O'Reilly Talking Point:  The Left Strikes Back

All I can say, Bill, is that it's about time.
You say the right's assassination of Clinton doesn't excuse the left's current attack on Bush.

The right's attack on Clinton was strictly personal and based on a pack of right-wing financed lies
(spread by such tax exempt outfits as Jerry Falwell's cult.....ever see "The Clinton Chronicles"?).
The left has good reason to hammer Bush (nonstop until the '04 election, I hope) for a string of
failed POLICY decisions, Bill.......POLICY decisions, not personal shortcomings (though any fair
and balanced look at Bush's shortcomings could easily result in left  wing smears such as those
previously published by writers such as Barbara Olson, Ann Coulter, and formerly David Brock
.....the right-wing character assassins.  Remember them?).  Fortunately, the left has historically take
the high ground, though the right has admittedly made it easy to do so through their ruinous policies.
One need not even entertain issues such as their pathological hypocrisy.
Bush has run the country into the ground by squandering a record surplus and turning it into near-record deficits,
pushing through a series of tax cuts that have contributed mightily to these deficits while doing very little of what
they were advertised to do (reference the current "jobless recovery"....I recall the tax cuts being touted as "job creators";
more trickle-down voodoo), and squandering every ounce of international good will we experienced after 9/11.
Face it:  the French and Germans were right, and Bush was wrong.  No WMD, no threat to the USA, no ties
to Al Qaeda.  Lie after lie after lie.  Now they make the astounding claim that they never said Iraq and Hussein
had anything to do with 9/11.  If they could explain to me why 70% of the American people once thought the
opposite, I'd love to hear it.  More "liberal media" support of Bush lies, near as I can tell.  The Boston Globe
and other media outlets are hammering the Bush Regime for good reason, Bill.  If you had any sense of objective
reality and looked around this country, you'd be able to discern that there isn't one damned bit of good that has
come to this country since Bush was appointed in 2000.  As your buddy Limbaugh would say:  zero, zip, nada.

You said Bush would have zero credibility with you if no WMD showed up, and wouldn't trust them again,
yet here you are shilling for them and whining that they're getting beat up on for their oil war that had no exit strategy,
for no good reason according to you.  It's YOU who has no credibility (along with anyone who would employ you
to spout your anti-left invective and right-wing propaganda).  Only a delusional idiot would think that any WMDs
are going to show up at this stage.  I don't quite put you in that category.
There's nothing worse than a chickenshit bully who can dish it out but can't take an ounce.
A perfect characterization of the conservative right in this once-great country of ours.
You're a fraud, Bill. Just like Bush.

M.E. Hartman

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