From: Kathleen Trev


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 Do you even bother to check out your own forum?  Do you know that everything
 we hold dear about this nation at stake with the vote in the Senate on Tuesday?

 Did you really introduce yourself that way?

 Lady, (we'll say) ...something tells me you're a single gal, I right?

 Are you just as big a shill as the mainstream media whores?

 Two things:
 1. You're either a bad first-impression person or a bad person.
 2. I don't think I like you much.

 I know Robert Byrd isn't the "ideal" of the progressive Democrats, but he is the only
 Senator who is fighting for everything you say you believe in, yet you have not mention
 the historice events in the Senate that occurred last week.

 Oh, well I guess that's not as important as the Big Dog's appearance on Letterman,
 or Avril Lavigne, or your Vegas trip.

 ha ha
 You're a very lucky lady (we'll say).
 I have arrows in my quiver that I can't use.
 You deserve a full-blown Number 6, but I'd lose readers if I gave you half of what you deserve.

 If you think something is so damn important, why don't you get off your lazy ass and learn html,
 plug away at your computer for 6 1/2 years, then in 2009 I'll drop by and call you names.

 Who gives a shit that our Constitution is going to be flushed down the BFEE's toilet
 come 5:15 pm on Tuesday.  Since BuzzFlash, BushWatch, and MWO aren't reporting it,
 nor are the NYT, the LAT, the WP, or the BG, I guess Senator Byrd's transformation
 into Daniel Webster isn't news.    Yeah, I know he was once KKK, but John Kerry was
 a member of "Skull and Bones,"  but that's okay because he's purty and talks the talk.

 You should be doing commercials for Midol.
 You could start out being yourself, then eat a Midol and become normal.

 Get off your ass, Bart.  The Byrd Amendment to the UnderGodawful Lieberman Bill is the most
 important piece of legislation to come down the pike since 1787.

 You're not the type to exaggerate at all, are you?

 Read your own forum, and check out the thread "Where are the Democrats?"
 All the pertinent links are there.

 Peace and democracy,

 Kathleen Trev

 ha ha
 Peace to you, too.

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