Coming Soon: the Halloween Surprise
        by mark roth, (c) 2002

   Prediction: look for a war with Iraq to begin right around Halloween (Oct. 31).
It will be started by either an alleged Iraqi attack on Israel, or on Israel's announcement
that they had "conclusive evidence" that Saddam Hussein was about to attack them
with missiles with biological or chemical warheads.

   As soon as Israel attacks, there will be a counter-attack, at first from Iraq (if Israel
hasn't started with nuclear weapons), and probably then from many of Israel's neighbors.
With this development, the US will enter the fray, and that will happen no later than Nov. 4th.

   Why, you ask, do I predict this?

   First, Gordon Thomas, the well-known journalist, reports earlier this week (Aug. 12)
that Israel is preparing to strike Iraq. He describe "...Jordan's unprecedented move in
allowing Israeli air force radar experts to be stationed at its ultra-secret, H-5 air base
east of Amman." He then adds that "the decision to do so comes after Mossad agents
inside Iraq have concluded that Saddam intends to launch a pre-emptive strike against
Israel, "probably between September and the onset of Ramadan", according to one
Mossad source Globe-Intel spoke to."

   Furthermore, it has been reported in a number of places that Sharon has spoken to
Mr. Bush, telling him that Israel will not just sit without responding, and that he reseves
Israel's right to launch its own, what we might call pre-preemptive strike. Mr. Bush is
reported in agreement with this position.

   What we do not hear, anywhere, is any reason whatsoever that Saddam Hussein
would want to attack anyone, much less Israel, especially in the "Saddam Hussein is
a bad man" climate in the US, as the administration attempts to create war fever.
Saddam Hussein is constantly referred to as "a survivor"...and we are not given any
ideas as to why he would start a war that would, without a doubt, make him a
"rebel leader in hiding", as opposed to occupying his pleasant palaces.

   The motive that I see as encouraging such a war is twofold.

   First, as everyone is aware, the Republicans are seriously looking
at the possibility of loosing both Houses of Congress in the upcoming
November elections.  Doing so could bring serious danger to the
administration, since if Democrats and their allies, the independents,
were in control, investigations into the reported wrongdoing of almost
all of the upper administration would spring into high gear.

   Second, Mr. Sharon has his own serious problems in Israel, and it
was reported in Ha'aretz, one of the major Israeli newpapers, on
Tuesday, Aug. 13 (1), that Mister Sharon, on Aug. 12, had "made official
his intention to call a snap election if he faces difficulty in October
trying to pass the budget for 2003." Mr. Sharon also faces serious
difficulty as leader within his own party, with the return of the
former leader of Likud, and former Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu.

   As to the capability, and the actual provocation that will provide
the excuse, we have the Mossad, which has shown its capability
numerous times. We also have the US already active within Iraq.

   According to Debka-file,  a well-known independent Israeli investigative
Website (2),  "...Tuesday August 6, at 0800 hours Middle East time, US and
British air bombers went into action and destroyed the Iraqi air command and
control center at al-Nukhaib in the desert between Iraq and Saudi Arabia."

   Debka-file then goes on to report that " Two days later, on Wednesday
night, August 8, Turkey executed its first major military assault inside
Iraq. <...> helicopters under US, British and Turkish warplane escort
flew Turkish commandos to an operation for seizing the critical
Bamerni airport in northern Iraq. This airport, just outside the Kurdish
region, lies 50 miles north of the big Iraqi oil cities of the north, Kirkuk
and Mosul. With the Turkish commandos was a group of US special
forces.... Bamerni airport was captured <...> opening the airport for
giant American and Turkish transports to deliver engineering units,
heavy machinery and electronic support equipment"

   So we see that everything is already in place for the war.  It would be
child's play for either US or Israeli agents to capture and fire a missile,
allowing the claim that Saddam Hussein had ordered the launch.

   Mr. Bush has argued that he has the right, between the president's
right to conduct foreign policy, and the war powers granted him right
after 9/11, to make a war, in spite of the mandate of the Constitutional
mandate that allows only Congress to declare a war.

   With all of the above evidence, and the motive of upcoming elections
in both countries, a Halloween Suprise seems an obvious course.

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