Musings from the Heartland
                        by Richard L. Fricker

                              I had this goofy idea: pretended none of this was happening and it would
                      all go away. Wrong. Bush is still president and he is still lying. His goons
                      and harlots are still roaming the streets in search of rubes willing to vote
                      for anything as long as they can hate Bill Clinton, love Jesus and kick Arab
                      booty and beat up on their presumed lessers.
                              As anyone on the planet who has been reading or watching the news knows
                      President Hide-till-its-over now denies ever connecting Saddam Hussein with
                      9/11. Oh really??!!!
                              Letís see. No weapons of mass destruction ready to rain down on democracy
                      in forty-five minutes, No Osama connection with Saddam, No bio-weapons,
                      No UN resolution.  Then what the hell was all this invasion business about
                      and why are U.S. servicemen and women laying charred in the Iraqi dessert
                      and why canĎt the Iraqis have their country back?
                              Can one, not all, not a bunch, gaggle or gang, just one, Bushy provide
                      a coherent  answer those questions? Donít answer them for me, frankly I
                      donít count. Answer them for the families that are being disrupted and
                      destroyed by the policy of death and greed this administration has established
                      for the American people.
                              Answer those questions for the young daughters of the Tulsa school teacher
                      activated eighteen months ago and still isnít home. Answer those questions in a way
                      that his oldest daughter will quit having nightmares that daddy wonít ever be back.
                              Donít bother to answer for Hallaburton employees whose sent their daughter
                      to France to study and then gave themselves a little Frankyvacation while
                      thousand of American troops were hunkered down in the Iraqi desert,
                      they know the answer.
                              Itís the people paying for all this that are confused. No Saddam/Osama?
                              Then why did Colin Powell dawn his lip gloss and knee pads when President
                      codpiece summoned? Originally it was thought Powell was there to bring sanity to
                      the sociopaths, idiots and would-bes running the government. It appears it he caved, big time.
                              So who is going to answer the questions. Who is going to be responsible to,
                      pardon the worn out phrase, THE PEOPLE.
                              Afterall, it still says, ďWe the PeopleÖĒ Not,Ē We the Bushes and a
                      few select friends, corporations and Nazi nut casesÖ.Ē
                              With this in mind, Mr. President, why donít you answer these questions
                      from the people. Why to you rely on the buffoonery of the Bill Reillyís of
                      the world, why not explain why Halliburton gets non-bid contracts, why U.S.
                      troops are undermanned, un-provided for in the field---the heavens known you
                      havenít missed any meals and can get a drink of anything, anytime, and your
                      benefits havenít been cut and your children arenít crying for your return?
                              Thus without answers to these basic questions, and subjects such as the
                      economy, environment, health care, crime and punishment, education still
                      loom, your presidency and place in history and perhaps even the nation
                      are doomed. You must grow up and take responsibility for your actions and
                      you must explain them to the American people.
                              The people have stopped giving you a break based on flag waving.
                      People are dying and lives are being disrupted by your policies or rather lack of
                      policy. Just one honest answer, just one.
                              WE the People would like our questions answered.
                      Maybe it would be a good idea if every person were to send you a post card
                      with at least one question. They could also send a copy to their members of
                      congress, just in case you forgot or you lackies don't forward such things.
                      Yes, We the People will help, one post card, one question to the White
                      House and Congress.

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