Authority Versus Anarchy
   by Diane Harvey

It seems as if all the forces of evil in the world have suddenly come out to play at once. Overburdened minds are struggling to encompass the intricate planetary scope of all that we see erupting here and now. We can't quite comprehend the hidden depth and extent of this sudden takeover of the human world by every known variety of hatred, revenge, aggression, anger and stupidity. From one day to the next, the very worst elements in the human race, in individuals, groups and nations, suddenly have the upper hand, and are outwardly wrestling among themselves for control of our planet. Concurrently, inwardly and behind the scenes, secret wheels within deals within wheels are inexorably being set in motion.

The present dramatically unfolding events can be seen as the opening move in a multi-purpose strategy, directed toward finally achieving the hoary old goal of pure evil: to directly, intimately and permanently control the world and all who dwell therein. And of course most people in the West will consider such a thought ridiculous, as they simultaneously hasten to fasten shiny new unbreakable chains around their own necks. The genius of this unfolding first stage, which can be called "Authority vs. Anarchy", lies in the observable fact that most so-called civilized people must eagerly agree to its stated goals, no questions asked. Very few human beings wish to try to live in the shadow of the specter of violent terrorism. No matter how critical one may be of any government, the fundamentalist extremist brand of terrorists is perceived by most decent human beings, reasonably enough, as far more immediately threatening. Contemplating the spectrum of available worldly evils, people weigh one type of oppression and aggression against another, and come to their own conclusions, depending on location and/or primary allegiances. Almost everyone's first allegiance is to staying alive. And since the basic desire of most people on Earth, upon securing their immediate personal safety, is for peace and quiet, it is easy to see that most people will be in agreement
with their various governments to do "whatever it takes" to rid the world of the worst of the worst.

The underlying complexities of how we came to be in such a predicament are obviously of very little interest to most people on this planet. In our case, we have been attacked, and we will therefore kill them: end of story. That this explosion of murderous rage has actual causes is considered to be a worthless and treacherously unpatriotic level of palaver. Unthinking people are maddened by the very existence of "reasons" when they are attacked. Thus we see the ferocious trampling at present of all those who dare to mention the rude facts of geopolitical causes and effects. Thoughtfulness at such a moment is instinctively felt by the emotionally conditioned to be a weakening agent directed against their righteous passions. The emotional have their own version of truth, which is the enjoyable presence of their own powerful emotional reactions, coursing so dramatically through the veins. They do not wish to be disturbed in their thrillingly hot outrage by a draft from the cool airs of dispassionate thinking. Outraged and indignant people, as often as not, react to the challenging presence of thoughtfulness in their vicinity by becoming even more indignant. When confronted with the annoying presence of the thinking classes, the angry become even angrier, like frogs puffing themselves up to look bigger to a perceived enemy. This particular spectacle of mass hysteria reveling in its own swollen indignation, tirelessly repeated everywhere at present, would be almost comic if it was not a catastrophic failure of the human mind at the worst possible time.

Caving in to automatic pre-programmed emotional reactivity is the poorest conceivable way to choose to deal with the rapidly deepening complexities of our global human peril. But there it is: the vast tidal wave of useless frothing furies, continuously emanated from the emotionally self-indulgent mainstream. In this most critical moment in human history, all that many people seem to have to contribute is a steady stream of pointless emotionally-charged effluvia, alternating with suitably grave offers of canned meaninglessness.

Nicely enraged and therefore so easily manipulated, the people in the West are pleased, on the whole, to freely hand over the last tattered vestiges of their own personal liberty to the very forces that have long been methodically and deliberately eroding it. Faced with an explosive external evil enemy, the far more suavely sophisticated internal evil need only theatrically wave a soiled white hat and toss out a few threadbare slogans to be abjectly embraced as Goodness Personified by naïve and frightened bystanders. It is well to remember history here, and recall that evil often relishes eating juicy pieces of itself on the way to gobbling the good. Keep in mind that Hitler and Stalin, for instance, did not settle down and live happily ever after due to having such similar tastes and interests. We know that just because one group is evil, its opposing element does not in the least have to be any form of good. And various forms and levels of evil are not at all necessarily in conscious cahoots. Just think of the niceties of gang warfare. It is not a requirement for the unfoldment of this great plan for world domination, as some think, that all the evil in the world be deliberately cooperating in some vast conscious conspiracy. In fact, that one variety of evil should genuinely be trying to kill another is far more likely, historically typical, convincing, and useful to the scenario at hand.

It all works together on the higher level of spiritual evil, and that is all that is asked for here. Steeped in fear, people are screaming for security at any price. It's hard at first to believe that such a simple-minded and cartoonish version of the same tired old trick is actually working. Can people possibly be so fatally stupefied as to happily give away the last forms of their already constricted freedoms merely because they are frightened? Oh but yes, indeed they can, and they are. The very atmosphere of the West is saturated right now with the sticky inchoate yearnings of the masses: that is, to finally and officially renounce, at long last, all pretence of freedom, in favor of forevermore being kept "safe" in the strong arms of dear powerful Big

In reality, the majority of citizens in Western democracies long ago gave up all personal investment in their own freedom. Money has been buying the usual worst governments money can buy, for many decades now. Few cared, and even fewer care now. The nets and snares of corrosive laws, combined with the increasingly unseen corporate manipulation of human thoughts and desires, have long ago made any real potential of individual existence effectively smaller and smaller. Most of us have our little appointed rounds, like so many donkeys trudging around a world of grindstones, and that has been enough for us. We have long preferred the regular appearance of carrots and grain to any difficult life hewed out in the wilds of a climate of actual freedom. (At this point we can barely go for so much as a simple long walk without running into impassable highways, miles of fences, no trespassing signs, endless asphalt shopping deserts, the exacting of local/state/national fees for the right to move a muscle, bands of loose criminals, streets of suspicious householders, and even more suspicious police asking why any human being might actually want to walk around on the earth these days. This may be a single small example of the loss of practical freedom, and quite immaterial to most people, but it is a telling one all the same.) Freedom is just a word people have been flattering themselves with, on the drive to the mall to buy whatever trinkets television told them to buy for their "lifestyle" this year. Freedom is a wonderful idea, but it died out somewhere along the way, from a general lack of enthusiasm for its rigorous and often positively Spartan requirements.

We have far preferred a life of collecting stuff to a life dedicated to understanding and dealing with the world of conflicting human energies and forces all around us. We have preferred burying ourselves under a mountain of enjoyably addictive substances, activities and materials to fathoming the workings of human consciousness and all its manifestations. We long ago collectively abdicated the responsibility of citizens for keeping an eye on the various criminal and secret operations of our governments and those who bought them. This is exactly what the forces of darkness wanted us to do, and we have dutifully obliged them.

Thoughtless and unexamined addiction to rampant materialism created an overall psychological condition of dense denial about the origin, ownership and manipulation of the world's resources. We want Endless Things, but we don't want to know where they come from, who does what to who in order to grab them in the first place, or how they got into our hands, because that immediately becomes too uncomfortable. In order to shove away all encroaching information about the conveniently hidden sources of our fatty lifestyles, we must choose to become unconscious, extremely arrogant, willfully ignorant, and fatally stupid in order to blot it all out. We have collectively been living the lie of unconscious blind entitlement, and we have liked it like that. And this is one of the root causes of why we find ourselves suddenly in the middle of two kinds of evil, engaged in a struggle for domination of ideologies and resources. Like most people everywhere, always, we have cared nothing for the presence of various kinds and degrees of evil in the world, so long as we were not personally bothered, and now it is all bearing down on us at once.

A truly free society would have required massive collective participation, vigilance, strenuous effort, individual responsibility, and tremendous sacrifice: none of which was remotely attractive to the majority of busy ever-consuming materialistic peoples in the West after World War II. Human beings are not yet free, have never yet achieved any high degree of sustained freedom in any society, and have certainly been far less free for some time now, here in the West, than we are told we are. At least let us not fool ourselves in this regard. Ideology can present itself to unthinking people as anything it likes. In reality, forces and energies are what they are, no matter what they call themselves. In most of the world, money, corrupt power, and various warring ideologies own everyone. Those who own the physical resources, the sources and means of information and culture, the religious and educational establishments, and the governments and militaries: they own us all, one way or another, and our children, and their future. This bothers most people not at all, since they have long ago been devoured by Authority's aims themselves, and are now separate self-replicating embodiments of corporate/government/military programming. Even though
throughout our history, many of our greatest leaders have warned against exactly the predicament we find ourselves in today, those who have already been eaten alive will continue to ridicule this warning wherever it appears. And although in our minds some of us may still be relatively free, they are working on that too. It won't be long now. Electromagnetic
Big Brother is definitely coming to stay.

In this initial stage then of The Great Coup, most human populations of the world naturally and automatically align with Authority against the forces of extreme Anarchy. It could never be otherwise, and there is nothing to say about this: one might as well argue against breathing. For all the demonstrations in various parts of the world, the truth remains that the majority of human beings, above all else, usually wish only to get on with their lives. The problem of course is that this first stage of The Coup will be followed shortly by the second stage, and then the third stage beyond that. The eventual defeat of the forces of fundamentalist extremist terrorism is a fairly foregone conclusion. None of the planetary forms of Authority likes this type of evil: it is disruptive, counterproductive and uncontrolled. Therefore all governments, regardless of ideological differences, will agree to the insistence of the West that these dangerous enemies to all Authority be eradicated. The elimination of terrorism, or its reduction to relatively manageable size, will in itself be the process that carefully preconditions humanity to accept the next stage of deepening global totalitarianism. We can already see this happening perfectly, and there is nothing whatsoever to be done about it. We can shout the truth from the rooftops and it will not alter the triumphant processional of this particular part of juggernaut. Authority is going to conquer Anarchy sooner or later, without a doubt. And each step of the way will conveniently leave humanity reduced spiritually and psychologically, one size smaller with each new step. The incremental reductions in hard-won freedoms are already being experienced by most as a welcome and snugly reasonable fit. Frightened hypnotized populations in the West, already long and devoutly wedded to the cheap god of apathetic comfortableness, are cooperating beautifully so far in building their own part of the nightmarish future World Prison.

Sent in by Brad Pierce

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