No More Death

Dear Bart:  The "debate" you suggest is pointless, in my opinion, because you're BOTH wrong:
Bart is not the Hawk that the Doves accuse him of being, and the Doves are not, as you imply,
imploring America to roll over and play dead.

Bart wants the troglodytes to pay: so do I.  I'm from New York, and they defecated in my church.
But the idea of sending in troops, guns ablazing, shooting everything that moves, is insane, particularly
in a country that is starving to death, and is the world's pariah at the moment.  And do I want them dead? NO.
I want them alive, in prison, eating ham sandwiches, kneeling in front of Bubba, the three hundred pound
Aryan Nation thug with the swatsika tattoo.  I want them to suffer for their incredible cowardice:
sending others to do and die when they could not.

 And I do not want them to die a glorious martyr's death at the hands of the American infidels.
Dying is too easy.

On the other hand, the "Doves" see Bart as some sort of crazed Alexander Haig, ready to bomb
the crap out of, well, wherever the hell this bin Laden guy is.   That is simply not the case.
Bart wants revenge, and so do I.  Bart wants justice and so do I.
But Bart does NOT want to carpet bomb the entire Middle East: ease up, you guys!

We have ignored the catastrophe of Afghanistan for four years:  thousands of people have been murdered
by the Taliban, whom we created with our money and with our silence.  If we wanted justice, we would have
armed every woman in Afghanistan, but we didn't, and we won't.

I truly think many of the "doves" are motivated by this nagging,grotesque thought:
Who has benefited the most from this?

It was not bin Laden.  It was not Islam.  It was not democracy.
What will happen in this climate?

The Military will get what ever it wants, including Star Wars, and probably a lot more than that.
Osama bin Ashcroft will get what ever restrictions he wants, and will piss on the Bill of Rights after he prays for guidance.
Pussball gets to be a real President.

The Florida vote count will get buried: "Now is not the time for bipartisanship."

The OIL Whores will get what they've wanted for years:
a huge pipeline through Afghanistan, but this time, THEY will own it.

The Corporate Whores will be able to suck at the FED tit and then claim the minimum wage is strangling them.
Social Security will be destroyed.  All Social programs will be exsanguinated in the cause of anti-terrorism.
And Pussball will be re-elected.

This is a Right Wing Wet Dream.
And THAT scares me more than bin Laden.  Evil is evil, either way.

In any event, a debate is pointless, because there is no argument here, just emotional misreadings of the other side.

And my final argument is this:  If we kill some of theirs, they will return and kill some of ours.
And it will go on and on. I know this.  I'm Irish.

Peace, brother.

ps: If these morons can't find Eric Rudolph, how the hell can they find bin Laden?

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