Musings From the Heartland
                        by  Richard L. Fricker

                      Germany won WWII.
                      U.S. won Vietnam.
                      Frankly, I was shocked.

                      But, such be the case. President (constant denial) Bush has announced that the more attacks and causalities we suffer
                      the more it proves the success of his Iraq policy. This pre-supposes a policy beyond “here’s my gun, give me your oil.”
                      This is Orwell think in the extreme. What’s worse is the denial and culpability of the American people.

                      Example: CNN ran a clip of an army raid at an Iraqi home, looking for the elusive head of the gang controlled by the
                      mister big du jour.   What I saw, was a man hands bound behind his back and a sack over his head.

                      What came to mind was the indignation of the American people when the embassy hostages were paraded before
                      the cameras in Teheran. We have become our enemy, and hypocrites to the world.

                      We have lied to the world and ourselves, attacked without provocation, destroyed and killed with impunity.
                      We have established prison camps akin to the gulags of the Soviet Union.
                      We have taken control of a country’s economy while distributing the spoils to the friends of a liar and coward.
                      And, this man is showered with millions of dollars to keep his administration in power.

                      Every effort to bring this administration to book for its lies and policy of death has been thwarted under the guise of patriotism.
                      Viewed from outside the U.S. this “patriotism” must have a terrible stench, like that of decaying bodies.
                      The Pentagon readily admits it does not keep track of Iraqi combatants or civilians we have killed.
                      We, the American people in effect are saying, YOUR LIVES HAVE NO VALUE, NOT WORTH AN ENTRY ON A LEDGER.
                      Is this what we have become? And, people ask, ”Why do they hate us?”

                      Even as the world wonders why Iraqi lives have no value, so they must wonder that we place only slightly more value
                      on the lives of our own wounded, dead and dying. The President that sent these victims to their doom lacks even a modicum
                      of the courage, dignity or manhood to render honors and respect to the dead. Where, the world must wonder, is the outrage?
                      Where indeed?

                      Sorrowful yes, but understandable.
                      The President has no respect for those he sends to their death when viewed in the context of the statements by his mother.
                    ''Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's gonna happen?
                      It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?''
                          -- Barbara Bush 

                      Any parent must stop shocked that any mother would harbor such thoughts, much less espouse them in public.
                      The sad truth? They do not count the Iraqi dead because their lives in fact do not have meaning for the Bush’s
                      and their political hacks, harlots, and robber barons at Halliburton. The Bush family would, and eventually may, kill us all
                      for power and profit.  Bogged down, entangled, entrapped, or entwined, the description isn’t important, the Iraq war is not over.

                      Bush, et al, have attempted to blame, Osama, Saddam, foreign fighters, Islam and evil in general for all their troubles.
                      As long as that wrought of Barbara and G. H. W. Bush continues the exploitation of human beings for profit the Iraqi people
                      will continue to resist. Human beings will continue to die until the madness is stopped, either by the military saying no more,
                      or the voters saying enough.

                      Last week Medecins Sans Frontieres — Doctors Without Borders, said it was pulling its international staff out.
                      These people are tough and have seen combat, taken hits---unlike President Water Down My Leg and the political
                      First Concubine Condi Rice.    The United Nations, Red Cross and others have bid adieu. These groups deal with the
                      Iraqi people, they don’t point guns in their faces, defile their homes and women, put bags over the heads of the captured
                      in front of their children.

                      These groups hear the voices of the street. These groups are the canaries of war. They are leaving. They know what
                      Bush and Condi won’t, can’t or are just too stupid to admit, the Iraqi people are preparing for a protracted war, it is their land,
                      their children and unlike us, the U.S., are not fighting for oil, and they expect to win.

                      Madam Bush’s beautiful mind is demented if she thinks`` mothers will gleefully give up their children for the feel good
                      of her son. History will not treat this woman kindly, and it will treat her son in ways that would make any mother weep.
                      I doubt she will weep, after all she has other sons we can only surmise their value to her.

                      Lastly, Zell Miller (D-Quisling) is pure filth. He should be ousted from the Democrat party, and his name removed from
                      all public places. It would be justice were he hounded through the streets by rabid baboons and torn asunder until sucked
                      into a vortex and forced to watch Madam Bush give him an eternal lap dance.

                      Was Miller so desperate for sex to become a bitch for Bush? No one is that desperate or stupid, except Zell Miller.
                      Now I feel better.

                      As every Irishman knows:.


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