What, the Republicans killed Wellstone?

 Goddamn right he's been murdered.  2000 election was decided in the state controlled by his brother.
 Just a coincidence.
 SOB was appointed by a court made up of TrickyDick-Gipper-Poppy nominees.
 Another conincidence.
 In less than two weeks after W's appointment gasoline hits $2 a gallon.
 In less than two weeks after Jeffords switch gas prices return to their pre-W level.
 Wow, another coincidence!
 Minneapolis FBI refuses to persue valid leads in the pre-911 investigations of Al Qaida.
 Another fucking coincidence.
 Ashcroft stops flying commercial airlines in the Summer of '02.
 ANOTHER coincidence?!

 911 happens.  A "failure to connect the dots".
 Rice tells us "no one" could have predicted jets would be used as bombs.  Nope, nobody at all.
 Enron-White House connections, Cheney's refusal to turn over any information concerning his
 Energy Task Force, Dubya uses "executive privilege" to block release of papers from Reagan-Bush era,
 collapsing economy; all pushed aside in an election year by headlines concerning the new American
 "first-stike" policy which just happens to be directed against the country with the world's second-largest
 amount of proven petroleum reserves.

 Goddammit, more freaking coincidences!

 And now the most liberal US Senator in the tightest Senate race of '02 has just died.
 Sorry folks this was murder, committed  and approved by GW himself.  There will be a whitewash
 and the media will go along, guaranteed.  What's the alternative: facing the truth-we are about to lose
 our democracy for good to a gang of thieves who actually believe God wants them to rule, who actually
 believe they know best how to govern America and who don't give a damn if the whole country or the
 world knows it, who's gonna stop 'em!

 The man who exposed Dubya's felonious service record, JH Hatfield in his book "Fortunate Son",
 was found dead in an Arkansas hotel room of an apparent suicide.  He left behind a wife and kids.

 Golly another coincidence.

 Bill Clinton, on the other hand, got blowjobs from a willing intern.
 Yeah now that is something to get worked up about!
 You guys only see what you want to for the sake of "Dixie" of whatever the hell it is you believe in.
 But guess what?  God was neither a segregationist or a secessionist.

 Too bad your side will never figure it out because you are letting Dubya and his cronies destroy our nation,
 all for the sake of a $300 rebate and a chance to feel good about hating people you don't even know.
 Go ahead, name a group.  Chances are most of you hate them.

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