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Vegas Report

Volume 1096 - Flirting with Disaster

 Weekend   June 21-22, 2003 


"Writing in the Toronto Sun, columnist Linda McQuaig compared it ('D.C. 9/11) to Hollywood's
  mythologizing of figures like Wyatt Earp and added that it "is sure to help the White House
  further its two-pronged reelection strategy: Keep Americans terrified of terrorism and make
  Bush look like the guy best able to defend them."
     -- Paul Farhi,'D.C. 9/11' Spins Tale of President on Tragic Day

"I just pulled the trigger" 
    by Bob Graham,  in Baghdad

  Click  Here

 At first glance they appear to be the archetypal Band Of Brothers of Hollywood myth,
 brave and honest men united in common purpose.

 But a closer look at these American GIs, sweltering in the heat of an unwelcoming Iraq,
 reveals the glazed eyes and limp expressions of those who have witnessed a war they do not
 understand and have begun to resent. By their own admission these American soldiers have
 killed civilians without hesitation, shot wounded fighters and left others to die in agony.

 What they told me, in a series of extraordinary interviews, will make uncomfortable reading
 for US and British politicians and senior military staff desperate to prevent the liberation of
 Iraq turning into a quagmire of Vietnam proportions, where the behaviour of troops feeds
 the hatred of an occupied people.

"It's not my fault if the troops aren't trained - this is Clinton's army..."

 Dueling Quotes

"Iran would be dangerous if they have a nuclear weapon."
    --Dubya, trying his best to construct a sentence with tenses that agree,

"W says he will not tolerate Iran developing nuclear weapons.
  Yeah, who do those Iranians think they are?   North Koreans?
  It's not that Bush hates nuclear arms, it's that he loves being intolerant."
    --Barry Crimmins,  CrimQuips

 Subject: Schumer

 Dear Bartcop,

 I read the latest edition of your web page. Like you, I am concerned about our government and about corruption.
 Like you, I am bothered by a lack of response from Democrats regarding important issues.

 Regarding your parody of politicians in tutus, he most recent addition to the ballerina list appears to be Senator Schumer.
 I am unaware of what indecision or weakness Mr. Schumer demonstrated to earn the "Order of the Primadona" dishonor -
 but I know that you keep on top of things more closely than I do. At the same time, to be fair to Senator Schumer,
 he showed great tenacity in pursuing his job on the senate judiciary. He faced The White House, faced Gonzales
 (The White House Council), and stood his ground regarding (judicial nominee)   Estrada. Watching him on C-Span,
 he stood stoic against his aggressive GOP counterparts, their whining, their intimidation, their petty (and intentional) threats.

 For the perpetuated weak politicians - the "Order of the Tutu" is appropriate - but Mr. Schumer has demonstrated strength
 and integrity. For men like him, a letter of praise or endorsement can go farther to bolster his strength to strive for ideals.

 Thank you for reading my comment.


 A Democrat's work is never done, especially when he's on the Judiciary Committee.
 The Democrats need to be much more vocal when opposing these Nazus, and I'm saying
 "Shut the doors,"  loooooong after the horses have left the barn.

 If Schumer is doing his job, how did Ashcroft get confirmed?
 If Schumer is doing his job, how did Olson get confirmed?
 If Schumer is doing his job, how did Norton get confirmed?

 And why don't the Democrats serve notice to Bush that every time he appoints a convicted felon to a position
 that doesn't require Senate confirmation, his NEXT THREE nominations are automatic toast.

 I can't stand these "Please use vaseline when you rape me," Democrats.
 If they don't want to do the job they were elected to do, they should resign - right away, too.

 Bush was elected Governor of  Texas - that's all - and the pink tutu Democrats except him as president,
 even tho they "accepted" rightfully-elected President Bill Clinton with fraudulent impeachment papers.


 Now Bush says Iraqi weapons sites 'looted' 

  Click  Here

 President Bush, trying again to explain the failure to find WMD Iraq, said on Saturday
 that suspected arms sites had been looted in the waning days of Saddam's rule.

"For more than a decade, Saddam Hussein went to great lengths to hide his weapons
 from the world. And in the regime's final days, documents and suspected weapons sites
 were looted and burned,'' Bush said in his weekly radio address.

 ...but as long as he's not lying about a blow job, he's forgiven?
 We have almsot 200 dead Ameriocan soldiers, and no end to the killing in sight.

 How does this Bush monster always get a pass?
 When will the American media stop selling the Bush story?

 Saturday's top Yahoo news headline was,
 U.S. forces may have found WMD documents

 That reads like another victory for the Unelected Idiot.
 But the truth is,

 U.S. forces may have found WMD documents

 They found some pieces of paper that had "WMD" written on them?
 And the press says it's OK that 200 men will die for those papers?

Where are the Democrats?

 Prayer Warriors & Video Coverage Needed
 June 20, 21, 22, 2003  Kimball Castle, Sedalia, Colorado
  ...as seen on stanwebb.com

  Click  Here

"During these rituals an Human Infant is killed and sacrificed to Satan (Baphomet),
 and the Satanist drink the blood of the Infant Human they sacrifice, and Baphomet
 appears before them and goes out to kill the enemies of those Satanist who perform
 this Human Sacrifice, and further gives them instructions regarding dates to start wars etc.

 The Human Sacrifice participants include:
 George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, George Shultz and Henry Kissinger


 Damn, I can't go, I have a radio show to premier this weekend.
 Could somebody else go and tape it?
 I'd pay good money for a video of Kissinger chomping on a baby's arm.

"We don't eat the arms - we grow the new babies with them."

 Subject: Bush opposes cheaper drugs for Americans

  Click  Here

 The Senate votes to allow cheaper drugs into the country, the greatest beneficiaries
 would be our cash strapped senior seniors, yet the Bush Administration rejects the plan.

 Obviously, the lobby for the giant pharmaceutical companies have more money than the AARP,
 so senior citizens are just out of luck.   Maybe next time, they'll remember to vote Democratic.

 I heard that SOB Limbaugh whining about this last Friday.
"The seasoned citizens may have to decide between Bingo money and drug money."

 The vulgar Pigboy has hundreds of millions of unearned dollars, so he says,
 "Screw the old people. I got mine - they can get theirs."

 U.S. media caved in to the Bush agenda
     by Eric Margolis  in the Toronto Sun Times

  Click  Here

 Why, readers in the U.S. keep asking me, are so many Americans unconcerned
 their government appears to have misled them and Congress over Iraq, and then
 waged a war with no basis in law or fact?

 Why is there growing outrage in Britain over Tony Blair's equally exaggerated or
 patently false warnings over Iraq,  while middle America couldn't seem to care less
 about George Bush's "Weaponsgate."

"Mr. Rove has them on the run."


"Everything in the movie is based on two or three sources.
  I don't think it's possible to do a revision of this particular bit of history.
  Every scholar who has looked at this has come to the same place that this film does.
  There's nothing here that Bob Woodward would disagree with. This isn't propaganda.
  It's a straightforward docudrama. I would hope what's presented is a fully colored
  and nuanced picture of a human being in a difficult situation."
    --Lionel Chetwynd, writer-producer, on his "Bush the War Hero" Showtime film
   'D.C. 9/11' Spins Tale of President on Tragic Day    Paul Farhi

 Well gee, let's take a look at this:
 Lionel says his story MUST be true, because he talked to three sources.
 That would be Karl Rove, Karen Hughes and Bush's baby-sitter, Coni Rice

 It's "not possible" to spin 9-11 a certain way?  Then why is he doing it?
 9-11 is the most documented, most widely-watched, most horrible memory ever
 for millions of Americans. We were all there - we saw everything with our own eyes.
 What "misconception" about Bush are you trying to fix?"

"Every scholar" who has seen his film agrees that Bush is a brave hero?
 Can we get a list?  Any of them not on the B.F.E.E. payroll?

 Bob Woodward would sell his soul for a "keen" nickname from the Unelected Pinhead.
 Woodward has been praising Bush since he was the worst candidate in the 2000 GOP primaries.

 "Straightforward documentary?"  Does that mean you'll show footage of the scared bunny running?
 We all watched TV that day - don't tell us Bush was a brave man, poking Cheney in the chest
 and demanding that he, the "Commander in Chief," be flown back to Washington to do battle.

 If this is a "straightforward documentary," we're going to see a half hour of Bush reading
 that damn goat story to the children while our Air Force was ordered to stand down.

 Those are the facts - anybody want to argue with that?


"The movie ( D.C. 9/11) will present Bush as a combination of Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  Instead of the doe-eyed, uncertain, worried figure that he was that day, Bush-on-film is transformed into
  an infallible, John Wayne-ish, Patton-type leader, barking orders to the Secret Service and demanding
  that the pilots return him immediately to the White House."
    --Jim Hightower,   Click  Here

  David Brooks hadnít read Hillís book.
 He found it dull anyway:
  Saw it on   The Daily Howler

  Click  Here

 Brooks: The book is kind of frustrating because it is frankly a little dull.

 Lehrer: Have you read it? You talk like you youíve read it.

 Brooks: I read parts. I stood in the bookstore for about an hour looking at it; I did not buy it.

 Building a bigger trough
  Bush 2004 will be the biggest money orgy in history

  Click  Here

 Somewhere between 1,200 and 1,400 people attended Bush's dinner.  The roomful of CEOs,
 lobbyists, and upper crust Republicans paid $2,000 each -- not including tips and suitcases full
 of cash left with the concierge -- to listen to Bush and his operatives rally the faithful and lay out
 their initial themes and strategies for an election 17 months away.

 By then, the Bush campaign says, it hopes to rake in a stupefying $200 million
 -- twice the staggering record amount of money Bush raised in the 2000 race.

 Those corporations give Bush gazzillions because they know they'll get it back a hundred fold.

 Look at Enron and Worldcom:

 Enron gave Bush what, a few million?
They got back 3/4 of a TRILLION dollars!!!

 Worldcom did the same - a few million to the Usurper -
 and they got back FOUR TRILLION!!!

 Simple words can slow down the Murder Express, but the Democrats refuse to use them.
 They don't need $200M to compete with this monkey.  They have the truth, but they won't speak it.

 If every Democrat answered every question with, "We need hearings on why Bush lied on Iraq,"
 the GOP could be shamed into holding hearings.  And if they try to make it a whitewash handjob,
 the Democrats stand up and walk out and be sure the cameras are there to catch it for television.

 That's FREE!
 It costs nothing!

 ...but the Democrats ...are too timid.

 They'd rather sit there and wring their hands and say, "Woe is we."

 Fibbing It Up at Fox
       by Dale Steinreich

  Click  Here

"Since the Iraq conflict began on March 20, Fox News has been on a mission to legitimize it.
 One problem for Fox's protracted apologia is that despite promises of evidence of current WMD
 by the Bush Administration, the evidence has been ambiguous at best.  Unfortunately for the network,
 Iíve been keeping a scratch diary of their reports since the war began.

 Keep in mind that in the first three weeks of March, before the bombs started officially dropping,
 Fox was spreading all sorts of Pentagon propaganda.  Iraq had "drones" that it could quickly
 dispatch to major U.S. metropolitan areas to spread biological agents.  Saddam was handing out
 chemical weapons to the Republican guard to use against coalition troops in a last-ditch red-zone
 ring around Baghdad.  Given what we now know about Iraq, these reports seem to be laughable
 fantasies, but they were effective in securing public backing for the war.  The following is a short
 chronicle of lies, propagation of lies, exaggerations, distortions, spin, and conjecture presented as fact.

 Hatch Removes Mistaken Link to Porn Site

  Click  Here

 When Orrin Hatch's "Exploring Utah" Web page boasted about his state's natural wonders,
 he didn't have in mind the photos of bare-breasted women that constituents saw when they
 clicked on the page's Utah-related search engine.

 In this case, Hatch's Web site featured a link to a Utah-related search engine whose registration
 renewal seems to have slipped through the cracks. For at least a week and possibly more than a month,
 anyone clicking on the link from Hatch's site were shown dozens of photos of "Huge natural ...", you know.

 Don't you hate it when some thing happens and reporters start saying, "We've known for a long time
 that so-and-so was into the kinky sex game," but they never mention it until they find the sheep?
 Well, I'm going to say it before they find Hatch's sheep.

 I've heard for years that Hatch was extra-weird on the sex thing.  Bondage and leather and whips
 and some hot boy-boy actrion like that stuff former Speaker-to-be Bob Livingston was into.
 I was told Hatch takes it like he was at "Madam Heather's House of Pain," on C.S.I..
 (They say Hatch's "safety word" is a simple "Judiciary.")

 Of course, we don't get into that kind of stuff here at  bartcop.com  but since it's out there and everyone's
 talking about it, why should I wait until Hatch gets caught to say, "Many of us knew this years ago?"

Click to Enter


"We've all heard Bush and Cheney proclaim that our occupation of Iraq is going well, but our
  heroic soldiers on the ground tell a different story. Quote, "What are we getting into here?"
  one sergeant asks in today's "Washington Post. Continue quote, "The war is supposed to be over,
  but every day we hear of another soldier getting killed. Is it worth it? Saddam isn't in power anymore.
  The locals want us to leave. Why are we still here?"

  In a test of credibility, I'll take the word of our soldiers over the promises of right-wing
  draft dodgers like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney any day."
     --Paul Begala, CrossfireJune 20, 2003

 Gray Davis and the vast right-wing conspiracy
  The effort to recall David shows again that the GOP will stop at nothing to win more power.

  Click  Here

 Darrell Issa is a second-term Republican congressman from Southern California.
 He's as conservative as they come -- pro-business and anti-abortion, supports prayer in school,
 opposes affirmative action, never met a tax cut or an oil well he didn't like. In socially liberal
 California, he's got exactly no chance of ever winning statewide office.

 And yet, he just might be the state's next governor.

 California Gov. Gray Davis was reelected just seven months ago. Although you'd be hard-pressed to
 find a single Californian who actually likes Davis, he was able to win reelection because the GOP fielded
 a neophyte challenger -- bumbling businessman Bill Simon -- who was as clueless as Davis was conniving.

 But for Republicans in Bush's America, defeat is not an option. If the vote in Florida might go against you,
 make them stop counting the ballots. If the Senate Democrats won't confirm your most extreme judicial nominees,
 change the rules so they can't filibuster anymore. If Texas Democrats won't show up to vote on your crudely
 partisan redistricting plan, tell the federal Homeland Security forces to hunt 'em down and bring 'em in.

 And if you can't win a regular election against the Democratic governor of California,
 just wait a few months and then demand the right to try again.

Marty's Sunday E! page
HBO's  'Sex In The City' starts it's final season tonight
Snoop Dogg's 'Doggy Fizzle Televizzle' debuts on MTV
Reader Review of 'Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix'
Joe Strummer's final album
Iggy Popp - Knight in the Arts & Letters, in France
Faux pulled the plug on 'Cedric the Entertainer'
TV3 in New Zealand & the 'professional fascist'
Ruth Buzzi (from 'Laugh-In') collects Roll-Royces
Scott Joplin's 'Treemonisha' to be performed
And, 2000 year old liquor found in China



"Hillary carefully calculated becoming the senator of a state she only heard of as a tourist.
"We knew Hillary was smart, but is she human?
     --Margaret Carlson, catty little tramp, stabbing Hillary every chance she gets

  Got 17 minutes?

  Click  Here  to listen to Margaret Carlson and Chris Matthews ridicule the Clintons.

 Winning Notice for Category B Winner:

 It is our pleasure to inform you that you have emerged as a Category "B" winner of the UK International Lotto.
 CONGRATULATIONS! You are entitled to a prize sum of US$2,500,000.00. Reference number for your
 prize is KP6821873DL, ticket number A/03-4912.  As a category B winner, you have been selected from
 25,000 names. After the computer ballot of our International Promotions Program, only six winners emerged
 in the category and therefore both are to receive payouts of US$2.5 million from the total US$15 million
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 To immediately collect your prize, please contact our Category "B" financial handlers with information below:

 Mr. Carl Gareth
 Financial Director
 International Contracting Company Ltd
 76 New Fetter Lane
 London, EC4A 1AG
 FAX: + 44 7092009621

 Maybe one of the London readers could go to 76 New Fetter Lane, get my money,
 then send me half and you keep half yourself, for doing the legwork.

 Subject: generalities

 Bart,you dont remember the old adage"dont count your chickens"...etc.,or the "pride goeth before a fall"...etc.,
 from when you were much younger and there were hopefully,people in your life that mentioned these as
 precepts for your adult life?...

 I am only bringing this up because it appears to me after having you bookmarked on my favorites list
 for almost a year and a half,that you are starting to feel the stress of media stardom and you arent getting
 your second wind,radio or not....

 Of course I join the ranks of the legion that is telling you to 'ease up on the stress',and for some,yes,Vegas is a
 great idea,but you really want to ease up on stress,go to some bed and breakfast or rental cottage like in
 Cedar Key[fl.]or on the other side of the state in St.Augustine or Fernandina or Ormond beach,stop with the
 liqour for like 45 days straight and see current events with that kind of clarity and then jump back in the fray...

 Of course you will have the lap top with you and the cell phone,but really sir,give it a rest because you are
 starting to sound a bit " I am just too cool because I am Bartcop,fear me now..."you know what I mean.

 ...I don't know what to say to that.
 I'm still trying to figure out how "feeling the stress," and "I am too cool" converge.
 I don't do the stress thing, remember?

 I have a cracked wing and too few hours in the day, but other than that,
 I'm not aware of any major problems that should concern anybody.

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

ďI think that the amount of money that candidates raise in our democracy
  is a reflection of the amount of support they have around the country.Ē
    -- White House Chief Prevaricator Ari Fleischer

 By speaking of reflections, Fleischer is counting on the fact
 that the people who own Bush cannot be seen in mirrors.

  As of press time Saturday 5 PM,

 Eldrick Woods was one stroke away from 20th place at the Buick Open.

 Buick is a top Eldrick sponsor.
 I'll bet he'd reallt like to get in the top ten on this one.


"Hans Blix has taken the position that the U.S. decision to go to war based on evidence
  that turned out to be faulty, calls into question the whole issue of under what circumstances
  a war could be legal? And he comes down squarely on the side of a war is only acceptable
  if the U.N. Security Council has authorized it. Now, given the position that he's coming from,
  that's a very significant statement ."
    --Phyllis Bennis, an interview with TomPaine.com

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 Call the 
 918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.


"In England...where truth still matters a bit, Blairís government is in full crisis mode over the
  two menís misleading of their respective nations. Just wondering: Why does the Ďmother countryí
  only send us Bush-loving journalists and keep all the ones who care about truth over there?"
     --Eric Alterman, currently fighting for the left   Altercation

 Subject: Chief Moose

 Dear Bart,

 I hope it's OK to respond to your Chief Moose rant even if I agree. I'd just like to add some facts you didn't mention.

 First, I'll tell you I am a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland; so I'm well informed in this subject.

 As to your statement that he  prolonged the sniper horror, you're 100% on the mark. After one of the Virginia shootings,
 Malvo left a note; but Moose didn't bother to open it for a day. When Malvo called the police hotline, the operator hung up
 on him without hearing what he had to say! Until the day the two suspects were apprehended, the police and public were
 still looking for the non-existent white van. There's little doubt that several of the later murders would have been avoided if
 Moose had acted openly and intelligently. The MC police were upset enough that they were about to issue a vote of
 no confidence when Moose resigned.

 As for the book, Moose knew the rules when he signed his contract. His first Amendment lawsuit was a disgrace to his office.
 The man possesses no ethics at all. Even worse is his wife Sandy, who did most of the talking. When the MC Ethics committee
 first attacked Moose's book contract, she attacked the committee, likening her husband to Martin Luther King and Mandela.
 This did nothing but infuriate both the public and the police force. Later, at an Ethics Board hearing, she attacked the Board
 as racially motivated in their decision; a totally baseless accusation. She then told some sad story of how Moose was just the
 son of a poor Southern sharecropper who had risen in stature. Now "the white establishment was just looking to keep another
 good black man down". Obviously, Sandy Moose suffers from the same lack of ethics and morals as her husband.

 After Moose encountered his problems with the Montgomery County board, he even applied for the job of Police Chief in
 neighboring Prince George's County. This is a job with much less standing than that of Montgomery, but PG would not even
 consider his application, saying he had little experience in a major crime environment. At least PG had the good sense to
 recognize how ineffectual a law enforcement officer Moose really is.

 But hey, I guess he has made money for the county.
 Why just six months ago my wife received a $50 ticket for traveling 38 mph in a 35 mph zone.
 This was on Connecticut Ave, a six lane boulvevard!

 The bottom line......you have this guy figured out to a "T".
 A shamelss self promoter, barely competent at the job for which he was hired.



 I've been working on the big premier of 
 It's mostly put together, but I'll have to do the vocals Monday morning,
 so look for that Monday afternoon at http://www.bartcop.com/members

"Some people are just lazy and don't want to work."

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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