How come you don't take responsibility for when you might, perhaps be over the line?
These people (see end of email) were just trying to give you advice -- and you post their comments and then insult them?

And when teenagers email you ignorant statements you fail in the potential role of educator that you could take?
(yes, they are teenagers -- especially that "moran" dude -- I know because I emailed the young lad and got to know him,
and actually helped educate him because I didn't bash him or sling pithy statements that a teenager won't get)
I don't know who you're talking about.
The "moran" dude was a photograph of a blonde, long-haired fella wearing a St Louis Cardinals shirt
holding a cardboard sign with words that included "moran."

I know you really don't think it's a thrill to beat up on kids.

Thanks, but you jumped to a wrong conclusion and you want me to explain it - that's hard to do..

It's like the student in class that makes an impish, ill-informed comment and you call the student stupid, instead of being the guiding parent.
And can you take self-criticism?

It depends on who's giving it and in what tone.
When someone tells me "stop doing that," my first reaction is "fuck you."
As stated clearer than Lake Concha, anyone barking orders at me need to have a gun and a badge
I stopped taking orders from people when I quit my job. For some reason, people think I'm going
to take their attacks and turn the other cheek.

Why are you acting like an arrogant hurt puppy, lashing out with verbal abuse?

Why are you name-calling instead of saying something productive?
That's what Bush and Maureen Dowd and all of the media whores do by the way.

More name-calling, will you ever make your point?

Don't be so zealous and self-righteous that you too become blindsided by the id and the ego ...
that is the dark side calling, and when the slope slants, you start slipping further and further into that hole.

You need to start making sense before I stop reading.
When you edited my comments (yes you did, bart)

That's the most-used, false charge that clogs my mail.
Send to me the parts I edited, just those parts.
I'll publish them and let the readers decide if what I did was fair.
Most e-mails need editing.

...and responsed to a selected set of phrases,

If you would just send the important parts I wouldn't edit anything.

I didn't pout and cry and whine or call you names or even get angry ---
What did I do?
I sent you a note of honest apology because I felt like I bashed you mercilessly.
But why are you acting this way?

If you're trying to piss me off, you're doing a great job.

Like it or not, people read what you post frequently, which means you serve a public role,
and know it or not, that means you have a responsibility.
I would have never seen that picture of Kerry surfing had you not decided to post it
and make mince-meat of Kerry --- was that necessary Bart?

This web site isn't necessary.
I'd damn sure like to see Kerry acting like a President instead of a teenager.
It seems that you are having a hard time realizing that you inadvertantly spew the corporate propaganda, call it what you want.

You see what I mean?
We're in a wormhole of senseless questions and attacks disguised as questions..
If I had half a brain I would edit out all the inane questions and comments.
You could've made your point 100 words ago, but you're still prattling on.
THIS IS WHY I edit long-ass e-mails.
It's called a learning curve.  We all hit a wall, and right now now you have decided to spit venom and pound your baseball bat like a 2 year old.
Fuck you - are you happy now?

Do me a favor and just think about what I'm trying to suggest?   I'm not hating on you, or telling you what to do.

ha ha
My stalkers send nicer mail.

I'm trying to give you my perspective with the only intention that you try to understand the responsibility you have as a public forum.
No less than the responsibility any public media outlet has -- CBS, FOX, or your local newspaper.  Granted some of these
organizations misuse and abuse their responsibility, but that doesn't mean it is okay.
And please, if you insist on posting my comments ... have some respect and post every single argument I make

I have, and I doubt many people stayed with us long enough to read this far.

... because you only misrepresent how I am expressing myself to suit your own need to feel like you are right.

That's a flat-out lie.
As always, I'm showing tremendous restraint with you..

I would show you the same respect if the shoe were on the other foot.

Thanks for all the respect you've shown so far.
If you recall ... the RNC selectively edited Kerry's response to Chris Matthews "Anti-War candidate" question
and even Chris Matthews showed a little integrity when he bashed the wormy Bush spokesman on the show.

The RNC edited Kerry's remarks to distort what he really said.
If you're accusing me of that, fuck you.
I've never met an argument I could destroy on its face.
I don't NEED to change someone's argument to knock it down.
I can't believe you would do me or anyone else the same thing.
Then stop accusing me of it.
Alright dude.  Enough said.  If you can't understand where I'm coming from, I won't bother you in the future.
But I will be very saddened.  Don't let the ego win bart.
Keep in mind that we must fight the devil within harder than the devils outside.

There you go again, accusing me of shit I haven't done.
Anyone can say anything to me they want, but I don't respond well when someone barks orders at me

An anciet Hindu proverb:
"The eye of the beholder sees no one but himself
for their is a veil of conceit in front
were he to truly have a God discerning eye
he would see that no one is weaker than himself."
We are all weak bart.   And I include myself in that we.
the articles BELOW is what I mean
> Subject: Saw this on

 Bart, there's a reason you ain't blogrolled round these parts no more.
 There's also I reason I don't read your blog anymore.
 Kerry has been winning senate elections for how long now?

 Bush has spent how much on negative ads for at best a 5 point lead?
 And Kerry hasn't even rolled out the artillery?
 And Moore hasn't released f911 to dvd yet?

 And the move on concerts?
 And people with websites like you, if it is you, getting the word out to every single person on the web for the next two months?
 Bush has Nada. All Kerry has to do is keep reminding everyone about that.

 Apparently, this guy thinks Kerry's already won.
 Christ, I wish I was this stupid.

Subject: Suggestion for not hammering Kerry

 On your site just state what Bushco said/did, point out why it's bs
 and leave off the "Kerry's a pussy and will lose if he doesn't respond".

 Then send the response you think Kerry should hit Bush with to Kerry's
 campaign HQ and tell them he's going to lose if he doesn't put up a fight.

 e.g.. on the site 8/31 drive by news you had

> Consumer Confidence Plummets in August
>  Kerry should be ahead by 20 points - but he's on vacation

 Next time put something more like this

> Consumer Confidence Plummets in August
>  How much worse do things have to get before people realize that Bush's tax cuts
>  just put money in his rich friends pockets and all us regular guys don't have jobs.

 Then send a letter to Kerry HQ and say GET YOUR ASS TO WORK MORON.

 First, Kerry was on vacation instead of fighting back.
 Everyone knows this is a tight f-ing race, and will probably be decided by a hair,
 so why is Kerry acting like a kid on Spring Break?  Why isn't he working?

 Second, I don't see this page being read by "the public," so suggestions like
 "How much worse do things have to get before people realize..." don't seem
 to apply because there are no fence sitters reading this - just die hard Democrats
 and a few dunderhead stalkers and a few intelligent (but silent) conservatives.
 I think your site is bigger than mine, and you probably have more fence sitters.

 Another thing.  You hammer Monkeys for misspelling, yet you almost always have spelling errors
 or "spell check" errors (correctly spelled but wrong word).  No one's perfect.  I know I'm not and
 I don't expect you to be, but until you are don't point it out in the monkeys' mail.

 Enjoy the site,

 Mike did you mean for your tone to sound like you are my boss?  That's twice you ordered me to
 stop doing something, and I don't respond so well to orders unless the barker has a gun and badge.
 Let's assume you misspoke and we'll leave it at that.

 For me, the rule has two prongs:
People who type are going to make mistakes.
    As far as I know, you publish once a week, and you have more of the luxury of time.
    I barely have time to read what I've written so sacrifices have to be made
When you spell a word wrong inside a personal slur - you're fair game.
    The guy who wrote, "Get a life, you moran" is ripe for a pummelling, but if I write
    a story and fail to catch a wrong word, such as "Paris in the the Spring," to me
    that's just part of being human.  Trust me, I usually double-check my personal slurs :)

 Thanks for the note.

If you're waiting for an apology you're gonna need a Snickers bar.
If you want a fight, just bark some orders at me.

I fail to understand why people expect me to lay down when attacked.
I'm not like most Democrats.

And Gino, I await your sending the parts I edited out of your last e-mail.

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