Because my computer was infected with a virus,
I was not able to post an article last week.

Since I have received several missives asking me to report on the situation in Venezuela, I will gladly comply,
and include in this article links to websites that provide information on Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution.

The following article, which I took right off the wire, is very illuminating! Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela
has accused the United States of harboring terrorists. He claims that a clique of people conspiring to overthrow his
democratically elected government are plotting nefarious plans in the United States, and that he has asked the U. S.
to put a stop to them. Read the article and weep for the millions of South Americans who will die if the BFEE and
their minions have their way with Venezuela.

For those of you that wish to tune in to the non-faux news concerning Venezuela, Colombia, and other
South American countries please visit the following website:

Mr. Al Giordano maintains this site, and along with his authentic journalists, provides a page with cutting edge insights.
Don't miss it.

On October 3rd the Daily News published an Op Ed piece written by Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz. Dr. Castro's article was
originally written for El Diario, which was once an independent Spanish language newspaper in New York, until it was
purchased several months ago by the Latino branch of the B.F.E.E.. The new owners of the "Diario" immediately censured
Fidel's article, and Gerson Borrero, the editor of the newspaper resigned in protest. Thanks to the New York Daily News
we now have the privilege of reading Dr. Castro's article which describes the state of education in Cuba at this moment:

Oops, I guess I overestimated the freedom of the press in Amerikkka, because that link does not provide us with Fidel's words.
In fact the Daily News did not post Dr. Castro's opinion article on their website.
Don't worry Bartcoppers, I will get a hold of the article and I will transcribe it and post it on my next article.

Since Philip Agee has had his name dragged through the mud since the B.F.E.E. was busted for revealing the identity of a
CIA operative, I invite all of you to revisit the Bartcop of October 3rd. (below) Mr. Agee provides his take on the "Wilson Scandal"
and most importantly he explains how different his situation was, because the agents that he revealed in his book and writings
were the identities of CIA operatives they were involved in murder, torture, and all kinds of nastiness.

Now that my computer is fully functioning, I will, thanks to the vital Bartcop, be with you more often.

Until next time,



"This is purely dirty politics in my opinion. The disclosure that the ambassador's wife was a CIA
  operative was a cheap shot made because Wilson picked a hole in that pack of lies justifying the war."
    --Former CIA agent Philip Agee, whose actions in the 1970s inspired a law criminalizing the
       exposure of covert U.S. operatives,  Ex-CIA Agent Discusses Leak of Name

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