Subject: Hate to say it BC, you're being hypocritical...

In your little debate with the guy regarding Israel/Palestinians, you said:

> You have failed to make your case that Jews "are above the laws, ethics and morality" of others.
> Your "final solution" comments are groundless, since Israel has the power to destroy every neighbor
> it has and nobody on the planet could stop them if they were so inclined.

The Israelis are building settlements in occupied territory in defiance of International Law, the Geneva
Convention and multiple UN resolutions. They are acting "above the law". Further more, listen to any
right wing Israeli politician (like the dude that they just assassinated) and you will see that their aim is to
deport the Palestinians to neighboring Arab states like Jordan. If you remember, there were
"deportations" of Jews in Germany before concentration camps.

You could be right about that.
Like I said, only Bush knows less than I do about the Middle East.

> I see Israeli "abuses" as being defensive in nature. ...can't say that about the Nazis.>>

This is where, I believe, you are being hypocritical. You were saying earlier that the Afghans should
resist the Taliban - like the little Jewish town against the Nazis. Well, that's precisely what the Palestinian
Intifada is - it means "resistance". The Israelis are an OCCUPYING ARMY (by all international standards)
in the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians are simply resisting their authority.

The reason they use terrorist tactics is because they have no other way to fight against a top (US sponsored)
military power like Israel. We're talking rocks against tanks here. I still don't think it's right to kill Israeli civilians,
but what alternatives do they really have? This situation is a matter of perception - if you're sympathetic to the
Israelis, these little tidbits are simply ignored. But international condemnation (except from the U.S.)
for the Israeli OCCUPATION of Palestine is a fact, wether you choose to ignore it or not.

Best Regards,

Morgan, there's a difference between fighting the soldiers and blowing up a shopping center.
There's a difference between bombing the USS Cole and the World Trade Centers.

I didn't want the Jewish town to murder women & children.
I want the Afghans to disappear Taliban soldiers.
I can't believe I'm having so much trouble making this point.

...and that part I underlined shouldn't have been written.

"The reason I stomped the puppies is..."

And as far as the OCCUPATION, the problem is religion.
They don't want land and peace.
They want CERTAIN land because of what some goofy book said.

They'll ALL willing to die for the CERTAIN land, so it's hopeless.

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