Since Captain Dumbass (Me) enabled the link, I'm getting lots of feedback.

Subject: I like it when you...

...give some whiney assed repuke the red ass!!

I especially like it when you let loose and use profanity!
I don't know, it just seems to make it more realistic.

It's funny, you always seem make sense during your rant too!!!

There have been times when I wanted to just give up but
after reading your page I always feel much better!

So keep up the good work, we sure need your voice and strength!


Ashley, thanks.
You might like this next letter...

From: Brett Reed

Subject: YOU

You want a conservative reaction, do ya?

No, I didn't ask for a conservative reaction, because that's usually just a grunt and a fart.
What I want is to find a conservative with the balls to get in the ring and debate.
You know anybody?

I know you THINK you think it's all a game - and that life is a
meaningless game to be exploited by balls or brains or luck- - -

Hey, just because I'm enjoying life and you are...well, ...YOU,
there's no reason to get snippy about it.

But here you go:

You are a shallow, empty shell being used by Satan [for lack of a word you'd understand]
to foment misery on this planet.

ha ha
So, you're one of those guys...

You are doing NOTHING to speed [or even welcome] the day
where REAL justice could occur.

You mean when the American people rise up and yank the Unelected Chimp out of Al Gore's house?

You just wallow in juvenile, transparent false bravado- all to say [as subtext, to yourself
and whoever will listen] that you know what in the world is going on. You don't.

Ok, why don't I give you a chance to straighten me out - go ahead.

(Jeopardy song...)

C'mon, smart guy, tell me where I'm wrong...
What's wrong?  Calico cat got your tongue?

Clearly. You think the good guys are the hipsters. And you couldn't be more wrong.

If I was "more wrong,"  I'd punctuate. Sentences like. You do.

In reality, you are in a fiery bucket of slime - headed for a miserable eternity in Hell
that will make your current loneliness and nightmares seem like a lap dance.

ha ha
Of which Church are you a member?  ...and don't tell me you're Catholic!
Satan has been playing with your small mind, Brett.
I don't know why but, smart as Satan is, he likes f-ing with children and stupid people the most.

And there'll be no booze, porno or false friends there to soothe you.

No booze, porno or false friends in Hell?
ha ha
Where will I find booze, porno and false friends - in Heaven?

Rumor has it that Hell is full of shit-for-brains ditto-monkeys named Brett.
That would be hell, indeed, and certainly more than I could ever bear.

Bon voyage, Fugface

Bon Voyage?
Are you on a cruise ship?
I hope it's the Princess Blow Me.

PS: If you can't stop your lying, baiting bullshit, at least stop slinging mud
       at the best chance you'll live to see.

I'm slinging mud at brain-dead troglodytes and racist, gun-toting, tobacco whores.
How are they our best chance for anything, ...besides a civil war?

OR are you just part of the Clinton legacy building team? Same advice  applies.

Clinton doesn't need a legacy building team - peace and prosperity speak for themselves.

Look, Sparky, you had a chance to straighten me out, but what did you do?

You babbled incoherent nonsense about a mythical Satan, with some gratuitous name-calling
and half-baked attempts at being clever. You couldn't get help writing this from a classmate?

You claim I don't know what's going on, but instead of straightening me out, you torture and murder the
English language in an attempt to give a woody to those to whom you no doubt blind CC'd your cuteness.

The highlight of your genius was your "Fugface" sign off, which I'm certain is
a bona fide knee slapper in your all-white party of Cro-Mag wannabes.

Tell you what - I'm in a good mood, I'll make you a special deal:
Send me your address and I'll mail you a bar of soap and a rusty razor blade.
Use the soap to wash up real good up so you don't stink up the funeral home
after you slit your throat with the rusty razor.  Deal?

Your new pal,


Two similar e-mails:

Subject: Portland Cops

I am a Democrat.  I do care what happened in Portland.
Huge general statements about specific events are part of the problem.

The people of Portland need to control the police.
The riot police were not under Bush, rather they were under Portland's government.
Why not help out by setting up a fund for lawyers to sue Portland for civil rights violations?

It is our rights Portland is stepping on, let's fight back
instead of whining how the democrats don't care.

Alfredo Dominguez III


From: E E

Subject: Bush's Gestapo

Hey Bart,

I usually agree with most of what you write, if not I enjoy the humor regardless of the
position you take. But the past few days you repeatedly referred to what happened in
Portland as being something that has happened because of Bush and the GOP.
("Bush's Gestapo" and quote "With a selected king instead of a legally-elected president,
lawful assembly and legal protesting can get you shot with rubber bullets")

Have you forgotten what happened in Seattle during the WTO protests?
I checked the back issues, and didn't even see it mentioned.

<much snippage>

I didn't write about Seattle and the WTO because I know very little about it.
When I ask for a quick explanation, Greens either send in 600 links or a 25,000 word thesis by Ed Begley.

To say that the militant police force used against the peaceful protestors in Portland were
somehow accountable to Bush, wouldn't this mean that Seattle was accountable to Clinton?

No, not at all.

The problem in Portland was this president is so distrusted by a majority of Americans,
(and a good deal of Republicans, including many of his daddy's cabinet members)
 that the only way he can make a public appearance is by
1) having the area he wants to visit cleared by police, then
2) sending in a Kevlar army to surround him and keep the lawfully assembled voters away.

Clinton could easily walk among the people (he was elected) and was always popping in a McDonalds
or a bakery or some Mom & Pop shop, but The Usurper can only move around with his kevlar army.

Sidebar: You can't really think the Portland PD was in charge of Bush's security. The Secret Service
told the local cops where to park the bus barricade, where to allow people to walk and stand etc.
The Secret Service have a tougher time with Bush than Clinton because Bush wasn't elected.

Since I know nothing of Seattle, I can't compare them beyond that.

It's the same standard for very similar circumstances, and I believe at this point
in the decline of our rights, this suppression of American dissent will happen under
any party that is a contender for public office.

Must See Seattle-WTO Links:


Well, it didn't happen under Clinton, (the suppression of dissent) but I can understand your paranoia.

 Inky Lawson is running tomorrow at Saratoga.

 Go Inky!!

Subject: Bart, your page rocks, especially when you...

....have a Bonus Page!

Hi, BC!
What I like the most about your page is your personal humor.  I love it when you
make comments on the articles for which you provide links, especially when your
comments are funny and angry at the same time. That's what makes your site more
human and personal than those other sites that merely provide links to a bunch of articles.

I also love your hilarious cartoons and humorous photos--my favorite
running photo is the pink tutu democrats.

Lastly, it's great when you post some of the email feedback you get so that your readers
can get a sense of what the rest of the treehouse community is saying. (My favorite part
of BuzzFlash is their readers' email page.  I learn a lot from reading the email BuzzFlash
receives and posts.)  Also, you have some really good articles from your contributing writers.

If you asked me what I want more of, I would say: more Bart comments after linked articles.
I like seeing what you thought of the article.

Thanks for all your great work!!  I know it takes a lot of time to put the page out.
As you could see, I think your site is great as it is.

From: david romm

Subject: Bart, I mostly like your page but I hate it when you...

... pretend entertainers' opinions matter.

If you can't separate guys who read from scripts from the scripts they're reading, you're no better than
the idiots in the House Unamerican Activities Committee during the McCarthy era who for their own
political grandizement went after well-known faces rather than anyone who was actually threatening the US.
McCarthy and co. were traitors to the country because they let the real villians get away, and they knew it.
You don't sink that low since you actually spank the bad guys as well, but when it comes to the opinions
of actors... to paraphrase the immortal words of Bush Lite, who cares what they think?

I'm just as happy to hear entertainers pretend politics are remotely as important to them as ratings.
If as many people paid attention to politicians as they did to stars, the world would be a better place.

But that's my opinion.  I could be wrong.
Baron Dave Romm

Sometimes I write in shorthand, that's what the Kelsey Grammer thing was.
Frasier is (or was, when it were funny) written and produced by an inordinate number of gay people.

More than most shows, (and decades beyond most working environments) the Frasier cast should
have a higher tolerance for gay people. After all, they made them super-rich. But now that Kelsey
has his hundred million in the bank, he teams up with a man who most people would agree is more
racist than even Ronald Reagan for, I suppose, that all-so-precious tax cut.

Since, in my opinion, gays made Grammer rich, I feel he could ease up on the Nazism just a little.
I didn't mean to imply his opinion was extra important, just that he has a giant megaphone
and I wish he'd use it for good rather than self-enrichment.

Funny how Frasier and Niles Crane are pigs in real life, and his GOP dad Marty is a closet liberal.

What every Republican can say...

Subject: Bart, your page rocks

You're the best of them all, finding your site was like finding an oasis in the dessert.
I read your page everyday and you're just getting better.
You've stirred up this old liberal and now what do I get ?

People at work and freinds and family avoid talking to me about politics and what is
really going on out there, they say I'm making too much of it all and should really calm down,
that what I'm telling them can't be true.

Do I just sit back and watch it all happen and say I told you so?  No, I keep on talking.
I really believe mass demonstrations  are called for it helped in theVietnam war.

I'm a grandmother and if that cop tried to put a choke hold
on me he would know he had been in a fight.

ha ha
That's the spirit!

We must stand up and be counted its the only way. It has to be enough people to really scare them.
I'm kind of sick of hearing about Las Vegas but only because I can't go .

I'm just a wage slave but party for all of us that can't be there.
Please keep on banging that hammer.


Linda, thanks, and way to give them hell!

Sorry about the Vegas overkill,

If we were Republicans, with one casual mention we could've signed up hundreds of people.
Someone told me the Freepers made  $80,000  in profit on their last Vegas trip.

But you see, we're the party where the Jews vote for Buchanan.
We're the party where 75 percent can't figure out how to click on a bonus issue link.
We're the party that can't come up with enough cash for a once-in-a-lifetime weekend.
We're the party that would rather Bush take the White House than get behind Gore.
We're the party that thinks it's not fair to fight back.
We're the party of pacifist sheep, and we're paying for ir every day.

If we can see our way to zero, I'll be giddy with glee.

Subject: Response to your question about how you're doing

    In general, you rock.  The articles you've shared the last few
months have been of a good variety and well written.

    I could do without all the Vegas stuff that seems to take up 1/3 of each issue for months now
--mainly because I don't like Vegas (my issue) and won't be coming.  But I just scroll past it and ignore it.
Just like I used to scroll past and ignore the girlie pictures you used to publish so many of.

    I've turned into more of a lurker and reader for months because nothing else has made much sense.
I sent you a few things, and every now and then you would respond.  Occasionally, you even printed
things I sent.  Then several things I sent seemed to go into a black hole so I figured you were too busy
or too innundated with good things so why bother.

    But you help me find news sources, you help me keep my sanity, you
help me realize that I am not alone.  For that I thank you VERY much.


Subject: you are CORRECT!

You do well, Bartcop at voicing the matters that this guy with a IQ of 61 can't seem to.
I've been reading you for years and for years listening to that liar Hiss Braunschweiger
as he has his way unopposed on major broadcast channels.

If I were a rich man Bart, I would finance a media outlet that would directly oppose every lie
that goes out as truth on the "liberal"news.  (I don't think the major news outlets are left or right wing,
just inept and willing to go with the loudest squealing at the time.) and that of course means big mouths
with big money backing to dispense propaganda.

Keep up the good work, and someday I'll be able to help raise the hammer!

Rob Peck

From: Derrick

Subject: Big Games in Vegas

Just looked up the Top 25 College Football schedule for the Vegas weekend,
and while there are no blockbuster games, there are a couple of good matchups.......

Kentucky v. Florida, Nebraska v. Iowa State, Michigan v. Illinois, Oregon State v. USC
Michigan State v. Northwestern, and, Oklahoma v. South Florida (a real barn burner)

At all Vegas sports books (I prefer Caesars) all bettors drink free during that game.
So, by Saturday night, I imagine I'll be well lubricated and ready to party.

See ya in a couple weeks!!!

Derrick in KC

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