the latest in a series of Woodward stories that were flattering
 to the administration--most likely, because administration officials were Woodward's primary sources.
 Consider his massive eight-part series (co-authored with Dan Balz), "Ten Days in September," that
 appeared in the Post earlier this year... But the story bordered on political hagiography, portraying
 Bush and those around him as heroic, resolute, and unerring in responding to 9/11. What's more,
 this "inside account" entirely missed what has since turned out to be the big insider story about 9/11:
 all the massive intelligence failures leading up to the attacks and the subsequent failure by various
 intelligence officials to live up to their mistakes. Evidently, that wasn't something Woodward's
 "principals" were eager to talk about."

 Gee, another reporter turned whore for Skippy?
 I'm shocked...shocked, I tell you...


 "Bill Clinton is more relaxed on stage
   than sweet butter on hot corn."
     -- some Freeper woman

  Tomorrow is C-day!



I heard on the news yesterday that the Bush administration is VERY PROUDLY denying an
American-born "terror suspect" his request to speak with an attorney.  (It might be Jose Padilla,
I don't know.  The person was born in Louisiana, if that helps.)

I've always gotten it.  You and Boortz are starting to get it.  THIS CORRUPT FRIGGING
ADMINISTRATION is PISSING all over the Constitution!!!  Remember all your screaming
about Gore, and how he said the Constitution was a "living, breathing" document?  These fuckholes
are even worse.  To them, the Constitution isn't living and breathing.... it's DEAD, null, and void.

I'm going to go out on a limb, because there are some who STILL don't get it, and say that anyone
who complains about this kind of thing "hates America."  (No, ass... we're complaining because
we LOVE America.)  Here I go:

"Anyone who claims to love both the Bush administration and the Constitution is either ignorant or dishonest."

I know that statement sounds "Ann Coulterish", but I don't care. :)


 Bring out the booster chair for Jr.
  The incredible shrinking president

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"The leader of the World, free and unfree, simply isn't up to par. He's not qualified for the job.
 He never was. And that means big trouble ahead for the World, Free and Unfree. At least Nixon
 knew what he was doing, which is why the world was frightened by him. When it's not laughing
 at him the world is frightened of George W. Bush because it knows he hasn't a clue. That's truly terrifying."

 N.Y. Grand Jury Accuses Diocese
 Of Covering Up Abuse by Clergy

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 "In one instance, a priest admitted that a 14-year-old had masturbated him,
  but he insisted the teenager was the "aggressor."
  Church officials, the report stated, adopted this priest's claim as a 'true fact.'"

 Swear to Koresh, before I read the excerpt, I thought "handjob."
 Nothing is going to be done to the higher-ups.
 They're going to screw the priests and let the bishops go.

 "I will not give immunity to criminals under these circumstances," said Pirro,
  who convened the grand jury in April to investigate allegations of sexual abuse
  by priests in Westchester.

 He's lying.
 Of course he's going to give them a free walk.
 They're going to hang a few guilty priests and let the conspirators skate.

 I guarantee that, and I'm willing to bet on it.

 Dear Judicial Watch:
 Help me sue Limbaugh for emotional distress

 I'm a victim!

 Since Rush Limbaugh started mischaracterizing liberals more than 10 years ago,
 I've suffered great emotional distress. Most of what he has said about me and my beliefs
 is untrue and defamitory. What's more, he has caused stress for me at home and on the job.

 Would you please represent me in my case against him, as you are doing for Bob Barr?

 Chedr Cheese

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