Subject: Your crazy web site


 Are you guys serious?
 You want us to lose a war with Iraq and turn our country over to the UN?

 Yeah, I want us to lose the war so we can become just like Iraq.
 (Just kidding, Mr Ashcroft!)

 All Bush [a multi-millionaire] wants is more and more oil for Chaney, his dad, his buddies and himself?

 That is correct.

 That is what you are implying.

 No, I've said that outright - at least a hundred times.

 You love the communist ACLU,

 Objection! Assumes facts not in evidence.
 I support them, but I don't "love" them.

 Jesse Jackson the civil rights pimp,

 Oh, you hate blacks, is that it?

 Gov. Gray Davis who is a fool and a fake,

 You mean compared to the "energy crisis" Bush and Cheney
 engineered for California in conjunction with their friends at Enron?

 Sen. Paul Wellstone the liar who said he wouldn't serve a third term
 as recently as February this year.    On it goes.

 I am not familiar with Wellstone's campaign promises.

 You love Michael Moore the porkiest and worst movie producer
 in the country and a known socialist and anti-capitalist.

 Tell me, how fast can you climb a tree?

 Your best friend is the insane writer from the northland Isaac [the dimwit] Peterson,

 I met Isaac in Vegas and found him to be a fun guy with which to hang.
 Maybe the three of us could meet sometime and watch you hang?

 ...or Jim [the braindead] Higdon, the west's psychobabbling doofus.

 I didn't know Jim was a psychiatrst - he never mentioned it.
 He's a good writer and an engaging conversationalist.

 You think James Carville is the source of truth?

 Have you ever seen a Republican get the best of him?
 ha ha

 Gimme a break man, I can't take it any more!

 You want to borrow my Glock?

 Paul Begala is honest?  Oh good Koresh, you can't be serious.
 Those are the most partisan liars this side of Daschle/Wellstone.

 Have you ever seen a Republican get the best of him?
 ha ha

 If they're lying, why do they always win the debates?
 If they're lying, why can't your guys shut them up?

 Anyway, keep it up.  I just started looking in and I laugh my ass off
 every time as you and your buddies go nuts every day with issues
 that are only going to make you angrier after November 5th.

 I shall continue, thanks. You're supposed to send a contribution.
 But reading  moves my counter, which enables me to raise
 my advertsing rates, which puts food on my family - so thanks!
 November might not be as friendly to monkeys as you think.

 I read an article from a university study recently and your web site was mentioned
 as one of the most inaccurate and crazy.  Do you realize you are in the bottom 5
 websites for accuracy in the media?  I just had to look in and see for myself.
 The study was right!  You guys are the goofiest on the internet.  Keep it up bro!

 Damn, you've been reading a long time - why did you lie about "just started looking in?"
 By the way, what "university" was that?

 ha ha

 Do you think Harry Belafonte is smarter than Colin Powell?

 It's hard to say, but I'll bet Belafonte's chihuahua is smarter than the Unelected Chimp.

 Than Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas?

 Like Dim Son, Clarence was APPOINTED.
 That's the only way certified losers can get ahead.

 Ha!  I would love to see your answer in print.
 Please respond in your newsletter.

 The newsletter ceased to exist in 1997.

 It will be funnier than hell.
 Your comments always are.
 Everybody will love it.

 Doug White

 Doug, what was your name before you changed it to "White?"

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