From a stalker who's "fooling me" by calling himself "Bonnie"


 Subject: Bush


 If Bush has done such a bad job fighting a war on terror,
 how come there has been no further attack since 911?
 Did we run out of airplanes?  Did they run out of terrorists?

 So, you see Bush as a winner because we've only had one worst attack in history on his watch?
 That makes him a winner in your book, right?

 If Bush is such a bad leader how come bin Laden has not been heard from since this time last year.

 He's planning his next attack.
 God, I wish we had Bill Clinton back in office.
 America was a paradise back when we got to choose our president.

 Sorry, some old video and audio footage does not count.  Not even a fake newspaper has been
 produced with him holding it in a picture.  Bet he's dead in a collapsed cave or Bush has him on
 ice in DC waiting for the right moment to reveal him.

 So, you think Bush is holding information from us, too?
 Last we heard, bin Laden had surgery in Pakistan - our "ally."
 Some people say he spent the night in Crawford last summer

 If Leahy and Daschle got anthrax letters, how do we know they did not send them
 to themselves to get sympathy for Democrats?  They do lie all the time you know.

 Yeah, Leahy and Daschle tried to kill themselves - they're such fighters!
 Sheep that are too scared to speak rarely endanger their lives for no reason.

 I don't think you write very much that is accurate and some stupid cartoonist can't draw Bush's face like it really is.

 ha ha
 Is that even a sentence?

 He has to distort his mouth and do things to his face to make him look dumb.

 Bush does NOT need help looking dumb.

   Here's your hero - untouched.   Be proud.

 Sorry again, Bush has an MBA from Harvard which is the most prized degree in the business world.

 When your Daddy runs the CIA, you can get a diploma from anywhere.

 Oh, you wouldn't know about that since you believe in Michael Moore and socialism.

 ha ha
 I "believe" in Michael Moore and socialism the same way I believe in the sun and the stars.
 They exist, so I believe in them.

 I have never seen such hate on a website.

 Do you own an AM radio?
 Do you get cable TV?

 None of the pro Bush and Republican websites are so vulgar and filled with lies.

 ha ha
 Sites like and are as honest as God, right?

 What is your accuracy for telling the truth, about 5 percent of the time?

 Actually, my accuracy rate is closer to 50 percent.
 Have a nice day.
 Bonnie Pinson

 Thanks, "Bonnie."

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