Subject: DC protest trip report

 Bart,  I picked my daughter up in Fredricksburg, VA and we took the train to DC on the morning of the March.
 When we were about half way to DC my husband called and told me that my father had died that morning.
 Jess and I considered getting off at the next stop and heading back - but decided that my father would have been
 proud of us for going to this event - so we continued on.

 We got there at about 11 am. We had to walk past this small group of former Iraqi citizens demanding that Saddam
 be ousted from power.  They had collected about enough people to play a bridge game to listen to their harrange
 which made up in decibles what it lacked in content. It was indescribably loud. Their speakers were a true marvel
 of modern technology - but nothing could convert any passersby to their cause.

 We got there about the time someone was blasting Ashcroft (we couldn't see a thing over the heads of the people
 in front of us). We listened to all the speakers and wandered around and talked to lots of people from every part
 of this country who had come to voice their anger and disgust over the Unelected Fraud's war machine and his
 presence in the White House. There were people ranging in age from little kids to older folks like myself and
 people of every color joined together in their protest of Bush and everything he and right wing stand for.

 By the time they were ready to march to the White House, Jess and I had to leave since we had to plan for a funeral,
 but we proud to have participated for a while. Jess carried a sign that said: Stop the B.F.E.E. and I carried
 one that said: We Have Come To Take Back Our Country.

 When we were leaving, people were still streaming into DC. There were busses as far as the eye could see, people
 were still coming to the Mall from all the side streets. Everyone smiled and nodded to one another. I'll send pictures
 when I get them developed.

 All the best.....

 Pat R-T

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