Subject: a simple challenge

Hello bartcop,

I just finished reading your website comments on the Presidential Campaign.
Hard to believe someone can be so wrong at so many levels.
I don't know you personally, but believe me I know many people just like you.

You might know some other left-of-center people,
but I doubt you know anyone just like me.

People who think no deeper than their own thin skin, whose self-interest is paramount
in their pitiful lives. People, who in their ignorance of truth, Truth with a capital T,
grasp onto the fleeting rush of emotion about issues they don't really grasp.

Mushy, do you have a permit to move that hazardous waste?
The minute you start making sense, I'm going to show you where you're wrong.

You project on others <namely the Bush Administration> your own character.
You lie and live in ignorance so in your mind everyone lives the same way.

ha ha
You're making me work a lot harder than I'm used to...
What have I projected?
About what have I lied?

You distort the facts to suit your selfish desires and claim the President is a deceiver.

If I was stealing $100M a day from Iraq, ...yes, ...then I'd be the deceiver.

You set yourself as the standard of humanity,

ha ha
I set myself up as what?
In which issue did I declared myself the standard of humanity?

Mushy, do you have any experience doing radio?
I could use a Ted Baxter-type, GOP, clueless dumbass on BartCop Radio.
Are you free during the day?

but can't even live up to your own twisted vision of righteousness,
therefore in your heart, no one can be true and honest.

ha ha
Hold on, this is too good to read sober.
Let me slam back a few before we continue...

OK, I'm back...
I can't live up to my own twisted vision of righteousness?
What the fuck does that mean?

Are you nuts?
BTW, do you realize you're about to start paragraph five and so far you haven't said a damn thing?

What a miserable existence you must endure.

You must be new.
Nobody has more fun that Ol' Bart.
I'm luckier than Lou Gehrig.
I have a good time every day, even on turkey waddle days.

I could counter your inane arguments on your website point by point,

No, you couldn't.
If you could have, you would have,
but you can't, so you didn't.

and demonstrate just how misguided your opinions are, but you wouldn't listen.

I'd like to see you try.
Mushy, I've been here over nine years.

Hundreds have come before you, talking shit, and like you, they all had an excuse why
they weren't able to get in the ring and defend themselves and their wild-ass, handjob charges.

You're nothing more than Monkey #266, a chimp pretending to have the balls to debate,
but then suddenly remembering your important ass is urgently needed elsewhere, but you have to go.

More the pity. In your mind you think yourself enlightened. The light you think your possess is really
nothing more than a vague glow of a corrupt idea. I don't know how old you are, but I am old enough
to have carried the original banner of peace marches in the '60's and 70's. I recall the passion of the days
when we railed against the Establishment and chanted slogans intended to change the world. In fact we
did change the world...for the worse. I now despise my participation in such activities.

I see you're doing your best to lurch towards some kind of point,
but so far you've got nothing but a marble-mouth full of gobbledegook.
The peace marches of the 60's were about stopping Vietnam.
Are you saying we needed more names carved into The Wall in Washington DC?

I have no doubt you feel confident in your smugness.

Nine years of begging someone to straighten me out can have that effect.

Confident that you know better than anyone what the proper course of action should
be in defending this nation. Let me ask you, what would you be willing to die for?

That's a stupid question - the answer is "not much."
That's why I'm happy to pay taxes to support those who are willing.
And if this was your idea of a trap, Mushy, I'm not willing to die to free Fallujah.
If you are, then turn off your computer and go and sign up with Halliburton.
I hear they'll take anybody these days.

Do you realize you still haven't begun to make any kind of coherent point?
If you get close to staking out some position, I'll likely attack that position.
But you're pretty much untouchable until you start making sense.
(Not a compliment)

When would you put your life on the line for this country?

How about twenty five years from today?

At what point would you stand up and defend with your own flesh and blood the freedoms
millions have sacrificed themselves, their sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, their fortunes
and their futures to provide sniveling whiners like yourself the life you now enjoy?

Are you a recently-laid-off former speech writer for John Kerry?
ha ha
As far as what I'm willing to defend, try stepping inside my house at night uninvited.

Have you ever experienced real courage? I seriously doubt you would know it if you tripped on it.

Have you ever experience getting to the f-ing point?

You have a perfect right according to the Constitution to express yourself on your web page.
It is a right that men and women whose water you are not worthy to carry have sacrificed to ensure.
I doubt you have the courage of your meager convictions to put others ahead of yourself as so many of them did.
Instead you take the path of no resistance by damning and belittling things you don't really understand.

For someone who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, you sure have strong opinions.
Could you maybe phone a friend and ask him to come over and help you frame your point?

I challenge you to do 2 simple things.
One, publish this letter unadulterated on your site.
Two, answer the questions I posed in the  previous paragraph.

(The underlined is his previous paragraph.)

Mushy, are you thinking you threw down some ultra-enigmatic, sensemillia-deep questions there?
You're so caught up in your lil' name-calling waterspout, you haven't said what it is that has pissed you off.

Just a hunch - do your friends do the rolling motion with their hands when you tell long stories?

I am reminded of the warning not to cast pearls before swine, but there is always hope that
with some real reflection and maturity you might just be worth the risk.

Best regards, Charlotte

Gil, your cliches are older than Novak's hip.
For all you put into that rant, it boiled down to you being a Monkey with such terrible
communications skills that all I can do is wish that life gets better for you - seriously.

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