The Bushes are GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!!
  by Michael Stine

  In light of what I have read this evening, I have come to the conclusion
that the Bushitistas are behind all of this. From what I read on the Narconews site,
the Bushitistas brought about the installation of the Smirk in order to set things up
for what is going to be a wholesale restructuring of not only this country,
but the entire world.
  Why was Smirk so insistent on repealing the inheritance tax?
It couldn't be because his controllers are bent upon establishing an
aristocratic class with themselves as the leaders of this class, could it?
They are already neck deep in the oil industry. Through Poppy Smirk
they have a very large share of the world's gold supply, present and future.
   I have no doubts that  Smirk and Co. knew of  the attacks beforehand.
As the now unmentioned by anyone in the press month long "vacation"
guiltily points to. I really don't think that he spent the entire time
talking to the cows, not by a long shot.
   The connections are tenuous to the casual viewer, but with just a
little research things begin to click into place. Why hasn't the press
questioned ANYTHING about the Smirk? Even when the press favors a
candidate, they continue to ask honest questions of him or her, but the
Smirking Chimp got a COMPLETE PASS!! That was and is the starting point
in this sorry mess we find ourselves in today. Consider this;
   1. The Smirk has always been a failure at WHATEVER he has tried his
hand at, UNLESS he was handled by someone else.
   2. The GOP has gone all out to get this loser elected. First in Texas
and then as leader of the "free" world. Why? There were many more
candidates out there that had so much more experience and were infinitely
more qualified, why didn't the "Party of Lincoln" back one of these guys?
Why did they wage war on everyone who ran against him? And
why so viciously? (Of course, Uncle Karl had a major role in this!)
   3. The election fiasco comes and goes without so much as one question
or even minor investigation from the press! The story of the decade, if
not the century lies down on the doorstep of the press corps and what
do they do? They pretend as if things like this happen every day and are
so commonplace as to be blasé. And still, as stories trickle out of Florida
on the outright theft of the presidency, they still refuse to report on any of it.
It's  "old" news and we should "move on".
   4. After promising throughout the campaign to be a "compassionate
conservative", the Smirk makes a hard right turn and begins, with the
help of the GOP Senate and House, to hand down the most repressive and
non compassionate laws and programs in recent history.
   5. And of these laws "handed down from on high", the ones he
absolutely refuses to bend on are A. the tax handout to the rich, B. the
repeal of the so-called "death tax". (Maybe in order for himself and his
siblings to inherit Poppy Smirk's billions when he kicks? And to
establish that aristocratic class that the Founding Fathers fought so
hard to keep out of existence in this country?)
   6. Smirk suddenly, after turning his back on the rest of the world
and alienating our allies and trashing our hard won Foreign Policy
victories, runs back to his "ranch" for a month long vacation after just
6 short months in office. Why? To recharge his batteries? Bushit! He
knew, or should I say his handlers knew that something was up, and when
they found out what it was and how to keep Smirk safe, they kept him
under wraps a few more days, or weeks, to map out their stratergery.
Could this be why he reacted so low key on the morning of the attacks.
(Why wasn't he out the door the very second he heard about the first
hit on the WTC?)
   7.  Where's the evidence linking Lice Boy to the attacks? I have NO
DOUBTS that Lice Boy is somehow involved, but he has always been the
money man. He's a mover and shaker, but he is not a military planner.
It seems to me that a finger of guilt points towards others as far as the
planning goes, and that the brains behind it may be living the high
life, or as high as it gets, in Iraq with the unfinished business from
the Poppy administration. I'll bet ol' Saddam is laughing through his
mustache at us as we bomb the hell out of innocents in Afghanistan.
   8.  And speaking of that, why continue bombing when we are going to
have to go "in country" to roust out Lice Boy? Every civilian that is
killed by one of our bombs is another wedge coming between us and our
Muslim "allies", so why continue? Are there still a few sticking points
between the Northern Alliance and Big Oil?  Is that when we go in and
get the bastard, when these sticking points are hammered out? And is
one of these points where the pipeline is going? And maybe the size of
 their cut?
   9. Following the money leads us to bin Lice Boy. But the timeline of
events leads us not only to him, but to the Bush Family Evil Empire
Builders. And just where does the timeline begin? During the Great
Clinton Cock Hunt? When the GOP fire-eaters were shooting down every
anti terrorists bill proposed by the last legally elected President and
Vice-President? Maybe it was during the first Bushitistas
administration? Or during the Red Ink Reagan years? After all, they did
supply them with arms. (Not to mention all those "arms for hostages"
weapons he and Poppy sent them in the '80's.)
   We may be seeing the death of democracy not only in this country,
but in the world. I know it sounds like conspiracy crazy talk, but like Dan
Rather once said, "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's
a duck." If the pink tutu democrats don't get off their asses, and damn soon,
we will be lost.

   Be afraid, be very afraid. I know I am.
   Keep up the good work, even if you might be off base from time to
time, you're not very far off base.
   Still a Fan and still a Proud Liberal,

   Michael A Stine

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