Dear Bart:

Here's an e-mail that I just sent to the Democratic National Committee on the night before the Kerry/Bush debate:

At this point I'm sure Senator Kerry is getting sick of receiving unsolicited advice about the debate strategy.
Nonetheless, I'll offer some more: I've been watching tapes of Bush in debates. This is a man who is extremely
prickly about direct criticism. When he's under attack, his face constricts and his brow furrows. I would
recommend that Senator Kerry really go after him, with a direct verbal onslaught, throwing one strong charge
after another at Bush.

Bush doesn't react well to criticism of this nature. He'll get rattled, and he'll get addled, and he'll start blurting out
inane comments. Believe me, I'm not saying that Bush is stupid or that he's a bad debater; quite to the contrary.

What I'm saying is that Bush is very, very thin-skinned. If someone goes after him hard, his first instinct is to have
that person removed from the room. Granted, I know Senator Kerry is mindful about looking and sounding too
strident, but at this juncture, for strategic reasons, he needs to initiate and sustain a vociferous onslaught of charges
and accusations against Bush during the debates. Bush has a thin repertoire of standard lines to throw back as ripostes,
but after he runs through his little stock of apothegms, he'll start repeating himself.

Once he's feeling backed into a corner, then I think Kerry takes over the debate and carries the day.
Go on the attack, Senator, go on the unrelenting attack.

Donald P

 Subject: you're as arrogant as Bush

 Bart, you wrote:

> I'm trying to get Kerry to join what's left of the fight.

> If you know someone working harder to try to wake Kerry up...

 And a lot worse, it's just not worth the time to look for your usual DEM attacks.
 What makes you think Kerry or anyone around him reads your shit?

 I think it's a pretty safe bet the Kerry camp has not been reading

 Based on your begging lately, I'd say not even your faithful followers.
 You're working too hard to sell subscriptions!

 Compared to who or what?
 Do you own a TV?
 Do you own a radio?

 If you want to sale a product, attacking your prospective clients is not good for business.
 Yellow Dog Democrat

 You have not seen me attack John Kerry.
 I've been screaming at him to "Wake up!" because America is on fire.
 Do you deny that we saw a very-much-awake John Kerry Thursday night?

 The John Kerry we saw Thursday can beat Bush next month, but that sleepy guy
 from July, August and most of September didn't have much of a chance, in my opinion.

 BTW,  I see no reason for Democrats to attack each other.

Subject: Chinaco

Hey Bart,

I want to toast Wal with the Chinaco but can’t seem to find it in any stores here in northern California.

Anyway, you’re doing a great job swinging the big hammer.
You have the honor of your website being blocked by the freepin’ company I slave for.

Keep hammerin’.

Timo, most Chevy's Mexican Restaurants stock Chinaco Anejo.
We had some in Santa Rosa, if you're anywhere near there...

OR, Click  Here  and search for "Chinaco Anejo."
$48 - not a bad price.

Subject: you are right to be suspicious


First of all let me say to the other liberals out there that John Kerry IS NOT ABOVE CRITICISM.
People have been bashing you because you are criticizing the man who has the best chance to unseat
the lying, murdering monkey. One thing I have noticed about you is that you seem to have a pretty
good grasp of reality. Liberals are always critical, even of their own. I guess we just want things done right.

The election is only the FIRST hurdle in this mess. It is my opinion that the BFEE will loose the election,
despite their best efforts to steal and/or cancel it. Even if Kerry wins and can manage to keep the “activist judges”
\in the supreme court (god, I love saying that) from unconstitutionally handing power to the smirking chimp,
I doubt very seriously that they will go quietly. There are quite a few monkeys in the pentagon that would
just love it if the president declared a state of martial law and refused to leave office.

What really scares me is if bunnypants does this and then says something like this:

“It is important that America remain resolve and united on the war in terror. We must not send mixed
messages to the world. Therefore, we can no longer have voices of decent within our boarders.
Today I am announcing the ‘America United No Matter What’ initiation that will cleanse our great nation
of the descent that is holding us back on our holy crusade to rid the free world of terrorism. Starting today,
those who would criticize America and her great president will no longer be considered Americans but
enemy combatants and will be dealt with accordingly.”

That may sound a bit paranoid but just look at the crap that they have had the audacity to pull so far.
Are “thought police” really outside the realm of possibility?

Based on the debate, I would say the Kerry or one of his advisors is probably reading Bartcop.
He could have done so much more in the debate but he really showed GWB for what he is.
Hats off to John Kerry.

Steven O

Steven, I agree, but I think they'll fabricate a "crisis" and promise to turn over power to Kerry,
"As soon as they get past the crisis," and then sit back and see how much the Democrats fight for it.

We are a party who's been kneeling down and bending over for the sons of bitches for 11.5 years.
They'd be crazy to hand power over to "the appeasers" without a fight.

Subject: debate follow upo comment

Hey Bart,
My theory as to why the media didn't do their Gore 2000 thing has a lot to do with The Daily Show, you, Atrios,
Digby, Kos, and everybody else in the blogosphere who has proven adept at the immediate responses to egregious
reporting atrocities.  They know that way more people are watching their every move, and will call them on it.
Also, here's something I thought of quite a few weeks ago.  The bosses of the media "kewl kids" may have finally
realized that no amount of public relations spin can foist their stupid little monkey-man product on the public anymore,
and may have decided to cut their losses while biding their time making a Kerry administration deadlocked and clearing
the way for another Crusader Republican.  So the memo's gone out to all but the Freepers who don't know how to read anyway.
Whatever happens, the work is not over.
Jen R.

Subject: the debate

I think the best line from Kerry in the debate was when he said bush decide to outsource
the hunt for Osama binLaden too. I couldn't tell if bush was drinking vinegar or shitting in his pants,
but his facial expressions were great!

I totally agreed with you that Kerry wasn't responding well to the GOP slime attack machine, but I think
he did very well in the debate, and smirk just proved how UNpresidential he is. If Kerry can keep up that
demeanor for the next 4 weeks, then it'll be (as Randi Rhodes says) Kerry in a landslide!

Keep up the good work!


Subject: Monkey gets asked a real question

Monkey was also shocked that not all questions are
"So how does it feel to have God on your side?".

The kind of questions that come from the screened and selected audiences
that go into a frenzy every time he says "stay the course".
Cheryl T

Subject: Rush's comment

Bart, you wrote,

> 'If Kerry wins, there's no telling what that crazy SOB will do when he
>  gets in the White House because nobody knows what he stands for.'
>   -- the vulgar Pigboy, in a panic, realizing for the first time that his boy could lose."

Just like we understood what Bush stood for: 'compassionate conservatism,' not raiding the surplus,
being a 'uniter not a divider,' being President of ALL the people; not just his constituency, being humble...?

Shall I continue with all his lies and flip flops? I'm sure HE will...
Ken C

Subject: early poll numbers

Of course Bush got his ass handed to him.
If the smirkster would have even won ONE single talking point during the entire debate,
the whore press would still be hammering that one point down everyone's throat right now.
Even Karl Rove said that "Kerry was a better debater".

The hilarious thing, was the "fair and balanced" poll, got freeped early, and showed chimpy
as the clear winner, but by noon Kerry had even taken the lead on that one. I think I need to
repeat that once more. KERRY EVEN WON THE FOX NEWS POLL.

Of course that particular poll got taken down by 12:01 and replaced with a "did the debate
change your mind about who you were going to vote for" poll. Here in ultra right wing San Diego,
the letters to the Sunday paper showed about an 8 to 1 ratio of Kerry won letters. It was great.

Now for the voice of reason. Right now, is not the time for gloating, or complacency.
Now more than ever, Kerry needs to focus even harder, because even though this last subject
supposedly was dubya's strong point, the economy and domestic affairs could be very tricky for Kerry.
Come on, you know the American people, they can be convinced that anything that hurts them is in
their best interests. Smirk still has the whore press, and paid for shills called "political analysts" on
every local news station, that will be hammering home that the economy is improving (like in our local
paper starting yesterday), and that we need to cut even more taxes (again, like in our paper yesterday).

Kerry needs to hammer home the fact that this is the first President since Hoover to have lost more jobs
than he created, and that OUR jobs here are disappearing overseas. He needs to ensure everyone knows
and this current resident is doing nothing but encouraging the modern day robber barons by giving them
those huge tax breaks so they can buy up the faltering companies, and invest in moving jobs offshore,
and that he showing no signs, or even intentions of stopping them.


Subject: Kerry should say something like this:

"Mr. President, you have angered the entire world with your arrogant, go-it-alone cowboy routine,
 and the world has had it with you; not us, not the United States, but you, George W. Bush.
 You are more of a danger to us than bin Laden, and certainly far more dangerous to the rest of the
 world than Saddam and his non-existent WMD. No one intends to help us as long as you are in the
 White House. It is really that simple, but then so are you; maybe that is why you have not figured that out yet.
 Every time you say that when you have a choice of taking the word of a "madman" or protecting the U.S,
 you will protect the U.S. everytime, the rest of the world thinks you are talking about yourself and cannot
 figure out why you have not resigned, in order to protect the U.S. Actually, you and you entire family should
 move to Saudi Arabia. Idi Amin's old Villa, where he lived out the remainder of his miserable, criminal life,
 is available, now that he has finally kicked the bucket."

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