From: Kelley

                      Subject: Iraq- Are we getting our butt kicked by 'Amateurs'??
                      Ok, I normally donít watch much cable tv news. But there were a bunch of
                      things going on in Iraq over last week, and a couple days ago decided to
                      turn on the boob-toob to see if there was any useful information.

                      Not to mention that within five minutes my head was spinning
                      uncontrollably, and my entire tv console was tilted all the way over on
                      the right side.. but I kept watching anyway.

                      They kept saying things were going really well in Iraq, its just there
                      are all these enemies who wanted it to look like things were going bad.

                      On another channel, repetitively, they said these attacks were only from
                      the enemy who was mad because things were going so well for us.

                      (strange how things like that happen, in every war ever fought the enemy fights back,
                      but the US media reports it just like the communist Pravda did, almost verbatim!)

                      So I guess from what all the US media reports tell us, its like this
                      except for all the bombs going off, and buildings being blown up, and all the American troops
                      being killed, and the chaos, and the lack of ecurity anywhere in Baghdad or Iraq
                       .. except for all that, things are going just swell.

                      Ok, ok, I can figure that BS out all by myself.

                      But one thing is bothering me .. and it still does.
                      They had a US military commander up there on tv, and he (I was told)
                      was there to tell us the 'real deal'.

                      This commander (a General, I think?) talked about the attacks, he said his piece about how we
                      were handling it, then when asked what he thought about all the attacks lately, asked if he thought
                      they were planned or organized, the commander said the following...

                      These attacks are not organized, or planned even regionally, they are hit and run, ...
                      ""These are nothing but Amateurs""


                      Remember, this is a top military official talking.
                      So its just a bunch of idiot amateurs?

                      From what I understand there were at least 4-5 bombs that killed over 34 people and injured
                      over 200 sent to the hospital (many having arms and legs removed). And thatís just one day.
                      The day before, they attacked our most secure stronghold in Iraq and killed a US Colonel!
                      If this is just amateurs, what's going to happen when the friggen Pro's show up to fight?!!!

                      Good grief!

                      I understand Republicans will spin things on tv to cover their ass, but
                      this is not the normal run of the mill 'just politics' type stuff.

                      This isn't George Bush in the debates, and they come back and say 'well
                      he didnít get his ass kicked as bad as we thought he would'.
                      This is the real deal damnit! Our brave troops lives are on the line here.

                      Again, if this is the amateurs kicking our ass, then what is going to
                      happen when the real professional fighters show up??!

                      This is looking worse all the time.
                      We need to get a real leader in the White House!

                      And not just someone who can speak coherent English, but someone who is
                      intelligent enough to verify advice and lead us out of this never-ending disaster.
                      If you cant even handle amateurs killing our brave troops ..

                      George, why donít you go back on your month long golfing vacation, permanently!
                      We need an adult in charge!

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