The Coward Behind the Bully
   by  thediehard

When I was in elementary school, there was a schoolyard bully, as there
usually is.  He was bigger than most kids, because he was also very
stupid and had been held back a year or two.  He liked to beat up smaller
children just for the fun of it, not always for lunch money, although of
course he considered his thefts to be a personal bonus, not a crime.  The
teachers knew what was going on, but the bully's daddy was a Big Shot,
and they were afraid -- with justification -- to discipline the brat,
much less complain to Big Daddy.

One day the bully made the mistake of shoving me to the ground.  He
thought that was so funny he took my homework papers and ripped them up.
Then he started to grab me by the hair and have some more "fun."

He was big and mean, but like all bullies, he was a coward to the core.
I was small and shy, but I was also a competition athlete, and I
proceeded to beat the you-know-what out of him.  By the time I finally
let him run screaming for his daddy, he had very visible and long-lasting
reminders of the consequences of picking on someone willing to fight back.

Big Daddy wasn't about to tolerate such an insult, especially when people
made fun of him for his brat losing to a girl half his size.  He filed
lawsuits against my parents.  He threatened to take away our house.  He
called in false police reports.  He went to the hypocritical preacher of
the hypocritical church where he was hypocritically "a man of God" and "a
pillar of the community" because of his money and power, and whined
publicly about the "influence of evil," like the right-wingnuts today who
want women "kept in their place," because right-wingnuts -- like all
bullies -- are cowards to the center of their nonexistent souls.

The privileged know in their shrunken hearts that they could never
compete with strong women or the disadvantaged if the playing field was
suddenly leveled to equal starting points for all.

If you'd never been beaten up by the schoolyard bully before, you have
now.  From the day the illiterate failure was illegally handed the Red
Button, the whole United States has been his unprotected playground.

From the cocaine-snorting drunk's snarled "There ought to be limits to freedom"
to his handlers' Hitlerian warning "watch what you do, watch what you say"
-- can you IMAGINE the freeper reaction if Bill Clinton had said that?!?
-- the baby boy toy of stolen wealth and power has been running to Big Daddy
crying about his black eye and punched nose.  But Big Daddy of the Bush Empire
doesn't threaten houses and file lawsuits -- he threatens corporations and starts wars.

When the Unelected Dimwit tells you to send him your money while hoarding
every dime of his own ill-gotten campaign chest, or tells you that you and your children
must be killed in a suspiciously vague "war" while his own draft-age brats spend their
days sleeping and their nights drunk and stoned, that you must give up your freedoms
for his safety and your safety to boost his "approval rating," write in big red letters
across his (and his poppy's) face:


The Die Hard

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