From: Mr. Rack Jite      Organization: Conservatively Incorrect

 Subject: Settle Down
 I am off on a trip for a few weeks and thought it time to weigh in on all this
 hawk and dove crap.  First of all I must say Bartcop is a friend of mine.
 Secondly, I once tried to do daily input on my site. I found it far
 too much work for no pay. So thank this man for doing the job he does,
 it is a lot of work. And in this kind of pro bono business, one can
 get to a certain aggravation point where one begins thinking of
 chucking the whole thing. Let's not go there.
 Thirdly, we all have our pet issues that not everyone agrees with. I
 have three. My belief that racism is the most debilitating factor in
 our culture, capital punishment, and our crazyass gun-gun mentality.
 Though the last two do not affect many people, nonetheless, they sure
 drive me up the wall! The point being, we should not allow minor
 disagreements cause us to throw the baby out with the bath water.
 And lastly, the issue at hand. It's based mostly on hyperbole from
 both sides.  Bartcop and his "glass" comment (nukem) and the other
 side with accusations of him wanting to murder innocent women and
 children. In a more perfect world the answer to 911 would be to have
 an international police force take care of it rather than the grieved
 nation's military, which we all know will only exacerbated the problem
 down the line, the circle of vengeance going unbroken. Which is why it
 happened in the first place.
 The nukem comments are nothing but guttural emotional responses to
 understandable anger over the incident. We need not take it so seriously.
 In defense of the Dove faction, it is not that they want to do nothing, but wish
 to think it out a bit further to do what will actually work, rather than just the
 standard bomb them into the stone age jingoism. I have yet to hear anyone
 who does not wish to see Bin Laden and his network receive justice due.
 So accusing them of wanting to do nothing or let it all go unanswered
 is a fall into hyperbole also.
 This is much like the trouble Bartcop gets into with the Nader crowd
 and bashing the Democrats so hard. Though I disagree with him on both
 issues, I understand his point well enough that I could make a  reasonable
 argument from his side as well. After all, If those voting for Nader had
 instead voted for Gore, this nitwit in the White House wouldn't be there.

 But I personally cannot pile on them, they voted for a real liberal Democrat,
 following their hearts, they did the RIGHT THING. Piling on the Democrats?
 I often feel Bartcop's ire as well, but I also understand that if those not in a
 safe district don't suck up to the middle, they won't get re-elected. Which
 would give conservatives even more control over our lives than they have now.
 I think both sides should settle down and make peace.
 Here we go again... :)

 "The only good I can find in fundamentalists so consumed by an afterlife,
  is they will make better dead people than live ones."

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