My plan, our plan, THE plan


In the novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert (and its movie incarnations), the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen has an
evil plan for placing his chosen boy-toy on the imperial throne.

Dune is, as we know, a metaphor for the middle east - desert planet, the universe depends on the spice which can
only be found there in order to safely travel outer space. The spice is the primary commodity of the empire's economy
- without it, the entire system collapses. And Dune, or Arrakis, is the only source of the spice. It can't be more obvious.

Arrakis was taken from the Harkonnens and given to the Atreides family by the emperor. The Atreides ruled for a brief
period of justice and harmony, with the promise of economic prosperity on the horizon. Naturally, the Baron had conspired
with the emperor to rid the universe of the Atreides, joining forces to defeat them through betrayal and subterfuge. So after
defeating the Atreides and retaking Dune, the Baron (and his evil Mentat - Grima Wormtongue... that is, Piter DeVries)
come up with a plan to control the spice. The Baron places his nephew Rabban in charge of Arrakis. Rabban is huge,
gross, uncouth, cruel, hateful, arrogant - an utterly clueless stooge (known as the Beast Rabban) who the Baron knows
will totally screw up the planet. He orders Rabban to squeeze Arrakis and its people for every ounce of spice he can,
to be merciless, knowing full well that this is Rabban's one talent and that he will accomplish his task admirably, filling
the Baron's coffers with wealth.

In time, the Baron knows, the people of Arrakis will come to hate Rabban so much that when he removes his incompetent
nephew and replaces him with Sting... that is, with his other nephew Feyd-Rautha, the people will welcome Feyd as a savior.
But Feyd is actually more cruel and ruthless than Rabban - the difference being that he is also brilliant.

So if Dubya is Rabban (and the comparison is too scary to ignore), and the Harkonnens are the Bushes and the
Atreides are the Clintons, who is Feyd?

Feyd is handsome, charming, cunning, and trained since birth to warfare and politics.
For a while, I thought it was going to be Jeb. But now...

(Koresh, I hate to do this.)
He sounds a lot like Wesley Clark - currently being hailed as a savior, the only Democrat who can beat Bush.

If we want to solve this riddle, we need to find out who is playing the role of the Baron. When I saw that Monkey Mail
post today that said Cheney had urged Clark to run, the bells went off. Is this true? Did Cheney urge him to run?
Have you heard anything more about this? If he did, then I'd say we have our fat man. Maybe Cheney's undisclosed
location is Geidi Prime.

Can Frank Herbert be declared the first ackowledged prophet of the Church of Reality?


PS. This also begs the question, who is Muad'dib?
Certainly not Gore, although this son of Clinton has sort of disappeared into the wilderness.
Will he return one day, filled with the vision of his destiny and a fire in his belly, in time to save us from the evil Baron?

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