Subject: Affected or Effective?

I have reviewed your website on a couple of occasions.  It's truly unfortunate you use your talent
and abilities to spread discontent, disharmony and an extremely one sided vision.    You clearly want
to inform, coerce and influence and probably believe you are "blowing the whistle" and "making the sale".
Unfortunately your extreme, biased and mean spirited presentation derails your goals and undermines your credibility.

Dude, it's not about credibility.
It's about having a good time and maybe getting in some good shots.
It's about thinking of a better Bush joke than their best Kerry joke.
If you want credibility, try,, or

Smart ass, derogatory, belittling and insulting "humor" doesn't really sell, it alienates.

BartCop Radio is heard by dozens and  is read by dozens more.
Besides, you're introducing yourself with a litany of personal slurs and cheap attacks.
Who made you the "reasonable man" to calm my "madness?"

To those who aren't hard core left, it really isn't all that funny - it's kind of pathetic.

You're supposed to read it drunk and high.
Like a not-so-good club band, we seem better after binge drinking.

Criticism, negative innuendos and casting dispersions may entertain those who already agree with you,
but they alienate those in the persuadable realm and to be effective, that's your target.

You don't know any Bush backer on the internet who can answer a few of my simple questions,
yet I can answer any question a Bush backer tries to stump me with.  For almost nine years,
I've been begging somebody to shut me up, but that's hard to do because I have the facts.

Anyone willing to get in a live chat room with me will be forced to agree with me or, what most
of them do, is refuse to answer the question because answering it forced them to agree with Ol' Bart!.
I may not have much talent, but Bart the Carpenter can build a box that's Monkey-proof.

A foundation of effective marketing is:  Sell your product on it's merits - not by running down the competition.

ha ha
I think Bush is proving you wrong.
He's the worst president in history and he might win by screaming "flip-flopper" at Kerry.

Another is: To grow more, you must plow new ground, not the same old row.
These are fundamentals you clearly don't understand or never learned.

The news changes most days, but yeah, a lot of stories seem the same.
"Four dead in Baghdad car bombing" happens twice a week.

Y'know, I'll bet there's a lot you could teach me, a live chat room.
Would you care to explain it to me with witnesses watching?
You can do this locked inside your home - I can't really "hurt" you.

Although I am a registered Democrat, I consider myself an independent (Texas has no designation as such)
and haven't decided whom I will vote for.  I routinely listen/watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the "big three"
and NPR, have seen all four Michael Moore movies and review most of the liberal/conservative - left/right
-pro Kerry/ pro Bush websites, including yours.  I have come to what I believe is a reasonable conclusion:
I and many other "undecideds" are less likely to vote for Kerry as a result of; 1) his perpetual negative message
and criticism (listen to any Kerry speech) -we need a leader with positive vision and

Hold on - if you think Bush has been a good president, then you're not telling the truth about being undecided.
If you think Bush has been a terrible president, why should Kerry's campaign be criticism-free?

And who went negative first?
Kerry wanted to talk about the issues, and still does, but "Swift Boat Traitor" ads run every commercial,
and you want to claim Kerry is the negative guy in this race?

Also, if you saw Farenheit 9-11 and still want to vote for Bush, you must have a list of "lies" that Moore told.
Care to share that list with us?  It should make for fascinating reading and my peeps would like it, I'm sure.

2) the "turn off" effect from extremist groups associated with his campaign - like yours.
If he is defeated, this "shooting yourself in the foot" syndrome will be a reason.

So, you're willing to send thousands more men in the desert to die for Bush, Cheney and Halliburton
because you don't like my web page?  I think that makes you a monkey-fuck-wit.
People like you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

I completely support your right to free speech and your opinions.
It apparently makes you feel good (better?) to come up with the negative rhetoric and "gotchas" you proffer.

If President Bart started a fake war that made me rich and killed 1,000 men,
you would send this same letter to a person who wrote that I was an awful president?

The deeper question is:  What is missing inside you that this activity seems to satisfy?
Think about it.

I doubt this will change your beliefs, I hope it will make your question your methods and motivation.


What's missing?
How about the president that the people elected?
How about the right to have our votes counted?
How about the World Trade Center and 3,000 innocent people?
How about the $11 trillion that's missing from the Treasury?
How about 1071 soldiers that were lost so Bush could be a "war president"?
How about the Constitution or the right to make a phone call or send an e-mail without
Field Marshall Von Ashcroft reading it to see if  is getting too big?

You, apparently, have no problem with Bush's Amerikkka or you'd be as pissed off as I am,
which further proves you weren't being honest when you said you hadn't decided on your vote.

I don't mind you lying to me - people do that all the time.
By lying to yourself makes me wonder what's missing inside of you...

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