The Official "Bush Knew" rally thread!!!!!!!!!
                      We've got 6 days before we hold a nation-wide rally for the "Bush Knew" movement.

                      WHAT WE'RE DOING
                      We're going to attend as many Major League Baseball games as we can on 9/11.
                      At some point during the game, we will show our "Bush Knew" signs.
                      Preferably, we would like to do it during the 7th inning stretch. TV coverage
                      of the games will be staying on the air for "God Bless America" that day,
                      so that will be the time when we'll most likely get noticed for the signs.

                      WHERE WE'RE DOING IT
                      The following cities have home games that day.
                      - Cincinnati
                      - Minneapolis/St. Paul
                      - Chicago (Cubs)
                      - San Francisco
                      - Cleveland
                      - New York City (Yankees)
                      - Philadelphia
                      - Atlanta
                      - Tampa Bay
                      - Kansas City
                      - Milwaukee
                      - Arlington, Texas
                      - Houston
                      - Phoenix
                      - Anaheim

                      The schedule is VERY staggered for a Wednesday.
                      - Cincinnati starts at 1230pm EST
                      - Minnesota and Atlanta start at 105pm EST
                      - The Cubs are at 220pm EST
                      - San Francisco is at 335pm EST
                      - Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta are at 705pm EST
                         (The Braves have 2 games that day)
                      - Tampa Bay is at 715pm EST
                      - Kansas City, Texas, Milwaukee and Houston are at 805pm EST
                      - Arizona is at 935pm EST
                      - Anaheim is at 1005pm EST

                      Imagine the early games getting noticed (even just a wee bit) the time the 7:05
                      games get started, word will have spread. It's quite possible that shows like
                      Donahue, Crossfire, and CBS news will be LOOKING for us.

                      This thread will also stand as the running count of who we have attending games in what cities.
                      We'll make sure that you are NOT alone at these games. PLEASE sign up for these,
                      and others will join you for your protest.

                      So far, we have several volunteers in Cleveland and New York City.
                      Others have shown interest, and we need to hear from you NOW to see who
                      we have in what cities.

                      New Yorkers can get in thanks to a gracious donor for Yankee tix!

                      WHY WE'RE DOING IT
                      Because all the jingoism of that day NEEDS to be peppered with the
                      questions that more and more of this country is starting to ask. Make
                      sure that we let people know that we LOVE this country and we feel our
                      "leader" let us get attacked.

                      HOW WE'LL DO IT
                      Odds are pretty good that security will be raised on that day. They're
                      not going to let just any sign in the door. Hide it any way you can.
                      Make a fabric sign and tuck it under your clothes. Make a Bush Knew
                      shirt and wear it under your clothes, only to strip at the right time.
                      Make a cloth sign, sew it between two American flags, and whip it out at
                      the right time. Be creative!

                      But right now, we need to hear from YOU! Can you be there? Reply in
                      this thread or send me an instant message NOW!!!!

                      8 days until we protest!!!!


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