From: gianardo

 Subject: stop being a dumbass hilbilly

Bart, you published:

"John Kerry would do well to get a swifter boat. How pathetic is it
  that he's playing defense on Vietnam when W. didn't even serve?
   -- Maureen Dowd, getting this one right

"The reason Kerry and Edwards are offering negative and misleading attacks
  to voters is because they know their liberal record is so out of the mainstream."
    --Brian Jones, a Bush campaign spokesman,

"                                                                                                                     "
    -- Kerry and Edwards, too polite to respond, so people assume it's true



You know that no matter what Kerry did they would have lambasted him.

That's a reason not to fight back?
Because the enemy will lambast you, anyway?

Had Kerry reacted as you want, the corporate media and their shills would have
portrayed him as out of control, and they would have edited his words and chose
a poor soundbite to make Kerry seem out of touch with mainstream America. they did with Clinton, but Clinton fought back anyway.

So Kerry took the high road and let the American people see these lying bastards for who they are.

And what did that get him, besides a serious drop in the polls?

I know you are the best armchair warrior in the world, but you don't fight a pig by jumping in the pig-sty.

I guess you can fight a pig by windsurfing in silence?

The pig will only blame you for the mud, and what can you do when you are covered in mud -- nothing!
Because the lying whores will show all the world Kerry's mud.   And you know it.

It's always a mistake to tell me what I "know."
You seem happy with Kerry losing the war hero issue to the AWOL deserter.

What the fuck do you want hillbilly?

ha ha
What "the fuck" I want is for Kerry to at least pretend he wants to win.

Kerry has a strong inner confidence, and you don't get to see the pounding
he and Edwards are doing everyday because the media doesn't show it too you.

If Kerry & Edwards aren't up to the pounding they should've stayed out of the ring.

Meanwhile, hillbilly bart with his fat ass on a sofa stuffs his mouth with frito-chips and
washes it down with Tequila, thinking that his remote control access to cable television is the real world.

You must have a lot of friends.
With whom are you scoring points, with your "hillbilly" debating style?
Cable TV could make the difference in the election.
At least you have some fight in you - more than I can say for Kerry.
I haven't eaten frito-chips since winter.

Maybe the tube is the real world for a lot of mindless vegetables in the world,
but don't expect that corporate mind-control box to show you anything.

You seem to think that "corporate mind-control box" won't matter if you call it names.
That's where people get their news - how can you not see the obvious?
Who do you think will vote this year, if not, "mindless vegetables?"

You have to go find it, fool.

I have to go find what?

You don't see Edwards and Kerry, because they don't show you Kerry and Edwards,
except for the suggestive 10 second clip culled from an hour long event -- followed by
overpayed meat-heads pontificating about the meaning.

If Kerry said something, they would cover it, but he's not saying anything.
Go find his last three speeches and send me the big soundbite the news should've covered.
If Kerry said, "This president started a senseless war that made his friends rich,"
you don't think the media would cover that?

Kerry doesn't say that.
Kerry says, "I want to help build an America where our children can live out their
hopes and dreams and aspirations and the hearts and minds of the average citizen..."

People who go see Kerry and Edwards in person are allowed to ask questions and participate.
They get to here more than 10 seconds and talking media heads.

I believe those two statements are completely true.
You seem to think I don't know what's going on.

How's it feel inadvertently being the funnel for the corporate media?

That's too stupid to deserve an answer.

Don't get me wrong bart.  I appreciate you,

I can tell ...from the "fat-ass hillbilly" comments.

...but dude you have got to start realizing how the control of mass media affects our impressions.

Gee, I hadn't realized that.
Could you give me the link to your 1400 issues that will explain things to me?

And you've got to realize that there is nothing that Kerry and Edwards can do except stay on message.

You must be working for Mary Beth Cahill.
You think staying the rope-a-dope course is the answer?
Are you saying it's best to let your opponent beat you like crazy and not respond?

You mock them by saying they are being polite, which isn't really true.
It's just that the media doesn't let America hear more than editted clips.

Kerry could be on Meet the Press and make headlines this Sunday, but when he gets
the spotlight he talks about what a great guy Bush is and how he did the right thing in Iraq.

Keep playing on-line poker and watching hollywood stars reciting memorized scripts
--- fine -- but damn it please stop being a moron.

There's more of that, "Don't get me wrong bart.  I appreciate you," talk.
You know I could rhetorically disembowel you, but I choose not to.

Right now we need to all focus and stay on message until Kerry gets elected --- after that you can
give him the red ass -- but right now, all you are doing is giving the Republi-nazi party all the ammunition it needs.

When will Kerry begin fighting?

Now I'm sure you can understand that, even with your self-proclaimed IQ of 66 (or is it 69)

Gino, my gut tells me we agree on Kerry and you're afraid that I'm right.
Calling me a dumbass, fat-ass hillbilly doesn't get Kerry any closer to the White House.

Kerry seems to be running a 50s-style campaign, kissing babies and posing for boneheads with cameras.
Meanwhile, Team Bush is running a smart campaign, selling national security and a kill-terrorists policy.

America is as scared as you are, and terrorism is on everybody's mind because Kerry hasn't made
Bush's bungled economy an issue, so this election will be won by the "toughest" looking man.

What does this picture tell the voters?
Will America turn their children's lives over to a surfer dude?

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