Arnold is my Governor?
                            by Kelly D    Tuesday, October 7, 2003

                              Wow. Terrible. It’s awful. I’ve just learned that Arnold is our new
                      Governor. And the first thing that occurs to me, aside from the
                      lemmings argument, which is totally legitimate, thoroughly compelling,
                      but unkind, is that I must see hardship before I see gain.
                              I turned on Sweet Honey and the Rock. It’s the end of what I can
                      stand to hear about the California election. It’s terrible that we had to
                      vote again, quite frankly—I mean, c’mon, we gotta go back in
                      November!—but it’s that sort of thing we gotta do. I guess.
                              It’s really the failure of the Dems write large. I mean to indict,
                      here, all the dems who (have) said, “Whatever. Fuck the fringe. The
                      goal is to be as not-Left as possible while still being an Opposition
                      Party.” Fuck them. This is what they made. It’s nice to have the
                      California example for the rest of the country when it comes to the
                      2004 election. Basically, what we’re talking about here is that Davis
                      did not live up to the Dem ideal of considering the less fortunate.
                      This is about that; this is about radical ideology not saving you when
                      it’s about groping of the governor if you’ve been more interested in
                      corporate payoffs—EVER—over what’s right. That’s the problem with the
                      Dems. They never prioritize right over money. They don’t take the most
                      wrong money, but they never prioritize right over money. Case in point: Davis.
                              When we first heard about the recall, those who voted for Davis in
                      order to avert the catastrophe that we Californians now face
                      (Republican control) did not pay it much mind. We already sacrificed
                      our ideals for the most likely shill to win the race—of course it could
                      not be undone. Well… having seen a few movies in my life, it’s not
                      crazy to me that a movie star would win in a state that is home to the
                      movie stars—even if that particular movie star is not so much of an
                      actor as a force, even if that man didn’t have one good idea he was
                      willing to outline before the People. But I’d hoped people were smart
                      enough to—
                              And that’s where I find myself now: ashamed to admit the people are
                      lemmings. I’ve suspected it in my no-tv, just books and Information
                      (and public radio) world, but it was something I buried, something I
                      knew was true, couldn’t blame the Populace for, so whatever.
                              Now, it’s come to fruition. The calls from Clinton on my voicemail
                      (I’m a working Murkun, after all) were a sign; as were the allegations
                      of sexual harassment, which I’ve known since Anita Hill was a
                      nonstarter—and I’m not even a Dem strategist—when they came too late
                      across the media, as Murkuns were wishing T3 had been as good as the
                      others, not starring an old, fat, cigar-smoking Capitalist. Too bad.
                              Funny thing is, only my principles separate me from the throng of
                      Pickupville, California, who voted like crazy for the one guy who was
                      more to them than a liar for hire—yeah, acting is supposed to be about
                      telling the truth, even when you’re typecast. I’m actually fortunate
                      enough to be a homosexual, white male (who can play straight) who earns
                      way more than the average resident of Truckville, California. And
                      because I grew up in Truckville, Texas, of working class parents, with
                      a brain and a desire to hold on to what I believed was mine and They
                      were trying to take, I can totally relate to those who either didn’t
                      vote ‘cause why, or those who voted for the movie star whose name meant
                      something to them other than paid to lie for his own good on the
                      coattails of his contributors.
                              Oddly, it’s fitting, too, that this happens in here. Murkuh, you’re
                      not special. We have defined what happens for you forever: be afraid.
                      It couldn’t happen here was what I thought through the whole stolen
                      election. And the California Dems might prove the national Dems wrong
                      as regards the resistance factor—but why should we have had to,
                      national Dems?
                              I’ll tell ya: it’s because we have had something of a coup here too.
                      It’s complete. They’ve taken over even California. Stand up now for the
                      principles, fight the money power, and fuck those who think the path of
                      least political anxiety is the best path.
                              Davis could have won this—if the Dems had been with their guy. They
                      weren’t. They ran Cruz—for whom I voted, no spoiler here—who was not a
                      retort. Feinstein would not have been a better answer; as a
                      Californian, I’ve written so many angry letters to her for supporting
                      the bush agenda to the detriment of our interests. But what could
                      anyone have expected from Feinstein? She’s only a Democrat, after all.
                      And the Dems have always been about non-evil repubs having a place to
                      vote, or at least always in my thirty years. It’s either about keeping
                      yours, or being fair. I have yet to see a democrat in my lifetime who,
                      during his reign, understood the difference.
                              Fine, Truckville: thanks for whatever benefits I may have as a result
                      of your lemming vote. Glad you got it well enough to understand, if not
                      the issue, that the dems are no legitimate counterpoint when we’re
                      talking human lives in society. I wish you’d understood that the
                      republicans, regardless of their thick-necked ambassador, will never
                      argue for your fair treatment—they’ve sent your jobs overseas, and the
                      dems have gone along with them on that, time and again. Thanks for the
                      additional financial benefits I, one of yours, will receive because I
                      had the benefit of being white, male, and highly educated. I voted for
                      your interests to the detriment of my portfolio, because I believe they
                      are my soul's interests—you voted for my propertied interests because
                      you believed they’re your interests.
                              I wish you’d won for real.

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