Subject: You are terrified of Howard Dean

 Dear Vulgar Pigboy;
 I noticed on your Thursday program (I affectionately call your show "The Three Hour Hate) how you
 were vilifying Howard Dean for being mean and nasty and saying not so nice things about your hero,
 the unelected fraud, George Bush.  Isn't that an interesting statement coming from a man who calls
 certain members of the opposite sex "feminazi's, who shows a picture on national television of Chelsea
 Clinton, when only a child and says "The White House has a new pet!" I also find it strange that you
 would call Howard Dean nasty and mean when you call Paul Begala "The forehead" and Al Gore,
 "Algore."  Let's not forget the snide way in which you repeatedly refer to "The Revverrendd Jackson"
 in that voice that sounds like your enjoying a Fleet enema. I guess you were nothing but graceful
 and respectful to President Clinton when he was in office, right?
 Thank God someone is being nasty and mean because that's exactly what George Bush and Dick Cheney are.
 While your president plays golf, our soldiers die.  While on his 34 day vacation 50 million people were without
 power and what was he doing?  Hosting a fundraising dinner to add another million or two to his projected
 $200,000,000 war chest.  If Bush is so beloved, why does he need a $200,000,000 war chest for reelection?
 So he can buy another oine?
 I think it's pretty nasty that you and the hemorrhoid that was removed from your ass and got it's own show,
 Shemp Hannity took Hillary Clinton to task for not attending every single funeral of every single victim of 9-11.
 But no one in the "liberal" media is reporting the fact that George Bush has not attended ONE funeral of any
 of the almost 300 murdered soldiers to date.  I think thats pretty mean.
 I guess we can start expecting to hear you crank up the "Let's all hate Howard Dean Machine" to its full potential.
 And I know why you are doing it.  It's because you and all the right wing whackos are TERRIFIED of Howard
 Dean, and you should be.  He is saying what Americans want to hear. And he has a real good grass roots campaign
 that is raising money slowly but surely. He's saying that George Bush is a liar, that we need to get out of Iraq, and he
 keeps hammering home the point that unemployment is soaring, the national debt is hitting historic levels, and people
 like YOU are getting rich while people like ME are becoming poor.
 I also heard you assert that Rep. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is a Socialist.  That is a lie. He's a registered Independent.
 And I don't doubt that you and all shills for the hard right of this country despise Sen. Jim Jeffords, also of Vermont.
 How dare he refuse to walk in lockstep with Trent Lott and Tom Delay.  I think he is a very brave patriotic American
 for standing firm and refusing to cower in terror from Unka Dick Cheney. At least he didn't get neutered like Sen. John McCain.
 So Vulgar Pigboy, keep screaming about Howard Dean.  It makes me feel just delightful.  Because if you are
 screaming about Howard Dean I know for certain that you are TERRIFIED.
 Be afraid.  Be very afraid.
 West Palm Beach, FL

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