Booing of Hilliary during the concert

After reading Marty's take on what happened to the former First Lady, I too,
went back to review the tape.  Watching it live, I remember being so pissed
off, I decided not to call in and donate because of it (even though I had
previously donated at work).  I felt bad, thinking I had mistaken the booing
of Macy for Hilliary.  That is, I felt bad till I reviewed the tape.  Three
times I watched it.  It sure as hell looks like they were booing Hilliary.
IF (a big word, as you say) they did boo her, they will get no more of my
money.  Why the hell would you boo ANYONE who donates their time and energy
to help raise money for your cause?  Even Smirk, if he'd had the courage to
show up.  Please explain to me if I'm wrong to feel this way.  I've spent a
lot of time on stage as a musician, and I think this is what happened:

        - Macy and the band were winding up "A Little Help from my Friends",
             Paul Shaffer was directing from the keyboard.
        - Macy was "into" the song and not paying attention to Paul at the end for her cue.
        - you can see Paul put both hands in the air as the cue for the retarded ending,
             Macy is looking straight ahead.
        - Paul drops both arms, Macy hears the band start the retarded ending and turns to
             look back to Paul to pick up her cues.
        - Macy and Paul make eye contact, and her gives her the "wind-up" signal with his left arm.
        - Macy keeps looking back for cues, she is doing a "counter" vocal part to the background during the ending.
        - Macy comes back to center stage as the band holds out the last chord.
        - Macy tells the audience, "Thank You....stay beautiful New York!"....or something like that.
        - Macy turns to walk off stage and Paul starts up the chorus again to cover her exit, just like he does on Letterman.
        - Macy isn't smiling, but, to me, she doesn't look mad either, just the "cool diva" look (my impression)
        - Paul and the band end the song, there is a medium round of applause, followed by a short, quieter moment.
        - Hilliary begins to take the stage, recognition is followed by wild applause and wild boos.
        - Hilliary begins to speak, the applause dies off, but not the booing.
        - she is speaking so loudly that, at one point, her voice rasps as she introduces Jerry Seinfeld's video.

That's my take on what happened.  Please correct me, I sorely want to be wrong on this one.
There were other instances of boo-ing throughout the night, Janet Jackson, Richard Gere,.....etc.

They even tried to boo the BigDog, till he started to speak and they realized why he's the BigDog.
Some other key points:
1) Hilliary said nothing controversial, she just introduced Seinfeld's video;
2) the beginning and the end of a song are the most important parts.  Falling apart at the end of a song is real bad;
3) the camera never left Hilliary's face while she was speaking (so Drudge did lie about that part, after all)

As for those "friends and readers" who are leaving you because they disagree with your take on the war,
sorry to see that happen.  But after seeing the Demo politicians line up to stab Clinton in the back, are you surprised?
The only thing you'll ever feel in the back from me is a pat for a job well done,
along with an occasional check now and then.

Stay strong.......

Mark, sadly, I think you're right on the money.
Others have written to say that yes, Hillary was roundly booed by the cops & firefighters.
I hate to say it, i really do, but the cops and firefighters acted like drunken louts.

But don't punish the victims who lost family on September 11th.

...and let's have a sarcastic round of applause for Drudge and Rush for putting a magnifying glass on the
vomitting, drunken "heroes" who brought shame to themselves mere weeks after gaining our respect.

Thanks for the note.

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