From: Podvin

 Subject: re: Your Ongoing Fantasy That Kobe Bryant Is The Persecuted Victim Of Racism

 Despite your recurring insistence that one of America's favorite commercial spokespeople has suddenly become the object of
 society's malignant racial animus, you continue to refuse to answer the question that blows your inane premise straight to hell:

[He's usin' fancy language - I gotta be careful with this guy...]

 Dude, I'd be damned surprised if you could stump me on a question on that which I had stated a strong opinion
 but I would enjoy the challenge, so let's see what you got.

 If Bryant really is the victim of an obscenely racist culture, then why is he able to walk the streets
 while being hailed by adoring fans at the same time his alleged white victim...

 Did you really write "his alleged white victim?"
 If you'd ease back on the hysterics, you might gain some converts.

 ...hides fearfully in her house as a result of numerous death threats?

 I'll answer your question in a second, but you appear to be saying there's no racism in America.
 That's a really wild and crazy thing to state.

 You've now had months to gin up a coherent response to this Grand Canyon-sized hole in your little theory

 ha ha
 Pod makes his move, whe's going "all in" with the nutty question.

- share it with those of us who lack your vivid imagination and vicarious paranoia.

 The answer is pretty simple: Liberals don't hate black people and the GOP does.
 It's called "the difference between the two big political parties."
 Most blacks and many liberals like/liked Kobe.  But to the GOP, he's just another
 "sex-crazy nigger" out to rape a white girl.  That's why he's in trouble in Colorado.

 If you knew something about politics I wouldn't have to explain this to you.

 Once having done so, you can then explain why your position on this matter is not the most vile form of misogyny.

 ha ha
 It's because I'm a woman-hating pig - where have you been?

 A young woman alleges that she has been raped,
 and the authorities believe there is ample evidence to prosecute,

 Well, sure they do - he's an "uppitty Hollywood nigger" and she's a local white girl.
 What other conclusion might a God-fearing, GOP Colorado cop come to?

 ...and yet - without the slightest shred of factual substantiation

 That part is true - we have very little facts and a lot of speculation.

- you dismiss her claim that she was brutally violated,

 When did I do that?
 Last issue, I said the police refuse to say how many times she's yelled "Wolf! in the last year.
 That phrasing is an assumption because the cops are hiding the records, which I understand is against
 the law because the number of times you call 911 and the reason you called is public record
 in Colorado, it's NOT a privacy issue. If the cops are willing to break the law to keep Kobe's
 attorneys in the dark, that should concern both of us, not just me.

 And as far as her claim she was violated, you've already stipulated that that is an allegation.
 An allegation is defined as "an unsupported assertion."
 You've chosen to believe her, I'm waiting for the evidence.

 ...instead choosing to manufacture your "Kobe Is A Persecuted Peon" fairy tale.

 Maybe you have a point.
 Maybe America has gotten past their racism.
 Maybe "slavery" is a myth to make us feel sorry for those lazy blacks who don't want to work.
 Maybe those stories about lynchings and beatings were all just a bunch of hooey.
 Maybe  is just something blacks made up to get sympathy.
 Maybe Kobe can get a fair trial in lily-white Eagle County.

 Why do you hate women so much?

 Because they're a weaker, lesser class of human.
 (That's a joke, don't write, OK?)

 When we ultimately learn the reason that Bryant desperately wants the preliminary to be closed,
 will you be man enough to apologize to this young lady, whose only "crime" is reporting a rape
 that the authorities consider to be completely plausible?

 I realize you haven't had a chance to answer yet, but it's my opinion that racist cops
 will take whatever action is need to get "one of them" off the street.

 Where is your contradictory evidence?
 Where is your decency?

 I notice this recurring pattern that I often find myself drawn into:
 I give my opinion about a public matter, then someone fires off a really nasty letter with a bunch of
 personal insults when I've never insulted the writer of said nasty letter. Why can't you argue about
 what I wrote instead of attacking me, personally?  Why do you force the play out of bounds?

 This is like a lot of arguments I get into.  I'm perfectly willing to admit Kobe Bryant could be guilty.
 Scott Peterson could be guilty to, but many people I debate are NOT willing to admit there's any
 chance in hell they could ever be wrong.  By the way, whose side you take in Israel/Palestine?
 I'll bet you could give me a whole lot of Nancy Grace guarantees on that subject, too.

 I remember all of the despicable Nicole Brown-bashing that occurred about a decade ago
(She was a "gold digger" and a "slut", and she "deserved what she got"). Apparently, your side
 - the "Let's explain away violence against women" side - never tires of being wrong.

 Attacking me over OJ is pretty stupid since I wasn't on the web then.
 (For the record, I think he did it, but how? The idiot LA cops never found the knife, never found the
 Bruno Maglias, never found the bloody clothes, which all had to be disposed when there was so little time,
 OJ didn't even have time to take a shower. That's a mystery nobody seems to demand an answer to.)

 There are so many people of all colors who are unjustly imprisoned because they lacked the resources
 to obtain a proper defense, yet you are whoring for one of America's wealthiest men who expelled a
 nineteen year old from his hotel room after doing SOMETHING that left her covered with bruises.

"Whoring," by definition, is taking money for doing something you wouldn't ordinarily do.
 Gee, your batting average is so bad you couldn't play for Shreveport.
 Also, no evidence has been released that she was covered in bruises,
 but even if it turns out there is, is there evidence Kobe put them there?
 You seem to be a little eager to get a possibly innocent man behind bars.

 Good work, Bart, or Dr. Laura, or whatever your name is...

 ha ha

 I'm the one with the identity problem?

 Tell you what, since you're probably drunk, I'm going be to be nice
 and not reveal anything about the lawsuit you tried to drag me into.

 Lastly, I remember you being a normal, nice guy.
 What happened to you?

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