Subject: midterm elections


 The party of the evil, the greedy, the mean spirited, and the stupid,
 will now operate unchecked in their nefarious efforts to make the
 United States a hegemonic fascist state, and we owe it all to the stupid.

 G Morey


"President Bush has been saying that it is our job to vote.
  That's what he called it, a job. And considering how the economy is going,
  that may be the only job we have left."
     -- Leno

 Subject: Well, shit

 November 5, 2002

 It was a good day for the NRA. A good day for Ken Lay and other corporate criminals.
 A good day for the pharmaceutical companies. A good day for defense contractors.
 A good day for whoever makes body bags. And let's not forget the richest 1%
 of Americans, it's about time they caught a break.

 It was a bad day for women. A bad day for minorities. A bad day for the environment (sorry Alaska).
 A bad day for education. A bad day for civil liberties. A bad day for the middle class and the poor.

 It amazes me that a party can successfully rig a presidential election and then fail to get punished
 in the next election. Not only were they not punished, they were rewarded.

 It seems Americans prefer the party that took the politics of personal destruction to new heights
 during Clinton's presidency to the party that won't put a fight. I can only hope that Democrats now
 realize that fighting back is the only way to succeed in the future. They wore those pink tutu's
 for two years and look what it got them.

 Brian Campbell

 Echo Quotes seen on yesterday's Drudge Report

 "I voted for McBride, but the machine counted it as Bush. It did this three times.
  The polling worker finally said, 'We have to reprogram this machine.
  Another person was having the same trouble while I was there.'"
        -- Caller One to Florida's WQAM-AM's Neil Rogers show

 "I pushed the screen for McBride and it marked Bush.
   They called over a technician, he reset it."
        -- Caller Two to Florida's WQAM-AM's Neil Rogers show

 "I'll tell you right now, this election is fixed!
   Based on a few early calls, it is going to be a wild, wild time."
       -- Neil Rogers

 Subject: Congress, President, Supreme Court Unified under GOP

 Pray to the devils; the gods have given us over.
            -Shakespeare (Aaron, Titus Andronicus Act IV, Scene 2)

 In 1992, when Bush had to pardon the Iran-Contra thugs, he did in
 on Christmas Eve so the press would have a reason to ignore/bury the story.

 Last night, as the polls were closing, his Dimmest Son fired albatross Harvey Pitt,
 knowing the flood of election returns would minimize the damage for dumping the bad goods.

 If Clinton had a good puppy press like this, we'd all have health care insurance
 and President Gore's stock market would be at 14,000 and climbing.

 Subject: I accepted your dare (right wing websites) Vol. 823

 Hello BC,

 Well, I've accepted your dare about finding a right wing website that would print a letter from you. frequently prints letters addressed to David Horowitz that are derogatory in nature.

 I checked the site today and found one that called him a racist, bigot and a disgrace.
 I'm sure Mr. Horowitz is aware of your site and would gladly print one of your rants.

 Try it!
 I think it would be interesting reading, to say the least.

 I double-dog DARE you!
 Ha Ha Ha...

 Battle Creek, MI

 Robert, glad you're having a good time, but that's not the deal.
 If Horowitz has a site, and he'll print my e-mail and answer it line by line,
 and give me a chance for a follow-up, THEN we'd be talking about the same thing.

 I'm not doing this to see my name in print.
 I want to put some conservative nimrod in a box and watch him try to get out.

 Find me a site like that, let's say he has to speak for Rush/Bush
 and it needs to be a site that gets at least 1,000 hits a day.

 I don't think anyone in the the GOP could do a page like this one,
 because I can have an IQ of 64 and I can still win the argument - because I'm right.

 ha ha

 Dear Bartcop;

 I have been reading your page for about 8 months now, and I love it.  It is informative and cutting;
 but most of all, it brings to light things the average news media WOULD NOT tell me.
 I am 24 years old, but never really paid attention to politics until Bush stole the election.
 Then I got scared.  I do not like worrying about our government.  Therefore, I started paying attention.
 I will admit that I do not understand most things even now, but I do know that Bush had raped this country.

 So, I voted today. For the first time. Because I felt that my vote MIGHT count this time.
 If nothing else, Bush HAS accomplished ONE thing.  He got me to vote for the other side,
 so that maybe in two years, we can THROW HIM OUT ON HIS BUTT!!!

 Thank you for listening.


 Bush's Reefer Madness

  Click  Here

 The new front in the nation's drug war came into sharp focus at 7 a.m. on Sept. 5, when loud shouts
 and stomping woke Valerie Corral at her home north of Santa Cruz, Calif. Suspecting that the intruders
 weren't ordinary burglars, she snuck out a back entrance and walked around to her front door to tell
 them to leave. When she opened the door, stunned federal agents in flak jackets trained M-16s on the
 50-year-old homeowner. When she asked to see a search warrant, the officers screamed at her to get down.
 They pushed her to her knees, then forced her to lie face down on the floor. With her hands handcuffed
 behind her back, an officer pressed his rifle muzzle to the back of her head.

 We have to get passed the religious insanity and use logic on the drug issue.
 Marijuana is not heroin or LSD or even alcohol.

 They claim they want less government, but they are lying.
 They would raise your taxes if they had to to buy helicopters and train agents
 to sniff out and arrest adults from smoking harmless flowers on land they own.

 Marijuana kills!
 We have to save our children.
 It's OK if my nephew gets caught,
 because I have Bush immunity.


 As you may have suspected, some quotes on this page are enhanced for comedic effect,
 but this is a totally real, heard-it-myself quote from last night's The Daily Show.

 Jon Stewart: Senator McCain, a big night, a historic night for the Republican party.
                       Does this mean we all have to get guns?

 McCain: ...I hear the Bushmaster is a popular model.

 He really said that - and remember a few weks ago he wan on Letterman and said,
"Maybe a pistol duel between Saddam and Dubya isn't such a bad.
  If Saddam somehow wins, the Republicans might need someone to run for president..."

 McCain gets more latitude than any other senator.

 Subject:  NTSB head, former CIA

 When Nixon had Dorothy Hunt's plane sabotaged, killing 45 others,
  he quickly appointed Emil Krogh, one of his WH 'plumbers' team,
  to head the FAA, and be in charge of the 'investigation.'

 Now, we see a parallel 'fix' in this Wellstone matter, with a 'former'
 Agency employee now heading up the NTSB.


 Will last night mean the end of West Wing?

  If America can't stomach the thought of voting for a Democrat,
  will they watch a show about a Democratic president and his staff?

 Mail Bag

 We have many "liberals" in StL that campaigned AGAINST Jean Carnahan, because they have been "disgusted
 with the performance of the Dem's in congress". Well I hope they got what they wanted,  I suppose the Repugs
 will be able to give them all the things that a good liberal expects from the government in DC. Good luck on that theory.

 They actually believe that the republican majority will give them the things that they want in the cities, the schools,
 the unemployed, for the poor, the homeless, the elderly. What are these people thinking?

 Finally, for today anyway, the oil companies were so excited about the Republican victory yesterday, that they
 celebrated by raising the price of gas 15 cents a gallon last night in StL. Just a little gift from the super rich to the
 rest of us to let us know who is in charge now.

 Dennis in STL

 Subject: Please?


 I found your site a couple of nights ago and read archives for hours.
 Never did I find what some of the three and four letter acronyms stand for.
 Please help by occasionally spelling things out for newcomers from time to time.


 BFEE  - The Bush Family Evil Empire
 SNL - Saturday Night Live
 DFL - Not sure, this is a Minnesota deal of some kind


"In his disgraceful presidential campaign, Nader contended that voters ought to side with him
  to make a difference because there would be no policy distinction between Gore and Bush.
  Would Gore have reversed environmental and workplace protections, shoveled out tax breaks
  for the rich, shriveled the Social Security surplus and driven the country back into deficit spending?

 Would Gore have promoted an energy agenda that favored the industry over conservation?
 Would he have handcuffed federal stem cell research that promises to cure terrible diseases
 or blocked new gun control measures? Would Gore be a wholly owned subsidiary of Enron
 and Halliburton? Not blooming likely."
   --Marianne Means, seattlepi.nwsource.come

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