Subject: The bombing in Bali

Bartcop, you said:

> "Granted, this is wild and inflammatory stuff..."

Perhaps, but military Psy-Ops was the first thing that came to my military mind
when I heard the news reports of the bombing in Bali (but then I've had my ears
open to such things since Bush stole the Presidency). The fact that an American
disco was only a short walk away only reinforces my original thoughts.

Veteran, US Navy signals intelligence

BTW, I don’t care what your guys did to my ‘Horns, Oklahoma still sucks! ;-)

Derek, sorry about Oklahoma giving your 'Horns the red-ass.

 Subject: Why do you run that conspiracy crap?


 Why let these crazy conspiracies like the Bali bombing seep into your otherwise great site?
 I've been to Bali and there aren't many Americans to begin with (it's really really far away)
 and the bars are far from segragated by nationality... Except in that no Indonesians go to them...

 And also, I seriously doubt many readers care to know all the details of your Vegas fetish...
 Same story on the Julie-fest stuff you were into... A good story,  but way too much of it.

 Other than that though, good site.
 Keep it up.

 John McK

 John, it sounds like you're saying I need to run my disclaimers in larger fonts,
 maybe with flashing red stars around it to be sure people see them?

 Here's what I wrote:

 > Granted, this is wild and inflammatory stuff,
 > (and I obviously know zip about Bali nightlife)
 > but if there was a nearby club full of Americans,
 > why would they kill so many Australians, instead?

 I realize men have a higher percentage of color blindness than women,
 but did you not see the big red "if?"

 I said I'd never been there, but the writer sounds like he had.
 We know for a fact the good puppy press is covering for Bush, so if
 there was a club full of Americans nearby (you're certain there wasn't?)
 it's suspicious that Al Qaeda would bomb the Aussies, don't you think?

 Inherent in your complaint is a doubt the B.F.E.E. would kill innocent people
 just to steal all the oil in Iraq, which could be hundreds of billions of dollars.

 Are you saying evil men would not kill for hundreds of billions of dollars?

 My "Vegas fetish" ought not to disturb you, and it'll be a while before we do "Fest," so chill.
 Funny, the people who went seemed to have a really, really good time at the fest.
 The people who didn't go don't want to hear another damn word about it.

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