From: JLavery

 Subject: How the hell did Mondale lose Minnesota?

 'Cause he's MONDALE--he lost in 1980, 1984--when he was at the top
  of his game--why wouldn't he lose again--15 years after being out of politics??

 You are mistaken.
 Mondale won Minnesota in 1980 and 1984.

 Subject: The Software

 I read your page everyday, and I think you are on to something here with the voting machines being rigged.
 I thought this the night of the Repugs sweep. Watch the tape of Mondale kicking Coleman’s butt.

 Coleman let Mondale crawl all over him. That shit eating brown nosed look Coleman projected led me to
 believe he knew something that maybe everyone else didn’t know. Like rigged voting machines would do
 the work, and why not let the Democrat have his say. It likely wouldn’t matter in the end anyway.

 The night of election 2000, as my husband and I watched the farce of all times, I mentioned to my husband
 that Bush was to cocksure of himself. He was mixed up in something. It was like he knew to much.
 Almost the same look that Coleman had on his rotten two faced mug as he sparred with Mondale.

 The Repugs cheated in Florida, why not again all across the united states? Let us win a few races so that
 things looked normal.  Aside from the spinless Democrats and boot licking often associated with Dashle
 and Gephart, I think the Democrats might not have done as poorly as was said. Those voting machines
 made the determination of who was elected, and if it were pushed hard enough I think something could
 be done about it. Ask dashle and Gephardt if they have the guts to start the ball bouncing in this direction!

 Start such a stink that Bush will lay in bed worrying at night about the outcome.
 After all, when you have a ex-druggie for President…anything’s possible.
 Keep up the good work.


 Play "Who's the nutjob?"

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 15.The termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be,
      and the time has arrived for a godly fumigation.

 Who said it?

Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson


Usama bin Laden

 Subject: Who Reads BartCop?

 Little old ladies, for one.

 Went to a consolation / potluck non-party for our local anti-Bush campaign Friday night,
 where attendance was 95% female and the average age was past retirement.  I was impressed
 at how these mostly "little old ladies" were so politically savvy, with scathing references to
 Diebold and Votescams and Mediawhores and the failure of Dems to "get out the message"
 tossed around fast and furious.  The phrase "Bush Crime Family" sparked a ten-minute
 discussion on whether Dumbshit or his mother was the antichrist.

 Then I get to Bartcop this morning (I do my computering before sunrise) and see some
 suspiciously familiar phrases.  So I call my 72-year-old friend who is also a pre-dawn type
 and demand that she come clean:  Did you read Friday's Bartcop before the supper meeting?

 Well, yes, she admitted.  All her friends in the retirement community read Bartcop.
 But they don't tell their children.  The kids might be "shocked" that great-grandma
 reads swear words (and uses them) sometimes too.


 It's an odd thing... A disproportionate amount of my contributions come
 from ladies named Mildred, Edith, Earlene, Hazel and Zelda.

 (Hi to you all!)

 Subject: Accountability and the new trifecta

 I hear people saying that now that the goons control both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court
 and the presidency that Moron will have to accept responsibility for the damage he does to us, accept
 responsibility for the things he doesn't get done, quit blaming Clinton for everything.
 Well, that's total Bushit!

 When the Republicans had control at the start of Moron's reign of terror (before Jeffords did the big switch),
 they were blaming Clinton then for everything they wanted to duck, and they were getting away with it.

 It doesn't matter how much control these thugs have, Clinton is always to blame.  Right?  So the new trifecta
 doesn't let Clinton off the hook.  It only makes it easier for Moron and his buddies to finish raping and pillaging.


 Little George Bush has never been held accountable in his life.
 I'll bet he left his bicycle outside overnight, and when it was stolen,
 Daddy just bought him a newer, better bike.

 The stolen election,
 the Enron-driven murdering submarine,
 the spy plane Bush donated to China,
 the economy crashing,
 the stolen 5 trillion,
 Harken and Halliburton,
 September 11th -- it's all Clinton's fault.

 Hell, I'll bet Hillary was driving the Jeep when Pickles' fiance was killed, too


 Sometimes I need to say some stupid-sounding things, because not saying them is worse.
 Over the weekend I got an e-mail from a longtime reader, supporter and multiple-contributor.

 It began: "Guess you won't talk to me any more, but just wanted to tell you..."

 Try to understand we get between 400-500 e-mails every day.
 Some days a certain mailbox doesn't even get opened, so next time I'm in there, your mail
 from yesterday could be buried 200 deep, so it's easy for something to get overlooked.

 ...and while we're on the subject, let me suggest other ways to get your letter noticed:

If the subject line says "You gotta see this!" I'll assume it's spam and delete it.
     Please drop me a clue what it is, instead of a generic "Have you seen this?"
If you send something you want published, send a title with it and an excerpt:
    That saves a lot of time.   If you didn't write it, please send the name of the author.
If you send a link, drop me a clue what it is.  Some pages take a while to load
     and I hate to chase the same story link more than once.
If you send me a story - send the link, too!
    If it's some big expose of Karl Rove (yeah, ...right) it makes a big difference if it's
    the New York Whore Times or
Don't send text as an attachment. Send text inside the e-mail.
Don't send cartoons or graphics embedded in the message - send as attachments.
    I can't copy a graphic embedded in the e-mail.
    Also, if the graphic's not signed, tell me where you got it.
    I'd hate the run the "Dancing Bush," and find out it's from
    (It's killer, by the way)
If it's important or time-sensitive, or a large piece, like a column (or notice of legal action - ha ha)
     send it to Christian at
Last thing - shorter is better.   If my choice is four short mails or one long one, I'll take four short
Whatever you do - don't stop sending mail.  It's the lifeblood of

 Supreme Court Deathwatch

 I have to wonder how long it will be before the left leaning justices have unfortunate "accidents".
 I've started a pool, basically where you guess who gets it first, when, and how.

 My personal guess is Breyer, sometime between Christmas and New Year's Eve,
 by a "drunk driver" who somehow manages to drive away and never be seen again.

 Man, I hope I'm wrong.

 Ninja Bob

 Subject: Bush Recession Continues To Ravage Wall Street

 Alan Greenspan lowered the prime interest rate again by a half percent to the lowest rate
 in our nation's history. Despite this attempt to get out of the Bush Recession, it continues to rage.
 If you haven't pulled out of your 401K, now is the time to do so.

 You can elect 100 Republicans to the Senate,
 but the reality is the same, the Bush Recession won't go away.

 Greg Whitman

 Cockfighting not yet down for the count
  Oklahoma judge blocks referendum prohibiting "sport"

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 Oklahoma's newly enacted ban on cockfighting was supposed to become law Friday, but a state district judge
 in rural Idabel issued a TRO blocking it until he can examine a challenge to the law's constitutionality.
 Judge Willard Driesel agreed to block the law until a hearing scheduled for Nov. 18.

 Cockfighting and Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik) - it's what Oklahoma wants


 Over the past few days, I've reflected on why there are so many bleating sheep in America
 who were so easily bought off by George W. Putsch's $300 "tax cut doggie biscuits" last year.

 I asked myself: Didn't these folks notice how much that free money actually cost them in higher
 petroleum prices, massive job losses, 401(k) washouts, etc.?

 Didn't they realize that a $600 per family "tax cut" (read: Populist Flavor doggie biscuit) in a year
 when the average household income declined by over $900 actually results in a net loss?
 Or were they simply too lazy to do the math or to care?

 Then I got to thinking about it, and the answer hit me.
 These are the same kind of ignorant fools who get all excited
 when they win $12.00 after buying $46.00 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets.

 It's a damn shame.
 Keep fighting the good fight...

 Anarchie Bunker

 AB, it's actually worse than you describe it.
 That $600 was a LOAN, not a tax rebate.
 They got it all back on April 15th.

What's wrong with what went wrong
  by withheld

In the super bonus today, most folks seem to be pissed off at the DLC
leadership.  I agree they've been adrift at least since 2000, and
probably for some time before that.  But having a strong message will no
longer work.  It wouldn't have worked for them on Tuesday.  Having the
right message, and being the man of vision didn't help Mr. Gore when he
did everything right in 2000.  The press didn't want him.

Review the Howler.  There is no independent press in this country anymore, not one that
amounts to anything.  Not one that's heard.  You,  the Horse, Mother Jones, et al, do the work,
but you're *all* read by dozens, and the big guys will never propagate your words.  No one hears.

They hear Limbaugh.  They hear the Faux whores.  They hear the new right CNN.
...they got Darth fucking Vader lending gravitas to the wingers.

It makes me want to weep.  It makes me tired.  It isn't going to end in two years.
It'll be Clinton and the Democratic Party's fault in 2004.  We'll be looking at strong
positive indications that we're on the right path in 2008 when Jebbie is elected with 65%.

We'll need to keep a  strong right leadership in power to protect us from ourselves when
Noelle runs, refusing to discuss her mildly irresponsible days when she was young, in 2016.

Maybe Democrats should own guns.

 Empty victory for a hollow man
  How Norm Coleman sold his soul for a Senate seat
    by Garrison Keillor

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 He was 9 points down to Wellstone when the senator's plane went down. But the tide was
 swinging toward the president in those last 10 days. And Norm rode the tide. Mondale took
 a little while to get a campaign going. And Norm finessed Wellstone's death beautifully.
 The Democrats stood up in raw grief and yelled and shook their fists and offended people.
 Norm played his violin. He sorrowed well in public, he was expertly nuanced. The mostly
 negative campaign he ran against Wellstone was forgotten immediately.

 From: Jason

 Subject: Guns

 Hey, what's up with the Dems always bashing gun owners?

 FFS, the left is supposed to be "intelligent" people who get educated on the issues.
 I am doing a paper on gun control for an English class.  I'll shoot it your way when it's done,
 for your perusal.  The biggest thing I have noticed is a lack of any empirical data on the anti's side.

 It seems like they hold their opinions not based on fact, but on fear.  Another thing that should raise
 people's hackles is that the biggest proponents of gun conrol, Sarah and James Brady, are Republicans.

 At least I haven't seen anything which says they have changed their affiliation.

 Jason, I believe location is the key.
 If you have 3,000 people living in an apartment in NYC, and no gun control, you might have a thousand guns
 in that building. Then, some minor altercation could turn into another Gettysburg - that's not good.

 In NY, you have cops on most corners. A scream will almost always draw a crowd.
 Ever notice on Law & Order there's always a witness or two to each crime?

 But, if you own a ranch or a farm in Arizona or Montana, and the sheriff is 30 minutes away,
 you must be able to protect your family. If you're gunless out there, any two high school punks
 can drop by and own you, your daughters, your wife and eveything you worked for your whole life.

 Please - somebody argue with me on that.

 So now we have the problem that guns are illegal, say, in DC, but there very legal, even encouraged
 in next door Virginia where the NRA has it's headquarters. That's a 20 minute drive from DC.

 Bottom line?
 Guns are here - they're not going anywhere.
 Every time a liberal screams "fewer guns" we lose 10,000 votes.

 The "all guns, all-the-time, no-limits" gunnuts are the enemy - not the guns themselves.

 Why Liberals Fail
 The vast right-wing conspiracy

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 Even though many of the stories and innuendos about Clinton were spurious, the attack financed
 and spun by the far right paid off in largely discrediting him. In his recent book "Blinded by the Right"
 David Brock admits fabrication and embellishment in his "Troopergate" articles for The American
 Spectator which directly helped spur the investigation into Clinton's sex life. Yet while the suspicions
 and innuendos about Clinton were being repeated in the mainstream press, the onus was completely
 on Clinton to prove he was innocent after already being found guilty by the right wing influence mongers.

 This is what you need to show your ditt-monkey friends when they mention "all those scandals."
 There was never any scandal, unless you consider a powerful man having semi-sex "scandalous."
 But the GOP's sexscapades will more than double anything you'll find from the Democrats.

 But the whore media doesn't want the facts - they want the story that will sell the best.

From: Withheld

Why did VNS bow out the morning of the election?

VNS got into a lot of trouble for correctly calling Florida for Gore
after exit polls showed him winning by a comfortable margin. After that
'debacle' they were forced to completely re-design their computer
hardware and software. They were my client, and ran on a large IBM
mainframe with legacy software. They were forced to get off the
mainframe and on  to a completely different hardware and software
platform. Everything had to be built from scratch. Supposedly, they
didn't have time to fully test the new environment thoroughly far enough
ahead of this election cycle. Therefore, they chose to use this election
to test the new environment, but not publicly release the results.

Why does VNS think their "Gore wins" Florida 2000 projection was wrong?

Bush guaranteed he would win Florida, even after VNS said he lost it.

Why is nobody else suspicious?

We may all bear the cost of the Democrats' failure

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"And how the Democrats must miss Mr Clinton. Theirs is a timid leaderless party that has lost
 its flair for campaigning. Its dependence on the charisma of one man, already apparent in the
 2000 Gore campaign, is now painfully obvious. There were a few consolation prizes picked up
 in gubernatorial contests, but this was one bitter night for the party...

"It's Still the Economy, Stupid" by Paul Begala.

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In the Final Days
    by MS

Oh listen, America, for I hear a drumbeat
I hear a drumbeat and a call to war
Not war for freedom, or liberty,
But a war for security.

And security was never sold at the marketplace of War.
I hear a call for restriction,
That men might be cast in chains without bond or accusation
And no man may know their crimes

For security demands it, it is said.
But have we security if the Constitution fall?
I hear a call for empire,
That the emperor may command the troops without let or hinderance,

But the emperor will rule at his whim, not yours,
And who shall dare stay his hand?
The emperor will never allow resistance to his commands,
For that is the first law of Empire,

What then shall happen to your precious right,
Lest a man should think to kill a King?
I smell the breath of cordite,
The bitter scent of powder,

Some there are who will not sell
Their freedom for false promises of a cowards safety
Yet they must fall before the gunships
What use a fowling piece ‘gainst the Apache?

Yet the future ones shall record them
As the last fallen hope of the Republic
Though there was no hope at all.
What flag shall fly then?

Whose face on the coin of empire?
And who shall join me to mourn at the grave of Uncle Sam?

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