Now that the rigged Election is over...
 here is what I see in our near future

1.  Four more wars. (Maybe more)
     North Korea
     Saudi Arabia?

2.  These wars and the resulting American casualties will necessitate the new Military Draft, probably by June of 2005.
All men and women between the ages of 18 and 26 will have to serve for at least two years.

3.  Social Security will be privatized, and eventually abolished.  Right-wing extremists have always seen this as a
'Social Welfare Program'.  They need massive amounts of money for the huge 'Corporate Welfare Program' that is
now their main focus, for the wealthiest Americans.

4.  The tax rates will gradually increase for those making under $500,000 a year.  Like the gradual increase in the water
temperature it will come to a 'boiling' level with the 'Flat Tax' now being readied.  The middle class must pay more for
the 'wars for money' that are now being planned, as well as the 'Tax Cut' giveaways to the fortunate wealthy taxpayers.

5.  The Constitution will be further trampled and shredded as Civil Liberties and Freedom are taken away.  The Freedom of
Speech on the Internet will be curtailed.  Expect a push for a National ID card and eventually a possible microchip implant
under the skin of American citizens.

6.  Jobs will become scarce as they are shipped overseas for more Bush tax incentives.  Americans will accept lower wages,
as well as poor, unaffordable health care.  Expect National economic difficulties, even a possible Global Economic Collapse,
perhaps by the end of 2005.

7.  Elections will not take place again in the USA.  Democracy was an interesting 'experiment' but with the rise of Corporate Fascism
now a growing reality we will not be allowed anything resembling a 'fair and free' choice again.  Only the illusion of Democracy may
be allowed to exist.

8.  China will be given Taiwan, along with whatever else they want.  (We want to keep North Korea ‘in check’)

9.  With little to stop them the Israeli military will more aggressively go after the Palestinians, maybe even bombing Iran and Syria.

10. Russia and China may act in unpredictable ways.  The 'Mad Max' scenario in America is a possibility.

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