Concert review
  by Linus

I saw Garbage last night in Hamburg. It was my first Garbage gig and I was very excited.
And I have to say that the show exceeded my expectations and was absolutely worth
the 16 hours on the road. The whole band was in a great mood, especially Shirley and Duke.

At the beginning Shirley said she was nervous and I think she really was. She also said that
she had played in the same club with Goodbye Mr Mackenzie many years ago and before
they performed Not My Idea, she said "This is a song I wrote about my old band".

Duke announced Cherry Lips and Steve announced Stupid Girl.
After Drive You Home Shirley kissed Duke on his cheek. Overall, Shirley was very active.
She jumped, whirled and kicked around, kneeled down, pointed in the audience, things like this,
and she focused people with her eyes. On many songs the crowd went absolutely mad. It seemed like
they could have played any of their almost 60 songs and the audience would have know the choruses.

I haven't seen a show with such a great audience - band communication yet
- it was an experience  I will never forget in my entire life. I love this band.

Here's the playlist (not sure about the order):

Push It
I Think I'm Paranoid
Silence Is Golden (new)
Not My Idea
Drive You Home (new)
Cherry Lips (new)
When I Grow Up
Shut Your Mouth (new)
Stupid Girl

...and then there's this guy,

Just got back from Hamburg, where I had the day of my life.
It was a fabulous gig, and after the show I finally met the band.
They are so cool!

The venue was very small which made the concert extra special.
Can't wait to go to Paris, Brussels and London!

Michel Rijkels

                   Shirley's on top.

It's so different and new to have a smart, sexy woman fronting the best band in the world.
All my life, the best bands have been the Beatles, the Stones, Zeppelin, The Who, U2, Pink Floyd, etc.etc.
and the men have never been able to connect real music with a member of the opposite sex they could
lust over like you gals have been doing since McCartney was the "cute one" way back in 1964.

Oh, sure, Chrissie Hynde was a contender, and Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks had their time,
as did some others, but they never made it to the top of the musical heap.
They were singles hitters, not longball specialists.

And we certainly don't count pop tart Britney.
That's just brainless lust - no music at all.

I can't wait to see Garbage again.
When they come back to America, expect some darkness at

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