Meredith's Rebuttal

Meredith said: "I am sad to see that you still support the Democrats, who I fear are
selling us down the river without remorse, excepting Leahy, Lee, McKinney and a few more."

Bart responded:  "Whoa!  What point are you not making?  It's not like we're all in a
giant grocery store,  and I have my choice of sixty cereals, but I intentionally keep buying
the worst cereal when there are 59 better brands.  Can you be more specific?"

Meredith replied: "My point is that we are restricted to two brands. Why can't we choose from at least three?"

That seems to be idealistic.
Sure, it'd be great to have sixty choices of political parties, but:
1. We don't.
2. Even if we did, and the GOP had one, we'd loser every election no matter what.


Meredith said: "I am sad to see that you still support Clinton after his abuses such as NAFTA,"

Bart retorted: "Objection! Clinton gave us the best economy we ever had, and NAFTA surely
was a component of that.   I have yet to hear a valid objection to NAFTA, besides vague
Naderite platitudes.  Please explain yourself."

Meredith replied: "Don't get me wrong -- I had great fun during Clinton's economy.  While I
appreciate the honest hard work and intelligence that went into creating the budget surplus,
I do suspect that our government has indulged in Enron style accounting, the effects of which
have yet to come due.  Regarding NAFTA objections, let's start with water privatization: "

That could be, but I feel out only choice is to compare yesterday to today.
Yesterday looks a lot brighter than today does.


Meredith continued: "...arms sales,"

Bart inquired:  "Objection!  What arms sales?"

Meredith replied:  "Lifting the ban on selling high-tech weapons to Argentina: -- notice the O.S. arms sales graph.
I despair over the fact that our country arms both sides of a fight, and the fact that my tax dollars
go to defense spending which benefits weaponsmakers who sell their wares to potential enemies
(Halliburton's sales to Iraq come to mind) who aim these weapons at our soldiers.
You and I are helping to kill our own team.  What kind of system is this?"

This is a new subject for me,but overall, if we sell the arms, we control them.
When Iran got snippy, they couldn't buy parts for their F-16's.
If we sell the arms, we know how many they have, what they'll do, their range etc.
If Russia or China (etc) sells them arms, we're blind.


Meredith concluded:  "...and the simple fact that he lied."

Bart hollered: "Oh, please! If the Republicans spent $100 million, and the press spent
another $100 million lying about YOUR sex life, how honest would you be on live TV?"

Meredith interrupted:  "I would be laughing hysterically, I'll tell you that."

Well, sure, but Clinton didn't have that option.
By avoiding the question, you seem to be conceding that point.

Bart ranted on: "Clinton's sex life was NONE of our business.
You seem to have bought into the GOP spin that Clinton owed us those details - that's sad."

Meredith whined: "I agree that Clinton's sex life was none of our business.  I agree that the whole
Monica ordeal was a witch hunt.  As the song says, 'Where are you now that we need you, Ken Starr?'
But Clinton lied *under oath* in front of the entire friggin' planet.  About a blowjob.
If Mark Twain was alive, he'd write some short story about it, like
'The Hugest, Stupidest Lie Ever Told in the History of Mankind' or something."

Under the circumstances, he did exactly the right thing.
Since you chose not to address the issue, it makes me think you agree with me


Bart wrapped up: "I shouldn't exhort the Dems to wake up and do their jobs?
I should be tougher on the best president America ever had?  I should spend less time
criticizing the GOP's top spokesman...but you close with overall support for the big hammer?
If your intention was to confuse, the Eagle has landed.
Rebuttal is welcome."

And Meredith handed Bart a chinaco: "PLEASE exhort the Dems to wake up!  I worry that they
are feigning sleep; prove me wrong.  Yes, be tougher on Clinton, and in our current state of disarray,
may Clinton find some opportunity to redeem himself, because God knows we need a leader right now.
Keep the heat on the GOP's top spokesman and Washington in general.  So few are doing anything to
stop this runaway administration, and you, dear Bartcop, are among the best.
That's why you should swing the big hammer.
Like I said, you do a great job -- that's first and foremost."


It was sweet (and smart) of you to end on a positive note.
Perhaps others could use our exchange as an example of how
two people can argue without drifting into crazy and gratuitous insults.

Thanks for the exchange,

and a Chinaco back at you,


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