Does Aaron Sorkin read
 We ask, ...for the second week in a row

 The show opened with CJ explaining a shooting in a Texas church.
 Nutcase A fires at his wife, misses, and hits Victim A, instead
 Nutcase B fires at Nurcase A, misses, and hits Victim B, a nine-year old girl.

 No telling where it is, but in the back issues is my Wal-Mart shootout, where a gun goes off
 and every Cro-Mag with a concealed weapon whips it out and starts firing at something.
 It's OK, Aaron, borrow what you need, Buddy.  I trust you.

 I thought last night's episode was a damn good one.
 She show is building momentum, picking up steam, ...but I have some nit-pics...

Toby's overreaction to his blabbermouthing.
    He called his entire staff in (40-50 people) under threat of firing to tell them they
    were all friends but they needed to watch their ass if they're going to be a team.
    Hey, Toby, it you don't want it repeated, don't say it.  It's that simple.

    Besides, all that faux pax would've needed was, "All I meant was VP Hoines is
    a valuable member of our team and his presence on the ticket is an asset."
    There - fixed.

Bartlet & Hoines talking about gun control.
   We've had much better discussions on guns right here at
    Bartlet asked Hoines why the NRA liked CONCEALED weapons and Hoines didn't
    have an answer for that, which means he's no friend of the NRA. The NRA feels that
    a criminal is less likely to confront someone if they MAY have a weapon under their coat,
    which sorta makes some sense, but either Sorkin doesn't know that or he wasn't playing
    fair with the issue and that would be a shame if that was the case.

Donna and her diary.
   You can't get much more stupid than Donna and her diary.
   First, it's been MONTHS since she found out the feces was hitting the fan.
   She should've destroyed that diary minutes after she heard the word "subpeona"
   which came 4-5 shows before last year's "Pockets" episode.

   Second - true to history, the panel asked the most stupid, unanswerable questions.
   Even the main question, "Do you keep a diary?" is tough to answer.
   If someone asked me if I kept a diary on the www, what would the honest answer be?
   I sorta write about "stuff," but is this thing you're reading a diary?

   Granted, her little book may even say "Diary"on the cover, but even so, is it
   a diary if you only write in it occasionally?  What if you have a list of addresses
   and phone numbers with notations in it - is that a diary?

   Another stupid, stupid question they asked Donna was, "Are you receiving gifts from anyone?"
   What the hell does that mean?  Am I getting gifts as I sit here before you?
  "Have you ever received a gift?" is an answerable question, but the question
  "Are you receiving gifts from anyone?" must have been written by a House Manager.

   Next, it's a crime for Josh and Donna to meet lawyerboy near the fountain at night.
   That's a damn CRIME, and I would have to assume lawyerboy was wearing a wire.
   (He wasn't, but one would have to ASSUME he was)
   It's a conspiracy when two or more people meet to secretly discuss ways to circumvent
   a congressional inquiry and all three of them committed a felony when they did that.
   Plus the fact that lawyerboy has been in Donna's pants doesn't raise anyone's credibility.

   Wasn't that a great scene between Sheen and Channing about the Bible?  They were trading verses
   about woman submitting to man and she said,  "There are parts of the Bible I don't subscribe to,"
   or close to that, which is just how a lot of Catholics feel. They like to pick & choose the rules they follow.
   Jed was in such a good mood, he was singing and dancing, ...and then CJ had to deliver the news
   that the little girl in Texas (Victim B) had died.

   Done with the nit-picking - except for one last thing: For a show that prides itself on realism,
   how stupid is it to introduce a reporter that shows some integrity?  That was assinine.

   There are no reporters with integrity in Washington.
   What kind of Pollyanna horseshit are they trying to sell us?
   An editor would never assign a reporter to the White House who might say,
   "I don't care what Toby said to some staffer."     I was insulted by that scene.
   The American whore media THRIVES on horseshit like that.
   Maybe Sorkin was trying to show how things COULD be, but he's insulting our
   intelligence by suggesting that there are reporters with integrity on Capitol Hill.

   ...but all in all, a good show, despite the flaws.

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