Watch them squirm
    by  Ricky Z
 Wednesday, both the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Rush Limbaugh
 stated, while they admired nutbag Judge Moore in Alabama, they believed it
 was wrong of him not to obey an order from a Federal court.

 They blathered on about refusal to follow court orders could lead to anarchy
 and about the rule of law, and yaddity, yaddity, yaddity.

 Seems like surprising talk from people who have always been on the side of
 state's rights and judicial restraint, who applauded the violation of numerous
 Federal court orders, regarding abortion clinics and (Texas) congressional
 districting, and any number of things.  Had a lot of liberals scratching their heads.

 It's pretty obvious though, isn't it?

 The republicans have an un-elected fraud in the White House, and he's only
 there because a Federal court intervened, asserted it's supremacy over a
 state court, and ordered state employees to stop their recount, thereby
 directing state electoral delegates to cast their votes for the shrub.

 It'd be real tough--though not impossible for republicans--to continue to
 assert the legitimacy of "whistle ass" while also asserting that state actors
 have the right to ignore Federal court decisions.  I mean, to admit that is to
 admit that Al Gore has every right to camp out in the oval office with all
 his supporters.

 Must have been a bitter pill for them to swallow.
 I recommend two a day.

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